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Glimpes of my Lionistic Journey..2011-2012

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  1. 1. GlimpseLs. Jyoti Raj Jagasia District Secretary Lioness District 323- A2
  2. 2. Biography Jyoti Raj Jagasia, besides being an active female entrepreneurs; is a adherent social activist campaigning effectively against the exploitation of the underprivileged and human rights abuse. Jyoti is deeply committed to helping the plight of the poor women and children. While doing development and social work in various Third World countries, she saw firsthand the difficult lives of these people. Upon graduation, she embarked on combining her passion for social activism with design, fashion and art.The list of awards that Jyoti has won is very long and impressive. She won multiple Women’sWelfare Award from the Lioness Multiple District. She received several humanitarian rewards forher charity contributions and empowering women and children. Last year, she was awarded theExcellence Award for Fellowship and Service 2010- 2011 from the International LionsOrganization.She has been trained as an artiste and is a graduate of Sophia College of Fashion and TextileDesign.She is also an accomplished Chocolate Sommelier and loves hosting chocolate tastingparties for friends and families. In 2004, she established her own chocolate manufacturingcompany which has become a major creative force in the food & beverage industryBorn in Mumbai and a mother of two children – one son and one daughter, Jyoti Raj is marriedto a well-known Senior Criminal Attorney, Raj T Jagasia.
  3. 3. Publications“Online Writer and Editor “for the Lioness District Official Facebook Page - ‘WE are proud to belioness" ]“Online Writer and Editor “for the Lioness District Official Facebook Page - “Lioness DistrictAdmin" Lionism JourneyI am indeed proud to be a Lioness and be a part of this organization. I believe that Lionism getsits source of strength and inspiration from its motto "WE serve" which was founded on thestrategy of Team spirits.A journey of thousand miles begins with 1 step, and the First Step was when i was invited tojoin a Lioness Club. The Journey of Lionism began in the year 1989 as the Charter members OfLioness Club of Anushaktinagar.Mumbai.1994-1995: Club President1995-2011: Held various Posts in the Lioness District Cabinet as the ExecutiveCouncil member.2011-2012: Appointed as the Lioness District Secretary for Ls. District 323-A2(Activities)
  4. 4. Successful implementation of District presidents Programme: Participation in the various service activities of the Lioness club of the Lioness District 323-A2. Successfully attended all the Service activities/project of Service week. Assisted the convention chairperson in organizing and coordinating Multiple Communicate regularly with the club Presidents and the other committee members Update the lioness news and announcements on various web sites. Submitted Lioness District reports in the Docket form every quarter to the concern people. Worked closely and Provide assistance with Lioness District president when necessary. From time to time coordinated with the Lioness club members and Lioness District Committee chairpersons regarding activities, events other information besides helped in coordinating in organizing the trips of all the multiple cabinet meetings & all India Lioness conference which were held outside Mumbai. Regularly communicated with the clubs via telephone, sms, and emails information on face book pages. Assisted the Lioness District team in organism all the events of 2011-2012 right from RC Schooling. PST & Preliminary meetings, Installation ceremony of the Lioness District, 3 Cabinet Meetings ,PDP Honoring , Official Visit of the Ls. Multiple District president Ls. Yasmin Dhotiwala. Motivated all the club Presidents & Ls. District Cabinet members to actively participate not only in the Ls District Service activity and admin programmes but also other projects which were held for public at large like the standard Chartered Mumbai marathon. Used incentive to motivate the members. Assisted the president in administration activities also.
  5. 5. Previous Award Record 2010-2011Received the Excellence Award for the Club Secretary by the Lioness District.Received the Excellent Online Newsletter Editors award 2010-2011Received the Appreciation as well as Excellency and outstanding lioness District Award forvarious Posts in the Executive Council as well as a Micro member.Received the International Certificate by the International President Lion Ashok Mehta (2008-2009)International Medallion certificate from the international.2010-2011Multiple Award: Excellency Award for the excellent Treasurer of the Lioness Multiple District.Multiple Awards for the Best Multiple DC for Womens welfare.2010-2011.Award from the Lions District for the outstanding Treasure of Lioness District 2005-2006Award from the Lions District-323A2 Best Region coordinator 2008-2009.Rotating trophy for Best Lioness of the year from my Home Club 2010-2011.
  6. 6. Involved in the following Activities in 2011-2012  Community Betterment: Motivated, coordinated and participated in the Juhu Beach Visarjan Cleanliness drive along with the other lioness which was organized by the Times Group ... Green Campaign - ’GO GREEN?  Adopt-athon -Supported and Volunteered the First-ever Adoption camp for Strays in Mumbai held at Bandra.Mumbai .An initiative of Lioness District 323- A2 which was organized along with NGO WORLD FOR ALL” - Mumbai.  Lioness District Activity Mela : Coordinated with the Lioness Clubs to participate in the Activity Mela. ( 25 Institutions/wellness Companies participated in this Mela to facilate clubs to set up camps and provide their services to the Community) helped in selection of the Venue and Volunteered in the Activity Mela.  Standard Chartered Marathon.Mumbai-2012: Motivated the lioness to participate and Run for a Cause "Adopt Strays" and "Save a girl child" Assisted the Lioness in Submitting Application for the standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and also helped to design the Tee shirts ,caps ,wrist bands and made Placards supporting for the above cause.  Motivated and Coordinated with Lioness to participate in the DNA -I can " Womens marathon" held on 29th January12..for the Cause Breast Cancer Awareness"  Lavasa womens Car Rally: Coordinated with Lioness to participated in the Lavasa womens Drive" A car rally for Women to support the Cause for Cervical cancer.
  7. 7.  INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENTS VISIT: Attended A Meeting and a Banquet in Honor of International President Lion Tam Kum at Hotel "Trident" along with Lioness District PresidentLioness Rajni Shetty and few other lioness Assisted the Convention Chairperson for all the Three Multiple Cabinet meetings which were held outside Mumbai by coordinating with the members and giving them the detail information of the above events. Welcome Home Function" Attended the Welcome Home Function on 13th July11 at Hotel Fortune in Honor of Lion District Governor-PMJF CA. Lion Hasmukh JobanPutra . Lions District Installation: Attended the Lions District323A2 Installation ceremony at Kalidas Sabagraha Hall. Mulund .Mumbai. Independence Day and Republic Day functions of Lions District: Attended the function & celebration of Independece on 15t August 2011 and Republic Day on 26th January12 at the Lions SERVICE CENTRE, Koperkhaine along with the Lioness District President Lioness Rajni Shetty and the other lioness of our District Finale Day of the SERVICE WEEK ; Participated and Helped to Coordinate with the Club Presidents to Participate in the SPOT ACTIVITY PROJECTs on the Finale day of the Service weeK. Lions PDG and DG Honouring: Attended the Lions PDG and DG Honouring along with the Lioness District President Ls Rajni Shetty at the Pheonix Mall Kurla. Mumbai. Lions District Annual Conference. Attended the Lions District Annual Conference along with the lioness District president Lioness Rajni Shetty.
  8. 8.  LIONESS DISTRICT NEWSLETTER : Helped in compilation of the Lioness District Presidents News letter "YATHARTH-Edition 1 " Announcements and Updates: All the Announcements and Timely Information were put up on Social networking SiteFACEBOOK Page -"WE ARE PROUD TO BE LIONESS" and conveyed the Information through Personal emails, SMS and Phone calls. Created A GROUP Page WE ARE PROUD TO BE LIONESS on Online Social networking website on Created A Profile Page" Lioness District-Adm" on Facebook. profile.php?id=10000264619056. Attended all the Installations, Charter Day Celebrations and the Official Visits of the Clubs of the Lioness District323A2.along with President Ls Rajni Shetty and the Cabinet members. Submitted Ls District reports in the Docket form every quarter to the concern people. Worked closely and provided assistance with Lioness District president when necessary.
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