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Showcase september 2010

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #3 ROTARACT DISTRICT 3010 SHOWCASE ROTARACT TO THE RESCUE : Blood Donation Drives The past month saw Delhi hit by the deadly disease Dengue. The disease causes a lack of In this issue platelets in the human body and may even prove to be fatal. The city was struggling with a SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. shortage of blood and platelets. Rotaract clubs of District 3010 rose to the occasion by  Rotaract Communication organising Blood Donation Camps all over the city. The drives saw enthusiastic response Evaluation …Page 2 and our volunteers were able to successfully collect sufficiently high units of blood.  DDR‟s Desk …Page3  Club Cognizance …Page 4  Points To Ponder ...Page 8  Just Jotting …Page 9  Monthly Mosaic ...Page 10  Bits „n Pieces …Page 12 Blood Donation Camp organised by RCD MAURYA WARM WELCOME : Rotaract Club Of Sun City Rotaract District 3010 is extremely happy to welcome Rotaract Club of Sun City to our Rotaract family. Due to technical mishaps we were unable to communicate with the club in the past. But it is a pleasure to have them as a part of our district. We hope that they will be warmly welcomed by all the clubs as well. Please keep them in your contacts for the future. SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. Rotaract Club of Sun City President Rtr.Siddhant Tewari: If any other club is not in direct contact with the District do let us know at : Stay Connected !!!!! Facebook Group:**Rotaract District 3010**
  2. 2. Page 2 Rotaract Communication Evaluation “Communication works miracles for those who work at it” As we know, all Rotaract clubs under District 3010 must work together to make this movement a success. This requires timely coordination amongst the clubs and the district. Over the past few months, we have experienced a lot of issues in communicating with the Presidents and Secretaries of each club. To ensure proper interaction we have decided to award points for the same. Point system for Communication - POOR - Minus 200 AVERAGE - +100 Points GOOD - +200 Points EXCELLENT - +300 Points ALL PRAISE : District Website Rotaract District 3010 launched its official website last month and the accolades haven‟t stopped pouring in . We would like to thank all of you for your generous comments and wishes. We would like to thank our Cybermedia and Communications team for their extraordinary efforts. Do visit our site : Rotaract District 3010 Website Your comments and feedback are eagerly awaited.
  3. 3. Page 3 From The DRR’s Desk Dear Friends, Warm Rotaract Greetings!! First of all, I would like to acknowledge all the Rotaractors who volunteered for the THE FOUR WAY TEST Common Wealth Games. These rotaractors could have been at home and relaxed but they choose to be the face of India and worked really hard showing true spirit of Of the things we think, today‟s Indian youth. Congratulations to all these Rotaractors for being such amazing hosts. say or do… 1. Is it the TRUTH? I would like to welcome two new clubs who have joined our family – A newly formed Rotaract Club of IMM and a newly found Rotaract Club of Sun City. I would 2. Is it FAIR to all like to thank Rotarian Ajay Narain for taking steps to “Cleaning up Rotaract and concerned? Interact”. He has been working closely with 100+ Rotary Clubs in reviving old 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Rotaract Clubs and forming new ones. Thank you for your extraordinary support sir. I also would like congratulate Rotaract Club of Delhi South, being a community 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to based club, for doubling their strength to 40 members and Rotaract Club of Dadri city to add 10 new members to their club. Also, many congratulations to Dadri city all concerned? to have come up with a 30 page magazine of their club.Activities by clubs like Blood donation camps , cleanliness drive, education to the underprivileged , polio eradication this month needs special acknowledgement. We could really see the Service Above Self spirit of Rotary “Service above self” from the genres of projects done this month. Club monthly reports are the face of the clubs. As an initiative to professional development, we this time requested all the clubs to send the monthly Club reports in Word/PDF Document. I must appreciate all the clubs to have send such creative reports with information on projects done , presented beautifully.Last but not the Rotary International Theme least , Communication is one area which we all need to work on. Many clubs have not been replying at all, to the mails/sms sent to them . Its time we should learn to say „No‟ if we are not interested. Simply not replying dosen‟t get us as an For 2010- 2011 organization and one as an individual anywhere. From this month we have introduced a new point system wherein each club would be marked based on their quality of communication with their ZRR‟s, fellow clubs and district team . Best of Luck and Keep doing this great work. Cheers!! Rotaract District 3010 Theme For 2010-2011 Rtr.Manik Gupta, DRR 2010-11
  4. 4. Page 4 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF SUN CITY  Computer Classes at East End Public School: A special Computer Education campaign was undertaken, and about a 100 students were given Primary Computer Education.  Pulse Polio Campaign: A door-to-door Pulse Polio campaign was completed successfully.  Eye Check up: Another Eye Check up campaign was conducted, wherein, along with a medical check up of eye, an Eye Hygeine and Care awareness sessions were taken. Eye Check-up organised by RC Sun City ROTARACT CLUB OF DADRI CITY  The club did their installation & launched a club magazine “ROTARACT PRAKASH” also at the time of the event.  The club organised a polio rally.  Organised a club meeting to discuss Rotasia. RC DADRI CITY at their rally ROTARACT CLUB OF SGGSCC  „To Live Is To Help‟, a similar sort of motto is the guiding force behind the functioning of the Rotaract Club of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. And keeping the same in mind, the new pall-bearers of the club assembled at The Ashoka Hotel, on the eve of September 9, 2010 for their installation.  All the members of the Rotaract Club , SGGSCC gathered at Metro Walk on Sept. 10 for final organization of the Blood Donation Camp scheduled on September 12 and campaigning for the same.  The Rotaract Club of SGGSCC in collaboration with Manchtantra organized an AIDS awareness campaign at Metro Walk , Pitampura on 26th September , 2010 . AIDS awareness campaign by RC SGGSCC
  5. 5. Page 5 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI AKASH  INTERACTION WITH ROTARACTORS FROM ISTANBUL (OUR TWIN CLUB): They met members from our twin club Rotaract Club of Findikli, Istanbul, Turkey. Rtr.Tarun Monga met Rtr. Halit Altinkaya who was in India for some official visit.  The club organized a blood donation camp on October 8, 2010 at Fidelity, Gurgoan,Haryana. The camp was successful with a total turnout of 189 people wherein 122people donated blood.  Railway Prayas is a government NGO which works for the rehabilitation of orphans and other underprivileged children who stay at railway platforms. The children are moved from RC Delhi Akash and their twin club the platform to this NGO‟s rehabilitation centre at Lahori Gate, Old Delhi. ROTARACT CLUB OF NOIDA  The month was started with a Book donation drive on 8th September, marking the World Literacy day. They donated 150 novels and story books to Om Foundation School in sector-51 which were collected from the member‟s own book collection.  The second and most fun project was the nukkad nataks (street plays) that the members performed along with the volunteers of the Art of Living foundation.  The third and the project we take pride in; the “Clean Delhi- NCR Drive” was held on 11th September at sector 18 Cleanliness Drive , RC NOIDA market. ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI NORTH ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIVEK  In a meeting with their parent Rotary Club of New Delhi, the  Attended tree plantaton organised by Rotary Club of Delhi installation of the club took place. The ceremony took place Vivek. in Hotel Ashoka along with the other two Rotaract Clubs of New Delhi and Rotaract Club of SGGSCC.  Organised and participated in Football Match at a local level.  They got a chance to meet the members of Rotary and also interact with the Proctor of Delhi University.  Organised a general awareness drive about Rotary functioning In the college campus.
  6. 6. Page 6 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF NSIT REGENCY  Our Club Celebrated the joy of giving week by organizing a Collection drive from( 23rd September-30th September), more than 50 volunteers organized the drive, by involving Students, Staff members , Teachers and as well outsiders too. More than 1000 clothes, some books, stationary, toys, shoes and other utensils were collected.  Our Club organized a cleanliness drive on October-1, in association with I-Volunteer , collecting garbage‟s at Uttam Nagar west ,Uttam Nagar East and District Centre.  Member of Our Club visited the Slums at Dwarka Sector-17, and volunteered in the Painting workshop and monitoring education of the Kids. A workshop on tooth care was also delivered. Joy of Giving Week celebrated by RC NSIT Regency ROTARACT CLUB OF ASET  This month was highlighted by the various activities of RC ASET to spread smiles to not only the underprivileged but also to their faculty and fellow students.  This event was organized on 22nd September, 2010 by a team of 10 Rotaractors, to create awareness about the various aspects of the epidemic disease „Dengue‟.  Smiley Event (28th September) : With all the disheartening incidences taking place all across the globe, the need of the hour was to paint a smile on everyone‟s face and that‟s what RC ASET decided to do.  „VASTRADAN‟ Event (30TH September) : RC ASET was privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to Joy of Giving week celebrated by RC ASET extend a helping hand to the needy through this specially organized week.Student members of RC ASET took up the initiative and collected various items like clothes, books, eatables etc. with the combined efforts of students and staff. ROTARACT CLUB OF ROTARACT CLUB OF SAHIBABAD KIET DELHI RIVERSIDE  The club organised a Blood Donation Cmp in KIET where 295 units of blood were collected.  The Club had its monthly club meeting at Noida  A meeting was organised to spresd Commonwealth Games on 11th September 2010. The club decided the Awareness. projects to be done in the coming months.  Discussions were held for Rotasia and meditation programmes.
  7. 7. Page 7 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF IILM  11 july,2010 – Eid celebration with bal bhawan children( a kind of orphanage). Chief guest –professor Atul Sharma,Galgotia college. - 36 members participated - 126 children of class LKG to 12 - Painting competition at 3 levels - Frog race, musical chair and lemon race - Distributed stationary, chocolates and cartoon cd’s - Lunch provided to 180 ppl including children,staff and rotaract members - Dance performance by children in honour - Prize distribution RC IILM with children of Bal Bhawan ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI SOUTH  The month of September started with the Green act of Tree Plantation on 4th September 2010 at Prathmik Vidyalaya, Sector 27, Noida. On the occasion of Teacher‟s Day on September 5th, 2010 the club conducted an education activity Prathmik Vidyalaya in sector 27, Noida.  A cleanliness Drive was organized by Art of Living on 11th September,2010 and was hosted by Rotaract Club of Noida.  Rotaract Delhi South assisted the parent Rotary Delhi south club during the visit to “Sakshm”, Sector 31, Noida on 15th September 2010.  Rotaract Club of Delhi South conducted the campaign “Aasha” on 26th September,2010 at Trikuta Hills Apartments , BlockC-58/27, Sector-62 NOIDA. The aim of the campaign is: door to door collection of newspapers and magazines and selling them to newspaper dealers. The money collected in this campaign would be RC Delhi South ,Tree Plantatioon donated to „Cheshire Homes‟. ROTARACT CLUB OF AMITY PHYSIOTHERAPY  POSTER AND DEBATE COMPETITION: The awards were given by none other than Dr.Ali Irani ( Former Physiotherapist of Indian Cricket Team)  A number of their present and past Rotarians have been selected as DOPING CONTROL OFFICIALS for commonwealth games.
  8. 8. Page 8 Points To Ponder Here’s a tally of points awarded to the Rotaract Clubs Of The Month clubs based on the projects done, participation in district events and the quality of the reports sent. Rotaract Club of NORTH ZONE  Amity Physio Therapy 1700 Delhi SOUTH  Delhi University NIL  Zenith NIL  IILM 500  Sonepat (Main) NIL EAST ZONE  Rewari Central NIL Projects Of The Month  Pilkhuwa NIL  Asha - Collection of Newspapers and  Ghaziabad North NIL supporting Cheshire Home –  KIET 1000 Rotaract Club of Delhi South  Vivek 1100  Blood donation camp with 122 donations -  Dadri City 1850 Rotaract Club of Delhi Akash  Nukkad Nataks and Cleanliness drive - WEST ZONE Rotaract Club of Noida  Computer Literacy Drive for 100  DELHI AKASH 1200 Underpriviliged Children - Rotaract Club of  ASET 1300 Sun city  NSIT Regency 1850  New Delhi NIL  PCTI NIL  SGGSCC 1150 SOUTH ZONE  North 350  South 2650  Riverside 200  Faridabad NIL  YMCA NIL  NOIDA 1450  Sun City 800 Well Done Rotaractors . . .!!! Keep UP The Good WOrk
  9. 9. Page 9 EDITORIAL Just Jotting “Whoever said happiness comes with sunshine has never danced in the rain…” Its been a great new month with a host of new events and activities taking place all over the district. This has been a time of celebration all over delhi and I’m proud that Rotaractors have shown their support for Commonwealth Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11 Games Delhi 2010. Way to go guys !!! I’m glad to see that Rotaractors have lived up to the motto of “Service Above Self” by organising Blood Donation Camps all over the Comic Corner city. Rotaractors truly always ready for the rescue. However there have been some shortcomings that need to be worked upon. I would like to request all club presidents to ensure that the monthly reports must be sent as a single doc/pdf file with images embedded within. And do make sure the name of the file is RC_ Clubname, for eg. RC_ASET. Hope you keep up the good work  See you next month!!!! Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11 The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
  10. 10. Page 10 MONTHLY MOSAIC
  11. 11. Page 11 Upcoming Attractions SHOWCASE : Of you, For you, By you Rotaract District 3010 newsletter SHOWCASE“ is especially designed to showcase achievements and experiences of Rotaractors all over the world . It is therefore essential for us to know what is happening at your end. We would like all of you to send forth your articles, poems, jokes, creations that you would like to share with your fellow Rotaractors. Remember Showcase is for you and we eagerly await your participation. All presidents are requested to encourage their members to write for their own “SHOWCASE.” Send in your creations to : ROTASIA GOA 2011 The biggest gathering of Rotaractors from all overe the world is set to take place in GOA next year. Rotasia is going to be a golden opportunity for interacting with our fellows from all over the world. This will be a great chance to share experiences and achievements. Don’t forget to register yourself for the mega event. For details contact: From what we get we make a Living ; from what we give we make a life .
  12. 12. Page 12 BITS ‘n PIECES ROTARACT 3010 DATA FORM The Presidents of all Rotaract Clubs in District 3010 are requested to please complete the Rotaract Data Form and mail it to Rtrn.Ajay Narain (District Director New Generations) at the specified email id immediately. This will help us in maintaing a proper record of all the active Clubs. The Data Form may be obtained at the following link :- Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makes them true "partners in service" and key members of the family of Rotary. Through the Rotaract program, young adults not only augment their knowledge and skills, but they also address the physical and social needs of their communities while promoting international understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service. Membership starts with you! Invite friends, family and co-workers to become members of Rotaract Got A Story ? Email your creations to before 10th November 2010 It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.