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Showcase march

  1. 1. MARCH 2011 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #9 ROTARACT DISTRICT 3010 SHOWCASE District Administrative Council : In this issue Plans For The Future  RI News …Page 2  DDR’s Desk …Page3  Club Cognizance SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. …Page 4  Points To Ponder ...Page 7  Just Jotting …Page 8  Monthly Mosaic …Page 9  Bits n Pieces …Page 10 DAC Team at the Project Meet, NoidaThe DAC team has been conducting sessions for chalking out the plans to be executed in the coming quarter. A brainstormingsession was held on 27th March at Connaught place , where the team members put forward their ideas for community projects.Some of the good ones were jotted down for immediate action. The meeting proved to be immensely fruitful as all issues rightfrom Voluntary Blood Donation to the nuclear disaster in Japan were discussed.To finalize the projects , another session was held on 17th April at Sec 15, Noida. The projects were given serious thought andtentative dates were put up. Many DAC team members volunteered to be a part of the various allocated teams. Informationrregarding the projects will be conveyed to all of soon. We hope all of you to come up and support us in making the DistrictProjects a major success. Stay Connected !!!!! Facebook Group:**Rotaract District 3010**
  2. 2. Page 2 Rotary International News “A tailor-made opportunity for India’s weavers “ By Arnold Grahl and Ryan Hyland Rotary International News -- 22 March 2011 By Peter Schmidtke Rotary International News -- 14 February 2011 Photos by Alyce Henson/Rotary ImagesWhile a 2005-06 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar inIndia, Hannah Warren gave a child laborer money to buy a dress.She remembers wishing she could have done more to help the girl.During her scholarship, which was sponsored by the Rotary Club ofLoves Park, Illinois, USA, Warren learned to speak Hindi and tutoredilliterate women.In 2008, Warren returned to India to photograph sari weavers inMaheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, part of a project funded by the RoyalSociety for Asian Affairs. She had planned to shoot portraits of thewomen wearing their hand-woven garments, but none of them couldafford to own the exquisite saris they wove for others or even to buythe raw materials. So instead, Warren gave the women funds topurchase materials to make their own saris. In their portraits, shesays, the weavers “looked so beautiful and proud” wearing the firstsaris they had designed for themselves.The experience motivated Warren to found Jhoole, a fair-tradesocial entrepreneurship. The enterprise, based in Maheshwar,provides impoverished women with training, materials, and aninternational market for hand-woven goods so they can earn a livingwage.In 2010, a US$12,500 Rotary Foundation Matching Grant providedJhoole with looms and other equipment, 1,500 pounds of cloth andthread, and funds to cover office expenses, publicity, and websitedesign. It also covered the cost of training in weaving, sewing, andpersonal finance from the Indore School of Social Work. The grantwas supported by the Loves Park club and four others in District6420, including a $7,500 contribution from the District DesignatedFund. The Rotary Club of Khargone in District 3040 also providedfunding.“With Hannah as a catalyst, we were given the opportunity toimprove the lives of women and children in an area of the world ourmembers may never visit,” says Past District 6420 Governor AnitaPapich.District 3040 Governor Nalini Langer says that Warren “is makingcommendable endeavours to empower women weavers and keepthe art of Maheshwari handlooms alive.” “There is no way I could be doing this [work] were it not for myAmbassadorial Scholarship,” Warren says. “Like Jhooles programs,Rotary scholarships are not a one-time donation; they are aninvestment in goodwill.”
  3. 3. Page 3 From The DRR’s DeskDear Friends, THE FOUR WAY TESTWarm Rotaract Greetings!! Of the things we think,March has been an eventful month for Rotaract in our district. Projects ranging fromHoli celebration to Womens’ day celebration to education of underprivileged to say or do…medical camps to e-campaigns and many more were taken up by clubs. I would like 1. Is it the TRUTH?to congratulate all these clubs for doing a fantastic job. 2. Is it FAIR to allI would like to congratulate specially , NSIT Regency Club for doing outstandingwork in the field of education and development of the underprivileged Children of concerned?the society through project SANKALP. Teaching these kids five days a week with 3. Will it build GOODWILL25 volunteers involved in teaching, course and content development, skillenhancement, awareness campaign, documentary shooting and web development is and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?simply outstanding. Projects like these create a direct impact to the society as 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL tothese developing children would be the face and future of India. all concerned?I would also like to congratulate Rotaract Club of Delhi South for consistently takingup activities like Polio drop camps, medical health checkup camps , education of theunderprivileged people of Palam Village. This not only shows their love and care butalso a commitment towards the development of these people. All clubs must find Service Above Selfan underprivileged area around their locality and consistently workthroughout on their development.I would like to urge to all clubs that this Newsletter – “ Showcase” belongs to youpeople. Kindly send in your suggestions , articles , jokes etc.. to us. This newsletteris circulated to almost every district in the Country, all Rotary clubs in our district.Its a great platform to express yourself through writing ,paintings etc.. in this Rotary International Themenewsletter.I wish all the very best to clubs for their future endeavors. For 2010- 2011Tonnes of Love & Regards,Rtr. Manik GuptaDRR District 3010 - Learning Through Fellowship Rotaract District 3010 Theme For 2010-2011 Rtr.Manik Gupta, DRR 2010-11
  4. 4. Page 4 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI SOUTH  General Body meeting was called early March on March 6 th , 2011 wherein the various events to be executed throughout the month were discussed and new ideas were introduced.  A tree plantation campaign was organized at Prathmik Vidyalaya, sector- 27, Noida on Tuesday, March 5th, 2011.  The club conducted an educational activity at Prathmik Vidyalaya in sector 27, Noida on March 7th, 2011.  Rotary Blood Bank organized a Blood Donation Camp at Accenture (DDC1A and DDC2), DLF Cyber City Phase 2, Gurgaon on March 08, 2011. Rtr.Nikhil Nanda volunteered for the event.Educational Activity by RC DELHI SOUTH  The members of the group went on an outing to Okhla Bird Sanctuary on Sunday March13th, 2011 to promote team unity and encourage the members to be even more active in the club activities.  Their parent Rotary club planned to distribute free water filters to the households of Palam village. On the March20th, 2011 rotaractors went to the Palam village and did the survey in the houses of Indira Park locality of Palam village.  The members of Rotaract club of Delhi south contributed in the CLOTHES DISTRIBUTION project organized by ROTARY CLUB OF DELHI SOUTH frequently in Palam village.  A medical camp was organized in Palam village on March 27th, 2011. People were given free medical checkup and were also prescribed medicines accordingly.  The Delhi South members have been working hard towards building their Tree Plantation, RC DELHI SOUTH own club website. ROTARACT CLUB OF HAPUR  Rotaract club Hapur gave sradhanaji on SHAHEED DIVAS to BHAGAT SINGH, RAJ GURU and SUKHDEV.  Club held a meeting with doctors for free dental check up camp and also to conduct a polio drop camp in city .  A meeting called up of the rotaract club members and elected Rtr.FIROZ CHOUDHARY as the president for the year 2011-12. Shaheed Divas, RC HAPUR
  5. 5. Page 5 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIKAS E-Cmpaign:AntiCorruption: Continuing our e campaigns,Delhi Vikas added the e campaign against corruption and circulated a mail over the issue of corruption and jan lokpal bill at the peak time when this issue was raised. Teaching nearby poor kids of workers- Our group member Dharmendra Rai during his vacations after exams took the initiative of teaching voluntary to the nearby kids of the workers working at a construction site in Mehrauli,nearby his house. BATTLE AGAINST CORRUPTION A Rotaract Club, Delhi Vikas,District 3010. Initiative: BATTLE Club members meet in Shastri Park. Campaign, 2011 The members of the club including secretary met near the slum area around shastri park metro station to look into the condition of the people living there in order to plan events for them. RC DELHI VIKAS, E-Campaign ROTARACT CLUB OF NSIT REGENCY NSIT Rotaract Club has initiated Project Sankalp in areas around JJ Colony and Bharat Vihar, a step towards empowerment of the underprivileged. The Club Conducted a seminar on PLACEMENT/CAT preparation in the college auditorium , a step towards guiding our fellow Rotaractors towards Career planning, skill enhancements and Analytical thinking required for cracking these examinations. The Club members are providing technical assistance to NGO jaagriti in developing website and applications. Club members are working for Centre for civil society, publicizing their documentary festival Jeevika. Project Sankalp, RC NSIT REGENCY ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI RIVERSIDE The Club held a meeting do decide the projects to be done in the future. We’re this close to Ending Polio Campaign Rotary International
  6. 6. Page 6 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF ASET  To celebrate the spirit of womanhood, Rotaractors of ASET celebrated International Women’s Day in the college premises by giving a rose to every female teacher and other subordinates.  The rotaractors conducted a rally and shouted slogans to encourage people to quit smoking, and step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle.  Visit to “Samvedna”on 15th March : A team of 10 rotaractors went to visit mentally challenged children in Shalimar Bagh, near Pitampura.  Heal the world- 16th and 17th March :A team of 8 rotaractors bought plant saplings from a nursery nearby college area. These plants were sold to raise funds for social activities conducted by RC-ASET.  Seminar on Women empowerment- 16th March :Two rotaractors from RC ASET attended a seminar at Amity University, Noida on 16th March. No Smoking Campaign, RC ASET  Holi Mela- 15th and 16th March :Holi Mela was organised in the college canteen area to celebrate the festive season.  Amitech 2011: The annual techno-cultural fest of ASET :The extravaganza was held on 25th and 26th March, 2011. RC ASET put up 4 stalls. Each stall had 4 organisers to attend to their respective events. More than 50 rotaractors took part in this huge fest. ROTARACT CLUB OF DADRI CITY  R.C. Dadri city organised a Holi Programme “AAYO FAGUN RE, HORI RE HORI RE” in this programme Holi was celebrated with Sandal & Flowers. It was a Rotary & Rotaract Families get-together programme. Rtr.Manik Gupta {D.R.R} and Rtr. Himanshu Gupta {Z.R.R.} also paricipated in this programme.  All Members of Rotaract club of Dadri city were together for “HOLIKA DEHEN” and disributed the “JAUN-BALIAN” to all members & their families.RC DADRI CITY, Holi celebrations ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIVEK  Celebrated as “ National Safety Day” Project – “Saavdhani hi Suraksha Hai”  Celebrated as “INTERNATIONAL WOMENS”S DAY” event Project “ PAHCCHAN..!! ”  Visit to “ AAHAR – THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR”- Project “ChakkLe..!!  Participating in “ SUDINALAYA celebrates Joy of Empowerment INTERNATIONAL WOMENS”S DAY” event chief guest – Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, President of India.  Celebrated as “WORLD CONSUMER RIGHT DAY – Jaago Graahaq Jaago” Event  Organised a Event as “WORLD WATER DAY” Project “JAL Bacchao... RC DELHI VIVEK, Women’s Day KAL Bacchao..!! “
  7. 7. Page 7 March Club Performance 3000 2500 Clubs Of The Month 2000 1500 1000 Points To Ponder 500 0 March Club Performance Here’s a tally of points awarded to theRotaract clubs based on the projects done,participation in district events,communication level and the quality ofthe reports sent. Communication with District Star Club Of The Month 300 250 200 Rotaract Club of 150 100 Delhi Vivek 50 Communication with 0 District Projects Of The Month Project Sankalp - Development and teaching of Underprivilged , five days a Total Performance Level week & English teaching classes for Cleaning staff etc. of college- NSIT 3500 Regency 3000 2500 Medical Camp in Palam Village - By Delhi 2000 South 1500 1000 Total Performance Womens Day celebration - By ASET , 500 Delhi Vivek Level 0 Holi Celebration - Dadri City Well Done Rotaractors . . .!!! Keep UP The Good WOrk
  8. 8. Page 8 EDITORIAL Just Jotting The first step towards getting “somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”Warm Rotaract greetings to our readers!!!Hope you are keeping well. It is good to seemany clubs working hard despite time and Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11schedule constraints. Kudos to you guys!But for the rest of you, buck up!! There hasbeen a decline in many clubs’ activities whichis unacceptable at this time when all of us areup and ready for some major action. Comic CornerThe next few months are going to be some ofthe very best ones of this Rotaract year as theDAC team has many events and projects linedup for all of you. But as we have been sayingconstantly, we require full support from all ofyou to make our endeavors a success.We hope to see better efforts from your side.Take Care!  Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11 The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
  9. 9. Page 9MONTHLY MOSAIC
  10. 10. Page 11 Page 10 BITS ‘n PIECES ANNUAL ROTRACT DISTRICT CONFRENCE OF PAKISTAN AND AFGANISTAN This is to inform you that the Annual District Conference of Rotaract District 3272, Pakistan and Afghanistan is scheduled to take place on the 23rd and 24th April 2011 at Lahore. The registration fee is Rs 2500 which includes all expenses for the stay. All interested Rotaractors must contact immediately so further plans may be finalized. For Details contact : Rtr. Deepti Gahrotra, is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makesthem true "partners in service" and key members of the family of Rotary.Through the Rotaract program, young adults not only augment their knowledge and skills, but theyalso address the physical and social needs of their communities while promoting internationalunderstanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service.Membership starts with you! Invite friends, family and co-workers to become members of Rotaract Got A Story ? Email your creations to before 10th May 2011 Its easy to make a buck. Its a lot tougher to make a difference.