Edmodo Presentation Monmouth University EDS 535 Summer 2012


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Professional Development PowerPoint on Edmodo use in the classroom

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  • Welcome to today’s professional development workshop. Today you will be introduced to Edmodo, a web-based social networking site designed for educators. You will be instructed on how to setup an Edmodo page and the features of the site will be explained. The benefits of using Edmodo will also be detailed for you. Throughout the presentation screenshots of my Edmodo page that I setup will be shown so you can see what it looks like.
  • This is a basic description of what Edmodo is. The key aspect of Edmodo is that it is a safe way for students to collaborate with each other. Edmodo encourages students to develop their 21 st century skills by using the latest technology
  • It is very easy to get started using Edmodo. Using the link provided you will go to the homepage and register. Once you have registered a code will be given to you. This code will then be given to the students so they can register. Edmodo does not require students to have an email address to sign in. This is a huge advantage over other similar sites. Many students do not have their own email addresses and registering can be a problem. Edmodo eliminates that issue. The screenshot is what the Edmodo home page looks like.
  • Once you have registered you will then be able to edit your own homepage. The layout is very similar to Facebook. You can type notes to your class in which you can post information, links, and videos. You can also create surveys and quizzes for your class to complete You have the ability to send private messages to students and they can message you back. These features and more will be explained in the presentation
  • These are some of the many features Edmodo has to offer. These features will be detailed further later in the presentation. The diagram to the right is a graphic representation of what 21 st century skills look like. Edmodo allows students to enhance these skills. Once you have setup your class page, use the features that you feel comfortable with and once you get more comfortable navigating the site you can always add more features
  • The best part of Edmodo is it allows for students to communicate with one other about their learning any time. The screenshot is an example of students collaborating with each other about a topic learned in class. As the instructor you have the option of simply observing the student communication or jumping in to offer your own opinion. Students may also send you direct messages that only you can view. You may also send student direct messages. Edmodo will replace conventional teacher web pages. My experience with Edmodo is that with the increased communication students are more prepared for class and do not forget assignments
  • On Edmodo you can create Quizzes and Polls for your students to complete. Quizzes can simply be quick multiple choice assessments or you can load in your own custom created quiz for students to complete Polls can be used to understand student preferences and learning styles. The screenshot is a sample poll I use with my students to get a better understanding of how they best learn about history. These features are a great way to formatively assess your students and gain data to drive your future instruction
  • Edmodo is great for differentiating material. My students with special needs have benefitted from the videos that I have posted after lessons we have learned. The Internet is a great resource and I also have found short descriptions of historical topics at lower levels for students that do not read at a high level. I have also provided advanced material for enrichment students in a similar fashion. Edmodo allows the students to “re-learn” or reinforce their learning at their own pace. I also post notes, handouts, and PowerPoints for them in case materials get lost. I have really seen how this has helped the students with special needs that I teach
  • Many educators are using the Flipped Classroom Model as a way to increase student collaboration and interest. In this model the teacher becomes the “guide on the side” and no longer lectures for the entire period. Research has proven that our students brains are wired differently and their digital environment they live in must be brought into the classroom. Edmodo is the perfect platform to use when you flip your classroom. Its capabilities allow the students to go home and “learn the material” and then return to class and complete meaningful assignments.
  • These features allow students to save different kinds of files to Edmodo. Students will then be able to access these files anywhere there is an Internet connection. The calendar is a great feature because all assignments can be posted to the calendar and then students are notified whenever they login to Edmodo. Students with Smart Phones can also download the free Edmodo App so they can have constant access to their assignments.
  • In my opinion Edmodo should be used in place of many teacher websites that I have viewed. Once the parents have the code they can see all the material the students see. They also have the ability to send private messages to the teacher but no one else. Parents will really enjoy Edmodo and all the information it can provide them.
  • Using sites like Edmodo enhances student learning and makes the learning more relevant for students. Today’s students need to be engaged with technology and use it the right way. The optimal learning environment is described on this slide as a mixture of Edmodo style learning and traditional learning.
  • Edmodo Presentation Monmouth University EDS 535 Summer 2012

    1. 1. Social networking for the classroomJohn VaccarelliEDS 535Monmouth University
    2. 2. What is Edmodo? Edmodo is a free web-based social networking site designed for teachers, students, parents, and school districts Edmodo is a safe and secure platform for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate, share content, access homework, and view grades Edmodo is a Web 2.0 tool that allows students to learn 21 st century skills
    3. 3. Getting Started Go to edmodo.com and click on the “I’m a Teacher” tab  O n c e y o The students DO NOT need u email addresses to register r e
    4. 4. Homepage
    5. 5. Features Discussion and Collaboration Quizzes Polls File-Sharing Calendar Assignments Grading Parent Connection
    6. 6. Increased Communication Students have the ability to discuss homework, classwork, or assignments with Student to each other in real- Student and time Student to Teacher The instructor Communication moderates all posts and also participates in the discussions
    7. 7. Assessments There are 2 main types of assessments that can be used on Edmodo Quizzes: Quick multiple-choice or custom made quizzes can be posted to Edmodo for students to complete Polls: Polls can be used to gauge student preferences and interests
    8. 8. Differentiation Edmodo allows you to differentiate your instruction in a number of ways.  Videos can be posted to reinforce learning and tap into different learning styles  Students can learn material at their own PowerPoints at pace different levels for students  Support can be given frequently in real time  All materials can be leveled for the different ability levels in the classroom
    9. 9. Flipped Classroom Edmodo is a perfect tool for implementing the Flipped Classroom Model. When the classroom is flipped, students do the learning at home (on Edmodo) and then come in to class to interact and complete higher level assignments with their peers.
    10. 10. File Sharing and Calendar File Sharing allows students to add their files to their “backpack.” This allows them to access documents from anywhere. It is also compatible with Google Docs. Calendar function allows students to view when their Edmodo assignments are due. Teachers may also add other events to the calendar. The events pop up as notifications on the homepage.
    11. 11. Parental Involvement Once all the students have entered the group the teacher has the option of giving each parent a code. This enables the parents to login and view the Edmodo page. This is a great way to keep everyone informed.
    12. 12. Edmodo vs. Traditional Learning Edmodo Traditional Learning Social and interactive Not social and boring Increased student Does not engage students engagement Develops 21st century skills Develops some 21st century at all times skills Communication and Communication and collaboration is ongoing at all collaboration not consistent times The best case scenario for students is to learn in an environment with a combination of traditional and 21 st century learning with more prevalence placed on 21 st century skills
    13. 13. Benefits for Students with Special Needs Students with special needs can really benefit from Edmodo. The learning done on Edmodo can be tailored to their individual needs. The students can learn at their own pace and different learning styles will be presented to them. Students can also reinforce their learning by using Edmodo on a daily basis. Parents of students with special needs will be more informed through the use of Edmodo and it will allow them to work with their child and keep in constant contact with teachers.
    14. 14. Edmodo Tutorial Videos
    15. 15. Additional Resources http://sites.fcps.org/trt/edmodo http://blog.edmodo.com/2011/10/24/teacher-rollout-resources http://blog.edmodo.com/2010/11/17/7-brilliant-ways-to-use-edmodo- that-will-blow-your-mind http://wsfcsintouch.blogspot.com/2011/08/five-simple-ways-to-use- edmodo-everday.html http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/05/edmodothe-total-classroom- solution.html http://lifehacker.com/5706241/edmodo-is-a-social-network-for-teachers- and-students