Juxt Credentials - Decoding Indian Consumers for Brand Marketers, Ad. Agencies & Online Businesses


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  • Juxt Credentials - Decoding Indian Consumers for Brand Marketers, Ad. Agencies & Online Businesses

    1. 1. Credential Decoding Indian Consumers for Brand Marketers, Ad. Agencies & Online Businesses Partners:
    2. 2.  There is more relevant data available “out there” than we realize and this is only going to increase. Bring special focus on digital space  Use internal and existing research data more, more often it is not required to collect fresh data  Spend more time analyzing and insighting and not stick to 65:25:10 process allocation (65% time spent on “information collection & collation”, 25% time spent on “managing the information” and only about 10% time is spent on “analyzing & discovering insight to take decisions”)  Know the questions – only the right questions can lead to any meaningful analysis and insighting. Spend more time with the client team – not all insights come from data  Statistics / analytics can really help making sense of the available data – apply wisely  Time is of essence – Not everything requires weeks to turn around 2 Confidential Guiding Principles
    3. 3. Offerings 3 Confidential Some questions we answerServices
    4. 4. JUXT Leading new age research in India 4
    5. 5.  Formally started in August 2005. A pioneer in conducting highly robust large scale syndicated ‘online’ as well as ‘face-to-face’ studies in India  Plan to conduct surveys also through mobile phones by end of this year  A frontrunner in syndicated research products in India:  Well accepted syndicated studies in the Indian online space  ‘India Online’, ‘NRI Online’, Online Brand Tracks’, ‘Website User Friendliness’  Building a portfolio of syndicated studies in Indian consumer space  ‘India Mobile’, ‘Indian Urbanites’, ‘Indian Families’, ‘Indian Women’, ‘Indian Generations’, ‘Indian Affluents’ 5 Confidential Leading digital research in India!
    6. 6.  Syndicated data products for faster insight  India Online, NRI Online  Customized primary quantitative market research insight solutions  Proprietary research methodologies to add value to marketing decisions  Brand Momentux™ Brand Tracks, AdConnect™ Advertising Effectiveness Model  Website audit, web development & web effectiveness studies  Website Audit, WebConnect™ Website User Friendliness Study, Usability Studies Confidential Primary Survey Based Solutions 6
    7. 7.  Use the ‘new age’ mediums (internet and mobile phones) to conduct all kinds of primary consumer market research  Experience of conducting large scale robust fieldwork for Mobile, Internet and Mobile Internet users estimate (110 city 216+ village 2 stage random sampling based face-to-face enumeration will be over in AMJ quarter)  The largest consumer panel in the country – to support own syndicated studies, also market the panel for ‘custom’ studies  7 million+ supplementary ‘access panel’ with associate partners (India Research Panel)  Working on securing access to 20million plus consumers online  Building capabilities to conduct multilingual online surveys  Will be launching a “mobile survey platform” along with a stealth technology start up during JAS quarter  Right from survey programming, targeting, back check and reporting abilityConfidential Primary Survey Based Solutions 7
    8. 8.  Products & time series data  On Internet users & behaviour (India Online, 2005-12) (example )  On Internet using NRIs/PIOs (NRI Online, 2006-12)  On Indian mobile users estimation & profile (2009-12)  Lifestyle of Indian Consumers (2009-10)  Indian consumers profile (India Consumer Landscape, 2005-2012)  Proprietary copyrighted/trademarked methodologies like:  Brand Track Model  Ad Track Model  Customer Satisfaction Model  Website user-friendliness Measurement Model  Learning & data about internet activities/categories from series of customized assignments  One of the most robust dataset on non-travel ecommerce category (2006-12) Confidential Juxt’s Research Products & Methods 8
    9. 9.  Helps identify business/investment opportunities through syndicated and subscription-based products  Brings down time & cost of exploratory research drastically by combining expertise, business research & secondary research  Helps in identifying the right focus before designing consumer research  Helps in thought leadership marketing by creating customized white papers/articles as well as forums on new/emerging areas  In the pipeline: data products on digital economy indicators Confidential Secondary and Business Research Services 9
    10. 10.  Mrutyunjay  Mrutyunjay brings in more than 15 years of experience in the market research and technology space. As a co-founder at Juxt he largely takes care of the new product development, operations & business development. He and his team continuously strive to develop & implement ‘imaginative’, ‘original’, ‘credible’ and ‘transparent’ research work to sustain & grow the 'new age market research company'. He is also involved in other interesting initiatives around Analytics, Digital Marketing, Skill Development and currently serves as founding member of Center for Marketing in Emerging Economies at IIM, Lucknow.  Prior to Juxt, he worked with leading companies like IMRB International, IDC India, Convergys India Services, and Annik Systems (Quatro) and started his career with a Rural Development NGO (ASHA).  At various points of his career he has led consumer research, strategic business researches, quality studies (CI/ Six Sigma), usability studies and change management projects. He has considerable exposure to market research projects from varied industries - TMT, BFSI, FMCG, Pharma, Consultancy Services, Government and Public Administration. He also has functional consulting experience in implementing dashboards and reporting solutions in ERP environment. 10 Confidential Key People
    11. 11.  Shyamanuja  A BE in computer science & engineering with post graduation in journalism, Shyamanuja has been analyzing the technology business and the impact of technology on business for close to 19 years. Known for his ability to accurately forecast new opportunities and trends, he was the first to identify and unequivocally predict opportunities such as the rise of offshore BPO, outsourced engineering services, and Indian e-commerce market, and many others. He is also credited with estimating and analyzing a number of ICT market segments for the first time.  Befor joining Juxt, he was the editor of Dataquest, India's most well-known IT magazine. Prior to that, he served in different editorial positions. He has served as advisor and jury members in many government committes and industry bodies. He frequently speaks at industry forums and media as an independent commentator on issues and opportunities in Internet/digital business, ICT in public services, enterprise IT, corporate sustainability effforts, and the Indian IT and offshore outsourcing industries.  He writes two blogs—ShyamanujaOne (shyamanuja.in) on areas of professional interest and Nothing To Declare (nothingtodeclare.in) on art, music and literature. He can be reached on Twitter at @shyamanuja. Confidential Key People 11
    12. 12. PARTNERS 12
    13. 13.  Take the time to deeply understand client issues and build on prior learning  Deliverables are appropriately focused on critical information gaps while our recommendations help guide the decision making process forward  Team understands that deep market and customer insights alone are not enough to drive decision making. Our experience allows us to shape presentations and communication in a way that will facilitate discussion, alignment, decision making. Confidential Higher order statistics based data analytics What’s the best that can happen? What will happen next? What if these trends continue? Why is this happening? How many, how often, where? What are the segments? What do they like and will buy? What works for me? CompetitiveAdvantage Reporting Decision Optimization Predictive Analytics Forecasting Statistical models Market research Risk modeling / Survival analysis Hierarchical growth models Conjoint based models Structural equation modeling CHAID analysis Latent Class Modeling 13
    14. 14.  Kartik  Kartik manages overall business, client accounts and deliverables at Smart Mandate. Kartik has spent over 15 years in the MR industry. He started off as a quantitative researcher with MARG (currently AC Nielsen) and before his entry into entrepreneurship was responsible for setting up a full service branch for the Hansa Research Group (New Delhi), servicing both Indian and international clients. Kartik is an engineer and an MBA from Pune University.  Vivek  Vivek manages analytics learning and deployment within Smart Mandate. Exploring new methodologies, techniques and application of existing techniques is his forte. Vivek has over 14 years in MR, analytics and advertising, of which a substantial part has been spent in R&D to improve the deliverables from longitudinal consumer data by evolving new methods of analysis and mining the data for actionable marketing guidelines. He has served as a consultant to the different TNS (erstwhile NFO) branches within India and the SEA region in this capacity. His stint with the business intelligence division of TNS convinced him of his current vocation. Vivek is a post graduate in Management and an Economics major. Confidential Key People 14
    15. 15.  Consumers are expressing themselves actively online. These ‘conversations’ reflect emotions about brands, trends, social, cultural and political affairs. With insightful consumer analytics, we help you understand your consumers better, which in turn helps you engage better with them, create new products for them and empower them to further your cause. Such research can also be used to engage and empower your employees.  Our source of information is always user generated online content. We do not solicit responses through questionnaires.  Our Work: Lenovo (Globally) for Product Feedback and Video Consumption, GE Capital (Engagement Measurement), Avaya and KFC (Perception Audit). Confidential Social Listening Based Solutions 15
    16. 16.  Deepak  Deepak sees the web bringing transparency to companies, reorganizing their business and making them talk in a different tone. In 2008, he started Drizzlin, a communications firm to enable just all of this. Drizzlin works in three areas of employees, customers and society and brings solutions across online brand insights and customer engagement. Drizzlin today operates from India and The UK and has worked with clients like Lenovo, Max Life Insurance, ICICI Bank, GE Money and HP India amongst others. Deepak has previously worked in the Digital Marketing and PR domain. He is a Masters in International Management from Strathclyde University, UK.  Robin  A keen observer, Robin has been instrumental in setting up a robust practice for our Research division. His analytical understanding of business needs on social web lends a value-driven approach to Drizzlin's service offerings. His work in the research space includes setting up the Product Feedback practice for Lenovo (globally), Industry specific researches for the Airline and Telecom industries, Perception audits for various brands including Avaya and Fastrack and understanding consumption patterns on videos for Lenovo. Robin is an MBA from IMT and works in the capacity of Head- research at Drizzlin along with being one of the company's partners. Confidential Key People 16
    18. 18. Secondary research Syndicated Research Products Predictive modeling Online Research Mobile Surveys Insighting – getting more From existing research data Marketing sciences Listening / Observation research Custom research Engagement indices Complete Solution 18 Confidential Note: Drizzlin & SmartMandate are strategic partners of Juxt
    20. 20. 50+ people team spread across 5 offices  Delhi/NCR Office:  Leadership (5 people)  Research Managers (2 people)  Research Analyst (1 person)  Data Analysts (2 people)  Listening team (3 people)  Creative design (2 people)  Software/Database (3 people)  Support staff (2 people)  Hyderabad Office  Chief Data Scientist (1 person)  Data Analysts (20 people)  Support Staff (1 Person)  Mumbai Office  Leadership ( 1 person)  Research Analyst (1 person)  Listening team (4 people)  Support Staff (1 Person)  London Office  Client Servicing (1 person)  Delhi/NCR Office  23, Hauz Khas Village (4th Floor), New Delhi - 110016  314, Qutab Plaza, DLF Phase l, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002  Mumbai Office  4, Satguru Shopping Complex, 3rd Road, Khar (W), Mumbai - 400052  Hyderabad Office  1-276/3, 1st Floor, Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh – 500025  London Office  1st Floor, 2, Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London N12 20 Confidential
    22. 22. Marketers Confidential 22
    23. 23. Online players Confidential India 23
    24. 24. Others Confidential 24
    25. 25. ONE OF THE SUCCESSFUL FLAGSHIP PRODUCT India Online Landscape
    26. 26. Confidential Juxt India Online Landscape Overall Internet User Level Dataset All Internet Users – Demographics, Psychographics, Internet Usage, Media Usage India Online Universe Online Verticals Datasets Generic Portals Online Shopping Job Search Matrimony Social Networking Emailing Online News Online Sports Content Financial Info Search Non-travel products Online Share Trading Net Telephony Online Games Online Music Online Real Estate Mobile Content Download Professional Networking Cricket, Other Sports Picture Sharing Download Videos Download Movies Search Engine - English Search Location/Maps Book Movie Tickets Astrology Online Travel Car & 2-wheeler owning net users Auto Owners Online Social media users on the net Online Lingua Investors Online Consumer Segment Datasets Youth Online 13-24 year old internet users Women Online Women internet users Urbanites Online Net users by their SEC profile Online Socialites Students on the net Rendezvous Online Net users by place of access Speed Online Net users by type of connection Online City Line Net users by town classes CC Online Credit card owners as net users Techie Online IT Professionals on the net Students Online Net users as financial investors Vernacular language net users Corporate employees on the net Corporate Online Mobile & Online Net users using internet on mobile phones 26
    27. 27. Size Estimates of Internet Users in India (All India, Urban/Rural, By States, By City Class/Village Class, Top 25 urban districts)  Total internet using households, No. of internet users per household, Total Internet using individuals  Regular internet users (at least once a month) versus occasional internet users  Users accessing internet from only mobile, only computers, both mobile and computers Geographics of Internet Users  Region, State, Urban/Rural area, City Type/Village Type, Top individual urban district Personal Demographics of Internet Users  Gender, Age, Weight, Height, Marital Status, Generational classification by age, Status in the household (CWE or other earning member or dependent member of the household)  Occupation, Individual Income classification (if earning), Education, Medium of education, Preferred language of reading Personal Psychographics of Internet Users  Current Priorities & Aspirations: Most important priorities in life currently, Parameter that defines ‘status in the society’ for them  Current & Pastimes: Current hobbies and interests, Favorite indoor and outdoor activities/pastimes, Confidential India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 27
    28. 28.  Personal likes & preferences: kind of music listen to, kind of movies like to watch, favorite sports, food and clothing  Other entertainment/outing activities undertaken regularly, Current living celebrity look up to Personal Consumption Lifestyle Orientation  Enthusiasm towards shopping  Factors give preference to when deciding place of buying  Attributes give importance to most when buying products and services Personal Consumption Preferences  Whether use/avail of the following products and services, along with brand used: Banking & financial services - saving bank account, life insurance, medical insurance, owns a credit card with card type owned, whether owns a Demat account and invests in financial instruments Processed foods & beverages - Milk additives, Namkeens, Potato chips, Jam, Noodles, Pasta, Corn Flakes/Oats, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Meat Products, Ketchup/Sauce, Packaged Cakes, Biscuits, Chocolates , Toffees/Candies, Mouth Fresheners, Chewing gums, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Fruit drinks, Fruit Juice, Bottled water, Squashes/Concentrates Personal care products – Soap bars, Shower gel/Body wash, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair oil, Hair gel, Hair color, Face cream, Fairness cream, Moisturizer/Body lotion, Talcum powder, Deodorant, Perfume, Face wash, Face cleansers, Toothpaste/powder, Tooth brush, Mouthwash, Hand-wash liquid soap, Hand sanitizer gel, Toilet paper Confidential India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 28
    29. 29. Wearables - Jewelry, Watch, Readymade Shirts, T-shirts, Readymade Trousers, Jeans, Readymade suit, Shoe, Innerwear Travel services - whether availed of any in last 3 months – air travel, train travel, bus travel, hotel stay, holiday package  Whether in next 6 months likely to finish education, change job, get married, or expect a birth in the house  Whether order Pizza for home delivery Personal Mobile Usage Behavior  Whether uses a mobile phone, No. of connections/SIMs used, Whether has landline phone at home For most used connection – type of connection technology, plan type (pre-paid/post-paid), Service provider name, Services subscribed to, Handset brand, Price of handset and features present on this most used handset Personal Media Usage  Whether use TV (including genre of channels watched), Whether use Radio, Newspaper and Magazines  Daily duration of usage during weekdays and weekend for each of the media used  Most watched TV channels by genre of channels, most read newspaper and magazines, most listened to radio channel Confidential India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 29
    30. 30. Household’s Socio-Economic Profile  Family classification by lifecycle stage, Family size  Highest occupation and education level in the household, Neo-SEC Classification, CWE Occupation, CWE Education, Conventional SEC classification  Monthly Household Income (MHI), No. of earning members in the family, Average per capita household income,  Ownership status and size (carpet area) of house living in  Durables and Kitchen wear owned in the household - House, Car, Motorcycle, Scooter, Bicycle, B/W TV, Color TV, Home theater, TV Connection, Fridge, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Music system, Portable music player, VCD/DVD player, Regular Camera, Digital Camera, Video Camera, PC/Laptop, Video Game Player, Inverter/UPS, Electric iron, Geyser, Water purifier, Food processor, Toaster, Sandwich maker, Electric chimney Confidential India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 30
    31. 31. Net usage status and dynamics  Years of experience in using the net, Place of access (home, place of work, cyber café, transit, choupal/gram panchayat)  Net usage details by the most preferred place of access – frequency of usage, duration of usage, speed of connection  Online (and offline) marketing stimulus responded to (banner ads, search ads, virals, contest, e-mailers, newsletters)  Popular languages of internet usage, most used websites for each of these languages  Social Media & Blogging - proportion of internet users reading, commenting and owning blogs, review products, use twitter, upload content online, etc.  Whether uses internet on mobile phone, type of access (WAP, Pre-installed applications, Browse directly, Push mail), internet activities undertaken on the mobile phone, reasons for not using internet on mobile where applicable Online shopping behavior (Only in ‘Online Travel’ and ‘Online Shopping’ Dataset)  Penetration of online shoppers (only search) and buyers (search and buy), Reasons for not buying online where applicable  Travel products bought and searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying, average monthly spends  Non-travel products bought and searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying, average monthly spends  Online payment modes used  Motivations of buying online and problems faced while buying online Confidential India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 31
    32. 32. India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage) 32 Confidential Popular online activities undertaken and most used websites • Most used generic website/portal • Whether undertake, and the most used website for each of the following online activities:  Emailing  Instant Messaging/Chatting  Use Emailing on Mobile  Follow Tweets  Info Search (English)  Location/Map Search  Job Search  Travel Search/Booking  Real Estate Info  Online Shopping (other than travel products)  Search/Buy Books  General News  Business/Financial News  Financial Info (rates, quotes, etc.)  Net Banking  Online Share Trading  PC to PC & PC to Phone based Net Telephony  PC to Mobile messaging (SMS)  Matrimonial Search  Dating/Friendship  Social Networking  Sharing Pictures  Sharing Videos  Watch Videos  Professional Networking  Pay Bills Online  Gaming  Stream/Listen to Music  Download Music  Download Movies  Cricket Content  Cinema Content  Non-cricket Sports Content  Book Movie Tickets  Download Mobile Content  Educational Info Search  Health & Lifestyle Info  Online Education/Tutorials  E-greetings  Astrology  Online Communities
    33. 33. Thank You Contact: mrutyunjay@juxtconsult.com, +91-97171-33445 33