Internet usage and behavior study in India - Snapshot 2006


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The India Online study helps in understanding the status and net usage behavior and preferences of online Indians. It not only provides the estimates on the Internet user-ship, growth and penetration in India but also gives a highly ‘insightful’ understanding of the current net usage behavior and preferences of various types of online Indians.

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Internet usage and behavior study in India - Snapshot 2006

  1. 1. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Land survey undertaken with 5,500 households in 21 cities of various sizes across the 4 regions of the country (April 2006). To estimate Internet user-ship and to derive o appropriate ‘weights’ to make online survey data more representative of the overall online urban Methodology population. A large scale online survey conducted in May 2006, collecting over 20,268 responses to capture the net usage behavior and website preferences. To ensure good representation, online survey conducted across 4 leading Indian email portals (Rediff, MSN, Indiatimes, Yahoo) and Google Search. Use of only authentic Govt. of India data for estimation of user-ship and deriving the representation ‘weights’. Questionnaires were pre-tested for simplicity of comprehension, and timed to reduce respondent fatigue to the extent possible (15 minutes approx.). A single cash prize ‘incentive’ used to enlist more sincere and complete responses. Rigorous checking for duplication, junk responses, spelling mistakes, etc. Over 4,000 responses eliminated in the process. Website preferences reported after correcting for the ‘source’ bias of portals. 1
  2. 2. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Estimated 21.4 million Urban Indians using the net with some regularity (at least once a month). User-ship 22% growth over the previous year’s 17.5 million. Total urban net users (including occasional users) are around 25 million. Growth is noticeable in both ‘spread’ and ‘depth’. Visible signs Around 20% new users added (using net for less than a year). Proportion of users coming from ‘non-metros’ up at 50%. of Spread! Usage from cyber cafes (non-exclusive) goes up to 46%. 60% of users come from SEC B and C. 42% visit language websites also. Growth in 52% users accessing from homes use a broadband connection. Depth 88% of those who access the net from office and 76% of those accessing the net from homes log on daily. Continues! 86% of regular net users surf or check-out blogs. 55% have participated in an online contest. 2
  3. 3. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings A brimming 44% own 2-wheeler as the most expensive vehicle, 24% a car. melting pot! 26% have a credit card and 45% a debit card. 49% come from a household having a computer, 77% a cable TV connection and 85% a mobile phone. Online 28% (5.9 million) have bought online. Shopping! A 40% growth over the 4.2 million who bought online last year. 65% of online buying takes place from homes. Average monthly spend of Rs.1,205 from homes and Rs.2,425 from offices. 36% of all net users do online product search. Air, train and movie tickets have the best search-to-buy ratios. Mobiles and health & fitness products have the worst ones. Only 38% online buyers pay by credit cards. 3
  4. 4. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Top 5 Online Activity % Undertaking Emailing 89 Popular Read/Search/Contribute to Blogs 86 Online E-Greetings 57 Job Search 53 Activities News & Events 53 Website % First Recall Most Yahoo 35 Preferred Google 21 Rediff 14 Websites* Indiatimes 5 Hotmail 5 MSN 4 Sify 1 Naukri 1 Moneycontrol 1 Orkut 0.5 * After correcting sampling source bias 4
  5. 5. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Website used Online Activity Top Website % Pref. Usage Emailing Yahoo 37 most by Online Shopping Ebay 38 Info Search Google 77 online Job Search Naukri 49 News & Events Indiatimes 16 activities* Matrimony Bharatmatrimony 33 Dating/Friendship Yahoo 35 Book Travel IRCTC 38 Tickets Cinema Yahoo 13 Music Raaga 17 Games Yahoo 31 Sports ESPN Star 22 Mobile Ringtones Rediff 23 Financial Info Moneycontrol/CNBC 11 ISP used at Home % Using at Home % Using at Office Most Used BSNL / Sancharnet 38 26 ISPs VSNL 10 12 Bharti / Airtel 9 12 Sify 7 6 Reliance 7 6 * After correcting sampling source bias 5
  6. 6. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings User Segment Reports: Category Reports: List of Women on the net Emailing Supplementary Youth on the net (13-24 years) Job Search Reports Mid/Senior corporate exec. on Matrimonial Search the net Info Search Self-employed professional on Travel Booking the net Friendship/Dating IT professionals on the net Online Shopping Car owners on the net News & Events Mobile phone owners on the net Cinema Content Credit card owners on the net Sports Content Debit card users on the net Online Music The Net Savvy (heavy net users) Online Games Place of Access Mobile Content (Homes/Offices/Cyber café) Financial Info Search Broadband net users/Regular Dial up net users Retail Financial Investors on the net Loan seekers on the net Net users trading Stocks online 6
  7. 7. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Investment Main Report - Rs. 100,000 Supplementary Reports – Rs. 80,000 each Payment Terms – 50% advance, 50% on delivery of reports. Delivery Timeline – Main Report immediate, some of the supplementary reports can be delivered immediately, the rest can be committed post purchase of main report. 7
  8. 8. India Online 2006: Top Line Findings Contact Address : 7, Kehar Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend Marg, Lane 2, Said-ul-Ajaib, Details New Delhi – 110030 Telephone : +91-11-32969221, +91-98112-56502 Email : Website : 8