Smarter Marketing for Games


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Going back to the basis : Simple solutions to make your marketing more efficient

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  • Past : Free-to-Play MMO publisher… Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled…
    Working with independants as well as larger publishers…
    Part of what we do is marketing support…
  • Very important budget, up to 10 million dollars and above…
    It’s either effective or lost…
    Large part of the publisher’s added value…
  • Just an estimate (hopefully). Most of the time, the bigger the budget is, the most it is wasted.
    The larger the company is, the less effective campaigns are
    Especially unprofessional in gaming space (Passion)
  • Many possible reasons…
    Most of the time, the failure of marketing campaigns is a consequence of people who do not care enough
    How to avoid it ?
  • Before going forward I would like to thank the people at Destructoid for this very useful image…
  • Note : Stating the obvious. Obvious mistakes for simple solutions.
  • Do your homework : Don’t go without knowing where you’re heading and who you’re heading for.
    Think global, act local : Doesn’t mean that you shoud use the same strategy worldwide, but that you should market your game worldide using locally-tailored campaigns. Hire local, natives, or get external local help.
    Passion is good, but without reason often leads to mistakes
  • Most of errors in marketing plans come from human origins. Nobody is perfect, but we should tend towards perfection.
  • Don’t forget that these particular employees/partners will be spending your money
    Local networks and close human relationships can get prices down
    Small world, conflicts of interest often arise.The main interest to be protected should always be the client’s.
  • Negociation can be painful on your relationship with the media, but is more effective in the long run
    « Micro-Target » (Eurogamer example)
    Adapted creatives, media, publics
    Test your creatives before going live
    Monitor, analyse and optimize
  • The boring part. After telling that human relationships and networking are important, I’m just telling that you should have people spend days and week looking at incomprehensible spreadsheets. Well… Yes.
    Use the tools at their full capacity. Don’t limit yourself to the sale of a game, all data is useful.
    Ongoing optimization often has to be agreed with the media partners beforehand.
  • If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask someone to have a second look at your media plan. Whether it’s checked by a friend, or a hired professional, it can be worth the security.
  • Smarter Marketing for Games

    1. 1. SMARTER MARKETING Simple Solutions to Improve your Results Julien Wera - ICO Partners
    2. 2. Who is speaking ? • Julien Wera • Past : Gala Networks Europe, PopCap Games International • ICO Partners : Consulting agency specialised in online games in Europe
    3. 3. Marketing • Significant budget and not getting any smaller • Risky investment • Important difference between indies and large publishers
    4. 4. Marketing 50% of global marketing budget is wasted. (Or : Most of the marketing campaigns should be at least twice as effective)
    5. 5. How? • Under negotiated (often not negotiated at all) • Under optimized • Wrongly targeted • Using unadapted creatives • Not tracked • Etc.
    6. 6. Disclaimer • The following slides do not aim at presenting new revolutionary ways to do marketing, but at reminding the basic and obvious rules of efficient marketing that « everybody » seems to know, but very few actually follow.
    7. 7. How to avoid the waste ? Mistakes happen during all 3 main phases : • Preparation • Execution • Analysis & Optimization (And the first mistake is to forget one or two of these phases at all)
    8. 8. Preparation : Know Your Way • Study markets and publics • Think global, act local • Don’t trust any « gut feelings »
    9. 9. Execution : It’s all about the people Wrong recruitment can lead to dire consequences
    10. 10. Execution : It’s all about the people • Hire/Choose your partners wisely • Get local expertise • Establish good and close relationships with your network of partners • Beware of the conflicts of interest when you outsource
    11. 11. Execution : Make sure your campaign is… • Negociated : Always negociate • Targeted : Publics and geography • Adapted : To your company, your audiences, etc. • Tested : To avoid technical issues • Monitored : For ongoing optimization
    12. 12. Analyse & Optimize • Track everything you can • Crunch the data. Learn. Improve. • Don’t wait until it’s too late to make changes
    13. 13. The Road Trip Analogy • Get a map : Know where you’re going and how • Choose the right driver • Don’t sleep during the trip
    14. 14. Get a second opinion Even if the driver seems to know where he’s going, it doesn’t hurt to check the GPS. Use friends, colleagues, people from the industry, or external consultants.
    15. 15. Thank you!