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BOSSA nova: Beyond Agile - Preparing for Digitalization


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Digitalization calls for rapid organizational flexibility and adaptability. This has an impact on all dimensions of a company: its strategy, structure, and the processes. Agile will help implementing some of this flexibility and adaptability yet mainly in terms of processes. But true organizational agility doesn’t result from simply “trying harder” by e.g. substituting management meetings with daily Scrums or using a backlog for the board of directors. Thus, the digital transformation needs companies to look beyond Agile and look for principles that guide us in developing: - Continuous improvement strategies necessary to enable self-sufficiency and adaptation in every department - not just the software department. - The executive and board roles in driving organizational agility. - Processes, strategies, and structures that enable the current culture to self-organize for company-wide agility. Company-wide agility requires a holistic approach, a combination of different principles: First and foremost the principles of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Sociocracy provide the missing links for a company to fully embrace digitalization. The combination of these concepts enables a company not only to survive but also to thrive (digital) disruptions. For this reason, necessary key components for a successful enterprise agile transformation must be found outside of agile in other streams of development. These other streams can more readily guide us in developing: We suggest “BOSSA nova” as a composite of four streams of development that, together, can lead us toward a broad enterprise agile transformation. The acronym stands for: B = Beyond Budgeting, OS = Open Space, S = Sociocracy, and A = Agile. Bossa nova, the style of music, is a synthesis of samba and jazz. Similarly BOSSA nova, the enterprise strategy, is a synthesis of different streams of development. Bossa nova is also an intricate dance, where dancers adapt their steps to the music, and their movements and their spirit in turn influences the musicians. In the same way, BOSSA nova helps your company adapt to its complex context and also influence that context. And finally, Bossa nova in Portuguese means new trend, new wave - which is how we envision a true business agility transformation. For more information:

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BOSSA nova: Beyond Agile - Preparing for Digitalization

  1. 1. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org11 Jutta Eckstein | @juttaeckstein | #agilebossanova BOSSA nova: Beyond Agile – Preparing for Digitalization
  2. 2. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org2 WHAT? CHALLENGES
  3. 3. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org3
  4. 4. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org4 Beyond Budgeting  Beyond command & control – Toward a management model that is more empowered and adaptive  Separate the 3 budget purposes – Targets – Forecast – Resource allocation  Relative  Rolling  Dynamic
  5. 5. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org5 Open Space  Self-organization – Everyone is invited to suggest and work on any idea  Passion bound by responsibility – Self-responsible for learning and helping others learn – Passion follows the overall strategy  Empowerment – Anything can happen inspired by anyone
  6. 6. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org6 Sociocracy  Equivalence – Shared decision-making by consent – Feedback embedded in the structure: double linking
  7. 7. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org7 Agile  Continuous learning through feedback: – Rapidly, regularly, and frequently – On needs, product, technology, process, quality, …
  8. 8. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org8
  9. 9. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org99
  10. 10. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org1010 Is Trust Cheaper?
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  15. 15. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org15 Is Trust Cheaper?  Background: – Traditional travel expense procedures are burdensome and assume people can’t be trusted.  Hypothesis: – Such procedures cost more than they save and are demoralizing.  Experiment: – Pre-survey and audit. Try for three months in a few units with other units as controls. Post-survey and audit.
  16. 16. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org16 Failures are Opportunities
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  19. 19. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org19 In Essence  Digitalization requires Company-wide Agility  … so it requires BOSSA nova  … and this means: Never stop … – …trying – …learning – …changing
  20. 20. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org20 Many Thanks and… Stay in Touch: Jutta Eckstein, @JuttaEckstein PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer #agilebossanova Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova