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  1. 1. Remember a time when you shared ... withsomeone ... to you, like a friend, family member or loved one, about a great deal you got, an awesome ... a company, service or product thybrid cloud
  2. 2. Remember a time when you shared information with someoneimportant to you, like a friend, family member or loved one, about agreat deal you got, an awesome experience, a company, service orproduct that was above and beyond what you ever expectedRemember that time? Remember how great you felt when theycalled you up and hybrid cloud told you how happy and appreciativethey were that you introduced them to that company? Well, you oweit to your customers to give them the same opportunity with respectto your products or services Its important that you understand thepower of referrals Not only with respect to how it benefits you, buthow it benefits the people giving them to you, and the people theyrefer
  3. 3. In essence, it does three important things: 1 It helps yourcustomers better appreciate the benefits and value they receiveeach and every time they do business with you 2 It gives them anopportunity to give back to you by way of appreciation they feel forthe experience they get from your product or service
  4. 4. 3 It gives them the opportunity to benefit other people in their liveswho are important to them The critical component of getting referralsfrom happy customers is really simple: Keep them elated aboutdoing business with you
  5. 5. Ive said this before, and Ill continue to say it again: "Treat yourcustomers or clients like dear and valued friends " Why is thatimportant? There are many reasons, but for this purpose itsbecause "friends tend to do business with friends " * If someoneneeded life insurance, I know who to refer them to; my friend Chrisat New York Life
  6. 6. * If someone needed to get a $10+ Million dollar loan for a startupor expansion, Id refer them to friend Judy at Chandler Financial * Ifsomeone needed printing services, Id refer them to my friend LynnFriends do business with friends, and the more enjoyable theexperience they have with you; the more they know you and trustyou; the more they feel like theyve received more benefit andadvantage from you than they could anywhere else, then youve gota referral system that just wont quit
  7. 7. Now, you may be thinking, "Im not sure my product or service haselated my customers as much as Id like it to " Dont despair Juststart now and ask yourself some questions to get in the mindset ofcreating a valuable experience for everyone who ever inquires aboutor does business with you ever again
  8. 8. * Am I giving the best possible value or benefit I humanly can to mycustomers or clients? * Do I genuinely care about my customers orclients best interests and needs at the best level I should orcould? * Am I genuinely thinking about their interests above myown? Remember, "its all about them Its never about you " One ofthe greatest forms of confirmation you can give to a customer orclient is the opportunity for them to give the same benefit oradvantage to somebody in their life who is important to them
  9. 9. Walt Disney said it best: "Do what you do so well people cant resisttalking about you " Do yourself and your customers a favor: offerthem the best damn product or service you possibly can; treat themwith respect, like a dear and valued friend; and, give them theopportunity to toot your horn for you and generate more business foryou than you can ever imagine
  10. 10. hybrid cloud