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Published in: Business, Design
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  1. 1. One of Hertfordshire's leading print companies, Process Colour Printers, launched a brand new customer focused website earlier this month. The new website, which can be found at , was designed in direct response to research into what their customers really wanted.view website
  2. 2. The Stevenage based company recently surveyed their existing customerbase, along with prospective new clients, with the purpose of gaining an up todate understanding of their requirements Process Colour Printer'sManaging Director Tony Gill says: "We felt that only by talking to companiescould we obtain the advice and direction that our business view websiterequires Our primary goal has always been to project our customers in thestyle and professionalism that they deserve
  3. 3. We constantly work hard to keep changing with our customers'requirements, ensuring the best possible service is always provided Therecent results of our survey have helped us to focus on this and to produce awebsite that fits our customers' requirements " Their own in-housegraphic design and web team have produced a fresh and exciting, user friendlywebsite which provides customers, both old and new, with an insight into theservices offered at Process Colour Printers
  4. 4. The company boasts a comprehensive range of litho & digital printingwith graphic design support, allowing customers to harness cutting edgetechnology and marketing techniques to make sure everything producedconforms to customer requests and brand identity Having been establishedfor over 20 years, the company has seen many technological changes over theyears and has always endeavoured to meet modern requirements Thewebsite encompasses a total rebrand, a change of company image and focus,which fits in with the World Wide Web revolution and brings the companyup-to-date
  5. 5. Tony continues: "When the company was established back in 1988 there wasno such thing as the internet, email or even mobile phones Technology hascome a long way since then and now plays an important part in the daily livesof our society A modern website is an essential tool for businesses these daysand provides a window into our company at the click of a button
  6. 6. " With a reputation built on quality, trust, honesty and reliability, ProcessColour Printers is always striving to improve, and their sparkling new websitecertainly achieved that For further information please visit
  7. 7. view website