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  1. 1. It will be quite wrong to if SEO will be lookedupon as just getting rank for keywords though itis a primary objective but apart from ranking its objective should be increase in revenue and profit for business no matter if its personal siteor clients site. Literally all business websites are created with same objectives that include getting maximum traffic or visitors possible to boost their profits, especially through search engines. If you are a good surfer of net then you will realize that there are tons of websitesare competing against one another to reach the top ranking on certain keywords in popularsearch engines like Google and Yahoo in order to gain as much organic traffic as they can.web site design charlotte
  2. 2. Today the competition has become so tough that it really needs to doa lot of hard work to get the top rank It is tougher to get top rank inthese popular search engines and toughest to maintain the topposition on the same key word Since the success and popularity ofa search engine is calculated by its ability to produce the mostrelevant results to any given search and to maintain the better userexperience, search engines are constantly updating and altering theirsearch algorithms therefore SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hasbecome an on-going procedure that needs to be done on everywebsite
  3. 3. This will help to maintain their position and to keep up with the trendof these search engines One good way to get a better ranking is tokeep your website structure as simple as possible and should beupdated with original and quality contents Your website designshould grab the attention of the visitors in the first place and shouldprovide them with best user experience in the first hand
  4. 4. The first step to successful SEO is "Understanding Business"- thatinvolves what is your business all about and how is it going tooperate Who are the target audience and who are your competitor?Etc The second step is the "target keywords"- and this somethingthat will directly reflect your efforts
  5. 5. The third and the fourth steps are the "Web Designing" and "Metatags and content" And the fifth and sixth steps are "Link building"and "Directories" that can do wonders for you and can bring youmore chance to rank top for targeted keyword SEO is "laissez faire"or "distinctiveness"
  6. 6. It is the knack and knowledge of increasing your website'svisibility to search engines for those important keywords and phrasesthat are relevant to your business So getting indexed by Google canbe painful, but achieving highly placed rankings for specific keywordsseems to be the nut that not many web developers without SEO(search engine optimization) experience Therefore alwaysremember the adage that fits best in this process "practice what youpreach"
  7. 7. Before the final plunge, ensure that your website is "search enginefriendly"- that defines that each individual page of your website iscompliant with search engine standards and web site designcharlotte ready to be indexed correctly
  8. 8. web site design charlotte