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  1. 1. Introduction:Linux VPS
  2. 2. Web Hosting is an Essential service which makes a difference in onlinebusinesses Web Hosting Provider companies are increasing day by dayand offer different web hosting plans and packages for your ease tochoose, many companies have packages like reseller hosting, dedicatedhosting or free hosting as well Web Hosting by iPowerWebIPOWER, oneof the largest web hosting companies in the world, is proud to haveranked #121 in the 2006 Inc Hosting Companies using Windows as theiroperating system for their web servers provide Windows hosting andmore likely it supports the Microsoft products easily
  3. 3. UNIX Hosting is also very popular form of the hosting and the WebHosting Providers which run their web server (web hosts) on UNIXoperating system provide UNIX Hosting Due to the high security featuresand totally command prompt based it is used on the large scale for thehosting purpose of big companies and institutions like banks multinationalcompanies etc What make the UNIX Hosting better than Windows
  4. 4. hosting are the features of UNIX like being multi tasking operating systemyou can easily handle thousands of web sites which are being accessedas well as thousands of scripts running on them on the only one server Italso calculates that being an open source you can make it operationalaccording to your requirements and completely free of cost
  5. 5. The stability of the UNIX provides UNIX Hosting a big plus point Whatso ever Unix Hosting is more than popular and considered operational byEuropean countries and being used on advanced bases Linux Hosting isbased on the servers operated by the Linux operating systems, Linuxbeing the same operating system as of UNIX but not identical It alsofacilitates its users with extra operational and user friendly features, highuptime and the stability are the main pillars of Linux Hosting in addition tothe affordable cost
  6. 6. The sites developed to be hosted on the Linux Hosting sever can beeasily converted to the Windows web server where as the reverseprocess in not easy We have compiled a list of Budget Web Hostingproviders which give you complete satisfaction about the services likemass storage space, high bandwidth, unlimited mail accounts andtechnical support etc with cost effective hosting plan and packages fordifferent kind of users Quick MenuUnix and Linux web hosting featuressuch as Perl programming, PHP programming and MySQL database
  7. 7. Web Host GuideNot too long ago, I was a newcomer to the web hosting,and I can clearly recall the utter confusion Windows Server 2003 Web
  8. 8. Edition is structured for dedicated Web serving and web hosting LinuxVPS Some websites publish content where you can read everything youneed to know about services like cheap web hosting and dedicatedservers, and find reviews of the best web hosts theyve encounteredConclusion: So Web hosting has emerged into the most popular and everexpanding online business
  9. 9. UNIX Hosting is also very popular form of the hosting and the WebHosting Providers which run their web server (web hosts) on UNIXoperating system provide UNIX Hosting Proper Web hosting definitelycontributes a lot in your web site promotion and ranking
  10. 10. Linux VPS