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  1. 1. Gentlemen, start your engines and ladies, grab your beach bag. Its NASCAR time in DaytonaBeach, Florida. 2006 is already wooing a track full of die-hard race car drivers and fans are pullingup trackside to get a glimpse of the action. Makesure youre there in 2006 for non-stop excitement at every turn on the track!next
  2. 2. The season begins with the forty-fourth Rolex 24 which kicks off the 2006Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series on the weekend of January 26-29Considered one of the most prestigious endurance races, the entry listfeatures 73 entries which will exceed the 2005 entry list by eleven cars BennyParsons will act as the Grand Marshall for this event On February 11, 2006,the Budweiser Shootout will start their run followed by the Daytona 500 PoleQualifying run The Shootout represents the beginning of Speed Week atDaytona, ending with the Daytona 500 On February 18, the HersheysKissable kicks off the NASCAR Busch Series for 2006 In between are truckraces and other events to keep every race fan in total bliss On February 19,Daytona Beach hosts the Daytona 500, one of the great American traditions inNASCAR racing The race begins at 2 p
  3. 3. m Eastern and runs for 500 laps on the world-famous track Of course, all thebig names will be entered in the race, including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewardand Dale Earnhardt, Jr This year holds a special treat because Bill Elliot hascome out of retirement to return for this race Elliot left full-time racing in 2003,only running a few races in the next NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Of course,Dale Jr is a favorite in this race His father, Dale Earnhardt, Sr died in a freakaccident during the Daytona 500 in the 2001 race
  4. 4. Since its beginning in 1959, the Daytona 500 has been one of the mostpopular races ever held The television ratings for this event indicate that it isone of the most-watched sports events, surpassing even the Super Bowl! Asthe first race of the Nextel Cup Series (in addition to being the first biggest raceof the year), the fans race to obtain tickets is phenomenal The Daytona 500is a direct offshoot of a race once held on the sands of Daytona Beach Afterthe 1959 opening of the Daytona International Speedway, the race as we knowit continues to grow That very first Daytona 500 was won by Lee Petty, fatherof Richard Petty The win was most interesting because Johnny Beauchampwas initially announced as the winner after both Petty and Beauchamp lappedJoe Weatherly on the final lap Three days later, after reviewing photographsand video of the finish, the call was overthrown and Petty was announced asthe official winner of that first Daytona 500 His son, Richard, has won theDaytona 500 seven times during his career and holds the record for the mostwins for this particular racing event The qualifying for the Daytona 500 isunique in that teams must race their way into the field instead of takingqualifying laps
  5. 5. The first row is set through one round of qualifying that usually occurs oneweek in advance of the actual race The remainder of the field is establishedby qualifying races of 150 miles During 2004 and before, the qualifying raceswere 125 miles After the Daytona 500, Wisk Presents the Daytona 500After-Party which includes a dinner buffet, complimentary soft drinks, a cashbar, live entertainment and much, much more You must purchase advancetickets to attend this party ConAgra hosts the Monday morning ChampionsBreakfast event which features car induction festivities, a buffet breakfast, andmore This event also requires advance purchase of a ticket The ChampionsBreakfast marks the official end of Speed Week at Daytona
  6. 6. Access to the Daytona International Speedway is simple and easy from thenorth and south via Interstate-95 which lies within two miles of the race trackInterstate-4 provides access from the west while U S Highway 1 provides ascenic drive from the north and south While visiting Daytona Beach, youllwant to take a drive along the white sand beaches, one of the only remainingbeaches in Florida that permit driving on the sand These beautiful beachesextend for miles and provide a unique experience for anyone who has neverhad the joy of driving alongside the Atlantic Ocean Just dont leave your carparked on the sand too close to the water at low tide Every week, cars mustbe towed onto shore when the high tide floods them
  7. 7. During Speed Week, accommodations can be hard to find unless you havemade reservations well in advance Many race fans book reservations andpurchase their race tickets a full year in advance The ocean-front hotels, ofcourse, fill up first as do those closest to the Speedway For those who desirevery affordable housing for the week, nearby towns offer plenty ofaccommodations within one-half hours drive from the track Even Orlando withall its plush hotels is only forty-five minutes away on Interstate-4 Camping isa popular solution to the accommodations problem during Speed Week Thereare numerous campgrounds in the area within a few miles of the race trackand the cost of renting a campsite for the week is very affordable Because ofCentral Floridas mild weather, camping poses a viable solution
  8. 8. The nights may require a few blankets, however, but most of the daytimetemperatures are quite comfortable Many of the hard-core race enthusiastsbring campers, vans and motor homes, purchasing infield tickets and parkingfor the entire week Every evening, cookouts in the infield bring the smells ofsteaks, hot dogs and hamburgers to the air Those gathered in the infield partywith others from all over the country both day and night, having a thoroughlygreat time while enjoying the races If you have never been to a Daytona 500to hear those famous words, "Gentlemen, start your engines", you will neverforget the experience Not only will you enjoy the races, but the entire city ofDaytona Beach will provide memories for years to come For tips onsomekeyword and somekeyword, visit the somekeyword website
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