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  1. 1. Apple quietly announced the release of iTunes 10.5 on Tuesday. The feature added to this version of iTunes is the capability to sync iOS devices via Wi-Fi. In other words, this feature enables content synchronizing between an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using a Wi-Fi connection. This is a big step in a sense, while,the expectation for supporting DVD formats fails again. As always, iTunes 10.5 only rips CDs rather than DVDs, which more or less leaves some regrets to DVD fans.visit here
  2. 2. I believe it is a piece of cake for Apple to enhance this function to transfer DVDto iTunes format Apple explains that DVD and Blu-ray purchases may includean iTunes Digital Copy However, Apple wants to encourage people todownload films and videos from the iTunes store
  3. 3. Maybe this is a most important reason for iTunes not supporting ripping DVDAt the same time I dont see why I shouldnt copy my DVD which I have paidfor to my iPad Here I will share the method to transfer DVD to iTunes format
  4. 4. There are many methods to transfer DVD to iTunes The third partyapplication--DVD ripping software is a must to transfer DVD to iTunes formatMany DVD ripper applications for transferring DVD to iTunes format can befound over the internet
  5. 5. Users can compare the price, the ripping speed, the stability and the outputquality and so on to choose the most appropriate DVD to iTunes videosoftware Someone may recommend free DVD ripping software, but to myexperience (I have a Windows laptop myself and I have tested), the currentfree DVD ripping software is hard to handle I choose visit here Sothink DVDripper to rip DVD to iTunes 10
  6. 6. 5 for the clearer picture quality and high speed First, install DVD to iTunesapp and load DVD Then the most important step is to select the output videoformat
  7. 7. As we all know, iTunes 10 5 supports the following video formats: MOV, MP4,M4V, MPEG, AVI, 3GPP, 3GPP2 etc You can choose MP4 format (for smoothsynchronization between iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV, MP4 is abest format), and set the desired video and audio quality
  8. 8. However, this DVD to iTunes video software enables you to edit the DVDbefore ripping, such as trimming DVD, cropping DVD, adjusting effect (bright,contrast and saturation) and adding watermark When all settings are done,click "Rip DVD" button Just wait for minutes, the transferred MP4 format willbe done
  9. 9. Then you can easily enjoy the videos on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch via iTunes10 5 You see? It is quite simple to transfer DVD to iTunes format
  10. 10. Though some format limitations, we can still watch commercial DVD moviesvia iTunes with an assistant to copy DVD to iTunes This will really be a gem toenjoy DVD movies for the synchronization between iPad, iPhone, iPod touchand Apple TV
  11. 11. visit here