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Dark Web


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • Slide 1: More than just the tip of the iceberg: Just like the tip of an iceberg, we can just access 0.03% of the web through traditional search engines like Yahoo or Google. And the bottom of the iceberg, which is considered as the Deep Web or Darknet is the other 99.97% (The Darknet: surfing, n.d.). Source:

    Slide 2: Anonymous: A portion of the network, where the IP address of the user cannot be tracked and there are no active server running (Moreno, 2013). Source:

    Slide 3: Black Market: The black market is not limited to traditional setup anymore as it now expands online. At the same time governments will face more problems in trying to keep these sites down as they are having problems in stopping the traditional black markets.

    Slide 4: Silent: Many people do not know that the Deep Web exists as it is not searchable in engines like Google. Also, the host servers do not advertise their websites openly.

    Slide 5: Threat in Security: With more unauthorized access to the Darknet, the harder it is for the government – locally and internationally – to secure the safety of other people.

    Slide 6: More Illegal Products and Services: As the darknet is hardly detected by governments, people will be able to conduct more business through the internet wtihout being caught. This will prompt those people to sell illegal stuffs that they cannot easily exchange in a traditional setup.

    Slide 7: Increase in Crimes: Because the things that people are selling through the Darknet is illegal (ie. unlicensed weapons, banned drugs, etc.), more crimes will arise and there will be diffculty for the government or police to track those people as they cannot easily track their identity in the Internet.

    Slide 8: Rise in Connection to the Darknet: With the technology being more advanced and everything can be learned through online and there will be more people who will be able to connect to the Darknet without being detected by the government.
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Dark Web

  1. 1. The Darknet Tamayo, Justine S. 11047704
  2. 2. More than just the tip of the iceberg
  3. 3. Silent
  4. 4. More Illegal Products and Services
  5. 5. Increase in Crimes