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Tourism Stakeholders: Join Hopineo!


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What is Hopineo? How does it work? How much does it cost? Everything is explained in this presentation.
Together, towards a better tourism.

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Tourism Stakeholders: Join Hopineo!

  1. 1. JOIN Together, towards a better tourism A network to #Develop #Exchange #Grow
  2. 2. AREYOUAPROFESSIONNALINTOURISM? In line with your values. Your page in 3 languages with a direct link to your website. Together, towards a better tourism  Join the network, become a HopHost! A library of concrete examples and good practices that others have already implemented. A guide to help you build your action plan. Get in touch with counterparts around the world. #Visibility #Solutions #Marketing #Competencies Volunteers who deliver to you those resources in exchange for room and food. #Network
  3. 3. An international community that further experience sharing between tourism professionals, thanks to travelers, to build a better tourism, responsible and sustainable. Video presentation: Together, towards a better tourism Figures:  25 ambassadors  130 tourism facilities in 25 countries  Over 300 good practices collected  Over 200 citizens involved  30 000 unique visitors / year (website)  3 500 fans on Facebook  650 followers on Twitter  Several media & institutional partners HOPINEO, WHAT IS IT? Hopineo is an independent, non profit, general interested organization, exclusively animated by a growing team of volunteers. The aim of the community is to promote positive initiatives and their good practices, thanks to collaborative economy, for common good: transform tourism in an opportunity of fair and balanced development, instead of a threat for Humans, territories and environment.
  4. 4. THEHEARTOFTHECONCEPT:INNOVATION,SWAPANDCO-CONSTRUCTION 1. Travelers swap their time and competencies in exchange for room and food. 2. They create resources during their trips. 1. Tourism professionals strengthen their responsible approach. 2. They offer better experience to travelers. 3. They gain visibility.. 1. The good practices are shared in free access on 2. They are distributed among professionals through the travelers during their swaps: the HopTrips! #CollectiveIntelligence #CommunityTravelers #Network (Small & medium facilities) Together, towards a better tourism
  5. 5. How to join the network? 1. By signing in on : 2. By receiving a HopAmbassador for a first swap (HopTrip) OR being recommended by a member of the network or one of our partners. How much does it cost? At first, nothing! Then, it depends on you, it’s open. You can:  Donate money once or twice a week during the fundraisings (invoice on demand).  Donate vouchers for your tourism services (nights, tours, meals) that we will sell on the online shop (2017). Numbers and values of your donation or vouchers are at your discretion.  You can also give nothing, but if you want Hopineo to continue, it doesn’t help ;-). Shared governance This shared governance is not only the strong affirmation of a cooperative system; we firmly believe that it is also the best way to organize collective action and to be connected to the field needs. For more information, visit the website ( or contact us: Together, towards a better tourism ANINNOVATIVECOLLABORATIVEMODEL!
  6. 6. « Hopineo allows us to take the best ideas and to adapt them in our place to produce a better tourism, and mostly that fits the needs of the today’s society. » Gaspard, Cabanes des Grands Lacs (France) « You are initiators, a trigger that opens the doors; or rather the eyes, because the doors are already open but we hadn’t seen them yet. » Christian, Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut (Cottages-France) WHAT DO THE PROFESSIONALS IN THE NETWORK SAY? « Your analysis and relevant comments have encourage us to continue in the direction that we set ourselves, discovering that many of us share the values that you defend.. » Catherine and Jean-Yves, La Borderie de la Marchaizière (France) « The warmth of their kindness, the competence of their advice, and the respect of their propositions, make them pioneers in the sustainable tourism field. » Marie-Rose, Domaine de La Rhonie (France) « Involved in most aspects of our business, her suggestions, from marketing to sustainable practices, have been seriously considered. We hope to receive her again very soon during our developments » André, Trujillo Beach Eco-Resort (Honduras) More video testimonials on: and Together, towards a better tourism « Hopineo is a tourism that participates in the emergence of the localities; to the construction of the work they find on site. » Gora, Agroecological Farm of Kaydara (Agritourism, Senegal)
  7. 7. / @HopineoTrips /company/hopineo JOIN US and test the HOPTRIPS!! [Partners] [Credits illustrations] Casscouic Productions | Liliane Clément Photography | Florie Thielin | Justine & Mahery Antonio-Tamba | Cabanes des Grands Lacs | Villa Roffa | The Noun Project : Nicky Knicky, Lemon Liu, Rebecca Sicilia, Yugu Design, TMD, Parkjisun, Shashank Singh, Ricardo Ruiz, Luis Prado Together, towards a better tourism