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HopTour Africa - Justine and Mahery

Justine and Mahery will start a HopTour in West Africa during few months beginning 2016. Here is the presentation of their project.

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HopTour Africa - Justine and Mahery

  1. 1. [HOPTOUR  –  WEST  AFRICA]   Since January 2016! #UsefulToYou        #UsefulToTheWorld   Together, towards better tourism.!
  2. 2. [HOPTOUR  –  WEST  AFRICA]   This document aims to present our organization and the way we could possibly work together and build a win-win partnership.! 1.  Hopineo   2.  HopTour  in  West  Africa   3.  Proposal   Refer to top pages menu to see where you are in the presentation.! ü  You are an organization committed to responsible tourism and / or eco-tourism?! ü  You are looking forward to promote the sector, or your destination?! ü  You are willing to improve and promote the responsible approach of your tourism facility or territory? !
  3. 3. Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   ü 16 ambassadors! ü 125 tourism facilities in 22 countries ü Over 300 good practices collected! ü Hundreds of citizens interested and involved! ü Several institutional partners! Hopineo is a worldwide community of travelers dedicated to responsible tourism empowerment and promotion.! ü  Our aim : foster field solutions and good practices sharing among tourism professionals.! ü  Our method : travelers collect and spread the good practices thanks to a new participative way of traveling.! ü  Our means : a dedicated internet platform, a huge motivation and countless energy.! Video presentation:! #ForBetterTourism  #Collaborative   #Innovative   Together, towards better tourism.!
  4. 4. [On]   New website online in November 2015! Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   Together, towards better tourism.! Tourism professional have access to good practices, field solutions and experiences to grow a tourism business responsible and efficient.! ! ! ! ! ! #Promotion   Committed travelers can find ! responsible tourism professionals willing to welcome them for a timely support in exchange for room and food. ! ! ! ! ! ! Regular travelers ! can look for ecofriendly spots to live an authentic and powerful experience on week-ends or vacations.! ! ! ! ! ! ! #HumanLink  #FieldExpertise   Everybody can find pedagogic resources, information and services to easily learn about responsible tourism and how to take action.! ! ! ! ! ! #Transmission  
  5. 5. ü  Justine and Mahery : nomad workers dedicated to common good.! ü  Founders of Hopineo in 2014 to bring our part to the construction of a better world, through responsible tourism. ! ü  23 years of combined professional experience:! •  business développement, ! •  hospitality mangement, ! •  management, ! •  marketing, ! •  organization ! •  tourism and sustainable development.! ü  Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish.! More than a way of traveling, a way of life: It’s all about collaborative economy! We barter our time, skills and competencies in exchange for room and food in facilities committed to responsible tourism.! There is no financial counterpart for independant field structures.! This participative way of traveling has a name: the HopTrips ! #Commitment   #Expertise   #Experience   Together, towards better tourism.! Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   [Who  we  are]  
  6. 6. [Facts  &  figures]   Together, towards better tourism.! Examples of videos realized by Hopineo:     ü  Presentation of the network La Cabane en l’Air: ! ü  Presentation of a structure: ! •! • ! ü  Hop’MOOC: tourism and visual impairment (French only): ! • ! ü  Inspiration interviews:! • ! • ! •! Chech our YouTube channel for more: ! ² 30 000 unique visitors (2015).! ²  Facebook: 1 000+ likes, up to 3 000 reach / day.! ²  Twitter: 450+ followers.! ²  Media partners: Voyageons-Autrement, Travindy, Sustainability Leaders, travel bloggers…! All of the above should double or triple in 2016 with the launch of the new website (by the end 2015).! Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal  
  7. 7. Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   ü  5 months ü  3 to 4 countries : Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin.! ü  20 to 40 responsible tourism facilities to visit.! ü  Meeting field actors in order to get useful to them, collect and spread their good practices and solutions, big or small. ! ü  Giving visibility to actors and solutions on, social networks and other relevant platforms, through videos and illustrated articles. ! A  #HumanAdventure      for  #CommonGood.     Together, towards better tourism.! [HopTour  Started  in  January  2016]  
  8. 8. Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   Together, towards better tourism.! #Partnership   #Win-­‐Win   à Join the network : become a HopHost! 1.  Increase your visibility.! 2.  Take advantage of a one time help according to your needs:! ü  Reinforce your responsible approach.! ü  Improve your service, offer and your marketing.! 3.  Get in touch with counterparts worldwide.! #MutualInterest   #TotallyFree  
  9. 9. What  we  can  do  with  you:! ü  Duration of our stay : 3 to 6 days! ü  Give visibility to your accommodation making videos and articles on and social networks.! ü  Collect your organization’s good practices. We may write down a presentation of your commitments and actions for clients and other stakeholders.! ü  Find new concrete solutions matching your needs to empower your business.! ü  Translations from English to French / French to English.! ü  Provide feedback and recommendations as regular travelers! ü  Marketing, organization, commercialization recommendations to help with your development.! #ImproveVisibility  #Help&Support   #FindSolutions   Together, towards a better tourism Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal   à  In exchange for room and food + optional open contribution
  10. 10. t« Hopineo allows us to take the best ideas and adapt them to have a better tourism and most of all to bring to people what hey are looking for in the actual society.. »! Gaspard, Cabanes des Grands Lacs (France)! « You are initiators, an element that will open doors; or maybe open the eyes, because the doors are open but we haven’t seen them yet. » ! Christian, Eco-logis d’Ensarnaut (Rural guest house -France)! [Testimonies]   «  They prove by their experience that everything is possible when it puts the human at the center of everything. With their valuable work setting link, our actions are valued and we are proud also of what is done elsewhere. » ! Fabienne (Holiday cottages –France)! « We were particularly surprised by your great adaptability.! Your analysis and relevant remarks have encouraged us to continue in the direction that we set ourselves, discovering that many of us share the values that you defend.  »! Catherine & Jean-Yves, ! La Borderie de la Marchaizière (Guest house -France)! «  The warmth of their kindness, competence of their board and respect of their proposals make them pioneers in sustainable tourism.  »! Marie-Rose, Domaine de La Rhonie ! (Agro-tourism, France)! « Florie has visited our project and was involved in most aspects of operations. Her suggestions, from Marketing to Sustainability, were highly taken into consideration. We expect to have her back soon as we keep growing! »! André, Trujillo Beach Eco-Resort (Honduras)! Together, towards better tourism.! Hopineo                    HopTour  West  Africa                  Proposal  
  11. 11.! /! @HopineoTrips! /company/hopineo!! Together,  let’s  build  a  better  tourism!   Hopineo is non profit organization, answering in concrete terms to the field needs, thanks to collaborative economy, for common good. [Partners]