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Stained glass windows


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Stained glass windows are beautiful and add something special. Stained glass windows can be made to look like anything you want. Here are some of the best around the world.

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Stained glass windows

  2. 2. D O V E O F T H E H O LY S P I R I TLocated behind the chair of SaintPeter, otherwise known as the firstBishop of Rome. The dove of theholy spirit is encased in a giltbronze frame surrounded byangels and rays of light. The workforms an important part of theCatholic faith and occupies acentral space in St Peters basilica.
  3. 3. ST CUTHBERTS CHURCH This window, situated in a north Yorkshire church illustrates the arrival of the railway into the town and is a comparatively recent addition to the historically rich building.
  4. 4. T R A N S F I G U R AT I O N W I N D O WUnveiled in 2010 thetransfiguration window inDurham Cathedral wascreated to honour formerBishop of Durham, MichaelRamsey. The beautifullyintricate window wasdesigned and made by TomDenny. ©Durham Anglican
  5. 5. BISHOPS EYE WINDOWThe Bishops Eye window can be found in Lincoln Cathedral and was rebuilt in1325 after it was smashed in the English Revolution.
  6. 6. E A S T W I N D OW, W I N C H E L S E A C H U RC HThe east window is the centralfocus in the Winchelsea church inEast Sussex. It is estimated thatthis particular window wascompleted in 1933 and wascommissioned by LordBlanesborough, along with anumber of other windows in thechurch.
  7. 7. B AT T L E O F B R I TA I N This memorial window located in the iconic Westminster Abbey was unveiled in 1947, however the original window was damaged in 1940 when a German bomb blasted into the church during World War II.