Spa Heaven: A woman's best friend


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A hot tub really is a woman's best friend. Learn top tips on how to get the most out of your experience. Relax and unwind, you deserve it!

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Spa Heaven: A woman's best friend

  1. 1. SPA HEAVENThe benefits of the hot tub: A woman’s best friend
  2. 2. RELAX You’ve just got in from work and its been one hell of a day. Take along soak in your hot-tub or spa to relax and unwind. Enjoy a glass ofwine and kick back. A hot tub helps you to relax and sleep better. Thepool pumps ease your tense muscles and washes your cares away. Sogo on, treat yourself.
  3. 3. THERAPY A hot tub or spa enhances your mental and physical well-being inmany ways including improving cardiovascular health, relievingheadaches, arthritis and lowering blood sugar levels. Kick back andenjoy the soothing feel of the jets.
  4. 4. STRESS We all get slammed with stressful situations from time to time.Whether you’ve just spent a frustrating hour on an automated serviceline or had a disagreement with your spouse, the hot tub will welcomeyou with open arms and give you the love you require. Who needs aman? A hot tub or spa brings you into a more relaxed state of mindrelieving tension. Why not mix it up with some complimentary aromatherapy?
  5. 5. LOSE WEIGHT Yes really. I know it sounds ridiculous but its true. Recent studieshave proven that using a hot tub or spa can help you to lose weightand even reduce the appearance of cellulite! Absolutely fantastic! Letthe pool pumps work their magic and start feeling pumped!!!
  6. 6. ROMANCE Have things got a little stale in the bedroom department lately?Maybe the spark is gone and you’re looking to spice things up. A hottub can be the key to healthier and sexier relationship. Addcandles, aromatherapy, food and drinks to set the scene.
  7. 7. PARTY A hot tub is the ideal accessory to any party whether it’s achildren’s birthday or a wild ‘never going to forget that night’occasion. Work hard and play hard. This is your moment… createhistory and memories that will talked about for a long time coming.Party time!
  8. 8. SO GO AHEAD… Enjoy yourself! Jump in and wash all of your cares away. You canpamper yourself, get sensual and sexy, look and feel good and havethe party of a lifetime.