Self Defence For Women


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You need to be able to protect yourself if you're ever attacked unexpectedly. Here are some good self defence moves for women.

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Self Defence For Women

  2. 2. Unfortunately, the threat of attacks against women is very real,with new cases being reported everyday. Attacks can happen atany time, and while we can minimise the risk by making sureour doors are locked and by using common sense, we cannotalways be completely secure from an attack from happening.For that reason, it is important that we learn a few essentialmoves to refer to in the event of an attack. By preparing thesesimple moves you will be able to act quickly, they could evensave your life.
  3. 3. AIM FOR THE EYESThis one is not for the squeamish but if you’re in a violent situation, this move coulddebilitate your attacker immediately. Using your thumb, push the eyeball all the wayinto the skull until it reaches your knuckle and then drag the thumb across to theopposite side of the eye. Even if it does not work, it should shock your attacker enoughto give you some time to run.
  4. 4. SHOUTWhen you’re caught up in the moment, it can be hard to summon your voice. But byshouting at the top of your lungs, not only do you have more chance of someonecoming to your rescue but you may also scare your attacker away.
  5. 5. BODY PARTSThe testicles are a sensitive area andI’m sure we have all watched a manrecoil in pain from copping a football tothe groin.Guys will go to any cost to protect thisarea because they know that if youstrike it, then they will be in excruciatingpain. They will be on guard at all timesto keep it secure. That said, if you getthe opportunity then you should hit orkick him in this region with all of theforce you can conjure.
  6. 6. BE QUICK!Time is of the essence, don’t give your attacker the leisure of plotting his/her nextstep. Catch them by surprise by reacting quickly, try not to overthink what you aredoing and use the adrenaline pumping through your body to push power into yourmoves.
  7. 7. EAR CUPPING Performed correctly, this technique can rupture your attackers eardrums. Cup both of your hands, keeping your fingers tightly together and slap them over your attackers ears. The vacuum that the cupped hands create will, at best rupture the attackers eardrum and at worst, leave them in a state of disorientation.