22042010 CRM Master Toolset Mail Deck


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22042010 CRM Master Toolset Mail Deck

  1. 1. “Business Intelligence Module” Enabled for CRM Master Toolset<br />Your CRM Business Toolset + MemeSpring Intelligence Module =<br />A market differentiating product that continuously aggregates and analyzes  information available across the real-time web, social networks, social media, and subscription-based sources with the initial application being used for intelligence to uncover new customer engagement opportunities. <br />
  2. 2. Custom User Interface – module inside the CRM…<br />BIM Inside the CRM: Custom Feeds, Push or Pull Information Delivery and Premium lead sources. Add search, track, share discover that is filtered to provide you the contextually relevant information needed for actionable engagement.<br />or Web Search Platform<br />The Web Search Platform interface has the custom feeds, push or pull Information delivery capacity. The search, track share, discover is filtered to provide the contextually relevant information needed for actionable engagement while you are not at the CRM but need the information.<br />
  3. 3. Social conversations are noisy, need to be filtered for contextual relevance (not just keyword)for actionable intelligence<br />Twitter Stats<br /><ul><li>105,779,710 registered users
  4. 4. 3 billion API calls a day
  5. 5. 600 million searches per day
  6. 6. 300,000 new users per day
  7. 7. 180 million unique visitors per month
  8. 8. 37 percent of active users use Twitter on their phones
  9. 9. 75 percent of traffic comes from outside Twitter.com</li></ul>What do you hear?<br />
  10. 10. Customizable sources to monitor what is wanted, while filtered with context and relevance<br />Social Media, Blogs and Search Engines<br />Selected Social Media, Blogs, <br />Search Engines and Business Publications<br />
  11. 11. How contextual search it is done<br />
  12. 12. So, how does the technology work for me?<br /><ul><li>Customer engagement has traditionally been dependent on cold calls, emails and personal relationships, without a repeatable process for an entire organization. The MemeSpring Web Intelligence Tool is aimed at making the engagement process-oriented, efficient and effective.
  13. 13. The technology personalizes and filters the research with contextual relevance to identify potential opportunities. The product— which can work in a web browser or inside a customized platform— is a real-time search and filter of information about leads, contacts and corporations collected from a variety of sources including of blogs, social networks, etc. along with the data traditional sources to provide a clear picture of the prospect business’s internal structure and dynamics , social voice and information exposed.
  14. 14. The product— which can work in a web browser or inside a customized platform— can be set for push as well as pull options to feed the engagement team with relevant information on their opportunities across a wide variety of sources.</li></ul>EXAMPLE: "Everyday on my iPhone, I receive a single email or 'gazette' with links to increasingly all the stories I need to see that could generate a discussion at the morning sales meeting.  It saves an awful lot of manual work." - Tristan Rogers, CEO Concrete Media (Aberdeen Research Feb 2010.<br />
  15. 15. Next Steps:<br />I would like to discover with you if there is interest in having a Web Intelligence module/platform that offers customers to have actionable, relevant, contextual search and track abilities within the CRM or Business Tool?<br />Please email me or call me at my contact information so we can have a discovery discussion together at the earliest.<br />Contact Information<br />Justin Smith<br />Mobile: (425) 736- 4590<br />Email: Justin.Smith@MemeSpring.com<br />Twitter: JSatGS<br />