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Rank 1st page of google


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This is The Ultimate Blueprint To Ranking 1st Page Of Google, no fluff or fillers! Strictly Step-By-Step Rank in Two Days.


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Rank 1st page of google

  1. 1. How To Rank First Page of Google! In this Digital Guide, I will teach you everything you need to know in order to rank first in the page of Google and I will not Fluff it up. I only provide straight answers and facts with detailed actions so prepare to RANK #1! So Let Us Begin Then Shall We? 1. Specific Targeted Keyword and Latent Semantic Index Key Words
  2. 2. So This is Step One, You must have already done your Keyword Research to see exactly how many people are searching for it. Make Sure 3,000+ Search Per Month Volume. Select Only “Phrase” In Google Keyword's then go to Google and put Keyword in Quotes to check competition make sure to avoid These Sites on First Page: Wikipedia, Wiki-how, About, IMDB, Most Brand Sites. As it will be much harder to rank for. The Niche Competition Formula: 1. The Page Rank of the top 3 results should be 3 or less. 2. The top 3 competitor sites should have less than 2,000 backlinks each. 3. None of those top 3 competitor site domains should be large authority sites (CNN, BBC, Wikipedia, Wikihow, IMDB, etc). You can use the SEO Quake Toolbar to easily check these. SEO Niche Keyword Research Formula: 1. Global Exact Monthly Search for your target keyword is more than 3,000. (5,000 or more is preferable) 2. EPC (Earnings per click) is more than $1 (if you want to monetize using Adsense)
  3. 3. 3. The Keyword is making people money (by looking at the Adwords Ads). This is just a quick check that I do. Go to Google, type in the keyword that you're thinking of using. If you see a bunch of Adwords ads in the search results, then it means PPC marketers are aggressively advertising for that target keyword. And most likely, its making them money if they’re willing to continually spend money on it. Now We Must Make Sure we have proper Plugins in Our Wordpress Website! 1. SEO Pack All In One 2. Google XML SiteMaps 3. Google Analytics On the Page you want to Rank Make Sure to have Your LSI Keyword's 10 Times Spread out in Front Page along with your Specific Targeted Keyword. Example: Target KW = “Amazon Kindle 3G” and LSI are “Amazon Kindle 3G Review/ Amazon Kindle 3G Manual” Make Sure to Bold Keywords Once in Every Post and mention it in first couple sentences and a few more times later in page. Keep a 2-5 LSI per post. Make Sure to Have Your Main Targeted Keyword in the Websites Title, Post Title, First Paragraph, and Meta Description! SET UPALL IN ONE SEO PACK!
  4. 4. Home Title: Needs to have your Main KW and Your LSI Keyword Home Description: Needs to have your Main KW and Your LSI Keyword Home Keywords: Needs to have all different variations of your Main Keyword + LSI KW CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE ALMOST DONE :) Here is the last and final thing that generates an enormous amount of
  5. 5. traffic for free and MOST people will ignore it, are you ready?? IMAGE SEO! Google often includes image search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). Users that click on an image will often end up on the webpage the image is found on. Traffic from image search usually has lower engagement than Web search traffic, but keep in mind that: • Image SEO is ignored by many websites, resulting in lower competition. • Image search visitors can be very relevant in some niches, such as recipes or travel. This is by far the most powerful form of SEO that simply cannot be ignored! All you do is Edit the Image and Insert your Main KW and LSI Keywords! Anchor Text: In the Content of the website you should have an Anchor Text
  6. 6. with your Main KW or LSI Keywords linking back to another page on your website! Do Not Use all this “Click Here, Visit, More Info” It is old and really redundant...Try to be UNIQUE, Google Loves Original Content. Think about it. Wow Look at You, and you thought this Guide was going to be Long, Boring, Full of Fluff. Well Let me let you in on a little Secret. This is the Easiest way to rank first page in Google, also a TIP is Make Sure you Build this website with a relevant DOMAIN name for the Target Keyword and Build it before anyone else Does ;) There is NO new secret to ranking first page of Google, this is the way to do it and anyone that tells you other information is Recycling and adding fluff. I guarantee you, you will rank first page. Also a Great Way to Rank First Page is if you have VIDEOS on your website or Youtube, you can use that to your advantage and to rank first page of Youtube and have it show up on Google is the exact same process. Here it is as a hidden Extra: Ranking First Page of YouTube! First Set up the Title: “Main Targetted Keyword” Second Set Up the Description: First Paragraph “Main KW + LSI KW” Middle Paragrah “Main KW + LSI KW” Conclusion “Main KW + LSI KW” and at the very bottom of do different Variations Example if you rank for “Weight Loss” do “Weight Loss, Weight Loss Review, WeightLoss, WeightLoss Review, Weight Loss Secret” ETC ETC ETC!!!
  7. 7. That is how easy it really is. Wellah Now you are an SEO Expert. Follow Me @ Skype: Seovault or visit my Website: Thanks Everyone! Justin Bucci Want to know the EXACT steps needed to make money using the internet? Then visit: