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  • Welcome to our breakout from the South Central Divide Blended Learning Project.   So today we have 5 of the teachers part of this project which is made up of schools from WestNet and CantaNet. This makes up 30 schools from Hari Hari to Karamea on the West Coast and Oamaru to Cheviot on the East Coast. As you can see from the Map we have to use a Blended Learning tool like Google Presentation to do this as we are spread through out this area. I'm Justin Thompson from Waimate High School, Mary Chisnall is from Oxford Area School, Louise Davy from Amuri Area School, Matt Maude from Darfield High School, and Linda Hutt from Westland College.   During this presentation we have a Prezi running for you to add your thoughts and comments to about each section we discuss. To access this go to ... and click on any area that fits in and go for it. MM to give instructions of use of prezi. Others to go round and offer assistance. Prezi's are just one tool this project has shown us and is an excellent mind mapping program. Invite delegates to edit Prezi by providing them with a short link to edit it. ( will last for 10 days from 29/09/11 - need to make new one for Ulearn)  
  • This is a philosophy I follow and use when trying to teach using this Blended Learning Approach.   Blended Learning is ... What do we want to say here as a GROUP! How about "as teacher in the 21st C, with 21st C learners, we need a 21st C toolkit. Each teacher in the BLP came with some tools and skills of their own, but the great thing has been sharing these tools with each other" MM Blended learning is when we blend face to face    
  • Temp Ulearn is the Student name.  IlearnUlearn Student Experience - can play
  • 2009 study grant on eportfolios mahara
  • – historical, tourism, conservation, characteristics, etc.
  • I was an experienced user of many ICTs in the classroom. Using interactive whiteboards, powerpoint and a YouTube Channelto present info.   Getting students to use excel, powerpoint For 2 years I had been developing Moodle courses and getting students to interact with them by using wallwisher , wordle .   I had been experimenting with another teacher how to get students to carryout self directed learning using moodle in the classroom and that had been my PD focus in 2008.   I therefore felt pretty ready for the idea of Blended Learning Project, although I - like everyone else wasn't quite sure what I had signed my self up for...
  • On our first day of the the Southern Central Divide Blended Learning Project we were introduced to Mahara ePortfolios . We use an instance of Mahara within Educo, but Mahara is the same software that is used in MyPortfolio .   I struggled with it for a year, using it only when directed. However by the end of 2010 I began to see its potential   I began 2011 with two projects   1. as a way that teacher could record their professional development 2. students could showcase and reflect on their learning.  
  • 1. Teacher PD I began with a group of 3 other  DHS teachers interested in using ePortfolios with students.  We have  a group page, share our own PD "pages" with the group and the PD leader. As I talked with the BLP about this 8 other BLPers asked to joined. Some remotely, and some as a result of some face to face time at DHS showing them what my Yr9s had been doing. This ePortfolio group has enabled sharing of professional reading - including Mary's Action Research on ePortfolios   peer support using the discussion forum running record of PD - to show as evidence to SMT via the weekly agenda forum members to view each others' PD pages This has been a difficult group to sustain, especially with those not at DHS. It has required more time than I have been able to give to it to provide a program of PD to other teachers. But the ability is there.
  • 1. 9MM ePortfolios From the begining of 2011 I sacrificed 1 of four science lessons per week to allowing the creation and update of student ePortfolios.   1. I started by asking students to write blog posts reflecting on their learning each week. limited success as students found it very difficult to know what to write. Although they did become better at it and their reflections became more detailed. I tried to encourage them to add digital content from other subjects into their best work, and then comment on it in their journal. 2. I then began to ask the students to photograph their own experiemnts in science to begin to create their own digital content. Students made voicethreads. 3. Or powerpoints 4. Or videos Some students have shared their pages with the group and have also agreed that you are able to view them today. Please feel free to log into educo, VLN and view the pages available to you in the 9MM group page.
  • My plans for next year (and beyond) I have recorded in my Journal.   I plan to ask SMT to help extend ePortfolios to a whole year group in 2013 and continue through the school if it becomes an effective reflective and showcasing tool.
  • I see from Insertt Video, they only want you to insert from YouTube. Is this video able to be put onto YouTube to have it embedable? Or another thought is that we export the Presentation as a Powerpoint presentation and actually run the presentation from  Powerpoint. (A safer option!) definitely need to do this as backup anyway. MM I can access this here if necessary but can embed, and have downloaded a draft of the presentation due to the slide transitions that Mary and Louise and Linda want like last time. I did this while they spoke JT
  • We have two computer labs, a pod of net books - primarily used by myself. We are part of the TELA scheme and all classrooms have a data projector. I have an Inactive Whiteboard in my room. I used Carmen San Deigo games, and other basic CD's to help make a starter or finisher to a lesson as a treat. All the web was used for was a research by the classes and me and all they produced were fact files or power points and often it was copied and paste stuff.
  • Now however we are moving towards this Blended Learning approach and I am having success which is translating to classes results and engagement in class. Now I give the class a starter like create a Case study presentation and they can produce some great work, they are able to access it at home and use it as a study tool more effectively as it is their work and with help and support from me can come up with some stunning work. Educo has been a great tool for my students to use for gaining information, processing tasks and catching up on missed work. But this year I have improved my skills to allow YouTube Clips and Hot Potato games to be added. It has allowed students again to access me outside of school in a safe way, they can teach each other through the forums and final I have results improved through further development of Geographic skills out side the classroom. I also now use online activities like Sporcle as a more interactive starter to a lesson at the end of the week and this can compliment more what the students are learning about. Also it allows more student invovlement as they can sit in my chair and type too.
  • I want to improve my own skills and especially improve my Educo and GoogleApps work to give the students more ownership of the content and work done through my Social Studies and Geography programmes. My main goal is to make these student driven I have had some recent success with my Year 13s contributing directly to their page on Educo and being in control of what notes, activities, and clips are on the site. Finally it would be nice to involve more staff in this style of teaching and I am working with Trevor Storr and Janette Packman my Principal to deliver my ideas and thoughts to interested staff and show them this Blended way of teaching using IT in conjunction with face to face teaching to get more engaged learners and therefore better results.
  • Southern central divide_blended_learning_projeversion 4

    1. 1. Southern Divide BLP –The way to collaborateand educate together.  The Blended Learning Approach! Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
    2. 2. The Southern Central Divide ClusterMOE ICTPD contract 2010 - 201230 secondary and area schoolsOver 11,000 learnersProvide PD to one teacherfrom each Linda Hutt Louise Davy Mary Chisnall Matt Maude Justin Thompson Link to live google map
    3. 3. Southern Central DivideBlended Learning Project
    4. 4. If you wish to join us today on Educo Moodle or VLNePortfolio you can join us by going to: user: ilearn password: ulearn
    5. 5. Mary, Oxford Area. The beginning of my Journey(computer lab, wireless laptops, data projector)Year 6 Students:Stage 1Own e-portfolios - saving work and writing a reflectiveblog.Stage 2 Moodle Reading Unit - Rainbow Warrior.•Allowed independence in class and at home.Stage 3•Lead into a blended unit involving virtual field trips –Learnz
    6. 6. Student/Teacher AchievementsLearnz field trip of Wandering WhalesActivities from Learnz as well as new learningopportunities through schools inquiry focus.• Email link/Skype link•Developed many choices of sub areas to follow historical,tourism, conservation, characteristics, etc. which werecarefully structured for a range of cohorts and higherthinking• Buzz of positive enthusiasm - presenting data throughposters, power point and movies to audienceMary OAS
    7. 7. Reflection and Where to now•Lot of time preplanning and setting up the unitinitially•Always available for support in class•Student ownership and new skills learntGoals for future:• Using e-portfolios for student led conferences.• Support other Y6 teacher to do the same• Involve students in moddle units• Inter-school collaboration
    8. 8. Where we were• Children had very few computer skills. Could access Facebook but with a few exceptions, used the computer for little else• Data projectors in most rooms• Incorporated "research skills" into social studies• Used the computer lab once a week• Had a COW but had difficulty getting it to connect to the internet Louise
    9. 9. Where we are at now• Initially, taught chn to use E mail and basic Powerpoint skills by using epals as a starter -• Moved onto a webquest involving groups who had to research certain types of contemporary slavery:• Feedom Webquest• This involved me using a template created by Justin in order to create my own webquest.• Children made their own google document that showed what they had learnt both in terms of slavery and in terms of their progress in ICT• Student Work
    10. 10. So... doing something this big showed me gaps in thechildrens learning. So this year I have made it smaller...We have been using other tools to present learning•••• Comic life• Movie maker
    11. 11. Where we are heading!• I have been sharing some of my learning with the staff in my school and the local Year 7/8 cluster.• Continue to teach my children the basic skills and improve on those in year 8 who have more developed skills.• I would like to see a school wide Computer Literacy Program in place.• Take advantage of high speed broadband
    12. 12. 2009. Where I was...Experienced and confident user of ICT as an educational tool.Using Moodle courses with a range of classes.Collaborating with a shared moodle course.Experimenting with self directed study.No knowlege of• ePortfolios• Google docs
    13. 13. 2011. Where I am...Introduced to Mahara ePortfolio forreflection as part of SCDBLP course. • Took 1 year to see its potential.• Use for Teacher Professional development• Use for Student Showcase and reflection
    14. 14. Matt 2011. Teacher PD
    15. 15. 2011. Student ePortfolios powerpoint of experiment blog including screen captures video of class dance (PE) Magnesium reaction voicethread
    16. 16. 2012. Where Im going...
    17. 17. A dramatic use of technology• I looked at using social media in a drama context• Students made avatars on Facebook and then shared these with the senior class• Developed deeper insight into character, enhanced student motivation
    18. 18. What we achieved …Excerpt from "Happily Ever After"
    19. 19. Where to now?• This year I am working to extend the use of ICT in classrooms in the school.• Staff using and sharing a wider range of software• More variety of hardware in class and better use of it
    20. 20. Where I started!• We are a well resourced school for 380 students.• I have a very good self taught IT Background and try to use this in my room.• I started with Carmen Games, Power Points.• Web as a research tool only.
    21. 21. Where I am at now!• GoogleApps is used in most of my Senior classes for good collaboration.• I use Educo as an aid to my face to face teaching.• I now use Multi-media in my courses, add quizes, assessments and student driven content.• I also now use Sporcle as a tool to compliment the treats like Carmen games.
    22. 22. Where I am heading!• Improve my skills further to make courses for all my Senior courses and Junior topics.• Make the courses more student driven giving them the access and making it student friendly• Im aiming to provide lessons to staff to allow them to teach in this blended way
    23. 23. What we want to achieve! Lets take a look at our Prezi ...