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Content Creation for Teens


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As libraries continue to be squeezed out of the ebook lending picture and more patrons seek out information without library assistance, what is a viable path for libraries in the future? With more tools widely available for patrons to use to create their own content, libraries have a chance to transform from institutions that are only about borrowing to institutions about experiences.

Instead of just merely collecting “stuff” and lending it out to patrons, more libraries are encouraging their patrons to “make something” at the library. Whether it be the hackerspace at the Fayetteville Free Library, the YOUMedia lab at the Chicago Public Library, or smaller programs at other libraries throughout the country, libraries are offering more programs to encourage their patrons to be prosumers instead of just simply consumers.

In this webinar, Justin Hoenke (Teen Librarian, Portland (Maine) Public Library) will discuss the current trend of content creation at libraries. He will also share details about how to start up your own content creation programs and discuss his own content creation programs such as Make Music At The Library and Game On! Envisioning Your Own Video Game. Justin blogs at

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Content Creation for Teens

  1. 1. Content Creation for Teens Justin Hoenke Teen Librarian @justinlibrarian
  3. 3. WHY?Libraries shouldnt be just about consumption WE SHOULD HELP OUR LIBRARY MEMBERS CREATE
  4. 4. The Skokie Digital Media Lab contains four new Apple desktop computers loaded with software that will enable users to creatively express themselves through digital videos, music, photography, websites, graphic design, podcasts, presentations and other forms of digital media. The room also features two scanners, an electronic keyboard, and a green screen wall. Digital cameras, Flip video camcorders, portable hard drives, and tripods are also available for overnight checkout.From:
  5. 5. here, read about it more!
  6. 6. THE ECONOMY During the Clinton presidency democratic strategist James Carville, was fond of saying, "Its the economy, stupid." Much the same could be said today. The stimulus and all the federal policies in the world will not help if all we do is prop up the old economy. It is rather the new economy, the creative economy begging for attentionSOURCES:
  7. 7. LOCAL COLLECTIONS! All images are from:
  8. 8. GAME ON!
  11. 11. To read more about making games
  12. 12. To read more about making music
  13. 13. To read more about making art
  14. 14. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?Invest in creative spacesInvest in toolsInvest in creative employeesLet them run wild
  15. 15. LETS BE FRIENDS... @justinlibrarian