Off the cuff marketing


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Off the cuff marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Director Work Graphic Designs by: Chris Bodily ( Lindsay Kolbenschlag (
  2. 2. Merchandising/ Branding This 20” x 28” lobby board display, designed by Lindsay Kolbenschlag, allows us to display our rotating merchandise and lets the patrons see who will be acting that evening.
  3. 3. Merchandising/Branding Working with the Chris Bodily we decided to create a unique set of buttons for all of our staff and actors. Buttons were sold on business cards that directed people to our website and social media pages. Buttons were limited edition and changed for either holidays or if a certain staff member had sold a specific limit. Part-time actors’ buttons were featured and only sold the night of their performances.
  4. 4. Merchandising/Branding Designed by: Chris Bodily
  5. 5. Merchandising/Branding Designed by: Chris Bodily
  6. 6. Posters/Printed Materials Each month the organization had a printed materials budget of approximately $100 to be allowed for mailings, posters, and general marketing materials. As Marketing Director, I worked to formalize the publication order process. Graphic design work is done in house by Chris Bodily and Lindsay Kolbenschlag. Designed by: Chris Bodily
  7. 7. Posters/Printed Materials Designed by: Chris Bodily Part of my role as Marketing Director included season development in coordination with the Artistic Director. Each month was given a specific theme and our marketing efforts were in conjunction with the given themes.
  8. 8. Posters/Printed Materials Designed by: Chris Bodily
  9. 9. Posters/Printed Materials Designed by: Chris Bodily Designed by: Lindsay Kolbenschlag
  10. 10. Posters/Printed Materials The following is a unique development appeal that was designed to be a fold up self mailer. It features reviews to build brand value proposition, our mission, programming, future programming, and a development letter. Designed by: Lindsay Kolbenschlag
  11. 11. Social Media/Website Designed by: Lindsay Kolbenschlag As Marketing Director I worked with our website designer to feature upcoming events, highlight monthly happenings, and learn how to become more involved in our programming.
  12. 12. Social Media/Website We have used our facebook to highlight upcoming performance, create online discussion forums, and overall engage in conversation with our audience base. Using Facebook we have grown our fan base by 2,000 fans within a couple of months. Our Facebook has helped to increase ticket sales by over 100% within the past year.
  13. 13. Social Media/Website We have used our twitter page to keep track of memorable quotes and characters from performances. Utilizing hash tags, we have helped to become a part of an online communication about Improv.
  14. 14. Social Media/Website Using YouTube we have created a channel that offers videos featuring a backstage look at Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation from our Managing Director.
  15. 15. Please Feel Free to Comment Below