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Moliere Project Summary Poster (July 2018)


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Presented at the Google Ph.D Intern Research Conference (PIRC 2018).
This poster focuses on the work originally presented in "Moliere, Automatic Biomedical Hypothesis Generation System" including recent in-submission results since.

Published in: Science
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Moliere Project Summary Poster (July 2018)

  1. 1. 1 1 1 2 2 2 a c c 1 2 Automatic Biomedical Hypothesis Generation Ilya SafroMichael Shtutman HTR[12]A & Venlafaxine Justin Sybrandt Hypothesis Generation Large-Scale Validation - Understand all available research - Identify missed implicit connections - Provide early information to decision makers Fish Oil Raynaud's Syndrome Blood Viscosity - Evaluate thousands of potential hypotheses Generating Hypotheses Automatically Legend: Query Term Path Node Nearby Abstract a c Problem - Construct network with NLM sources - Describe potential connections through shortest-paths - Generate topic model from cloud and apply metrics Abstracts Key n-grams Codified Terms Predicates Embedding Nearest-Neighbors TF-IDF Semantic Medical Database Unified Medical Language System ? - Rediscover exsiting HRT1A connection - Detect lack of HTR2A connection - Uses pre-2010 data HTR1A HTR2A Venlafaxine Depression Anxiety - Initial validation example See more here Ranking Hypotheses - Quantify connections through heuristics - Derived via embeddings & topic network - Example Metrics: Published Connection High Connectivity Noise Connection Low Connectivity Nucleic Acid Bacterium Eukaryote Cell - Distance between terms - Distance to topic centroids - Correlation w.r.t. topic model - Betweenness of topic network - Topic network clustering coef. - Polynomial combination - Evaluate system without expert input - Holdout experiment with historical data A K P C A A A A K K K C KC CP P C Topic from a - ci Keyword i Discovering New Treatments - 25-33% of HIV+ patients develop HIV-Associated Dementia - Apply MOLIERE to identify treatment options - Rank all human genes & create candidate set - Discover treatment option via lab experiments Gene Gene Gene Dementia 40,000 Human Genes HIV - Rank via above metrics ranking lab experiments Pfizer Ends Hunt for Drugs to Treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s About 300 layoffs to take place after once-promising compounds failed during testing WSJ - Medical research needs early investment - 2-4k bio papers published daily - Missed connections lead to missed treatment options, costing lives