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Google glasses

  1. 1. Google Glasses ~ Seeing the World in a New Way
  2. 2. Google/Android DesignExpected Debut – End of 2012Will utilize existing 3G & 4G networksExpected Price - $250 to $600Augmented Reality in theBlink of an Eye
  3. 3.  Utilizes augmented reality to project images & information in front of your eye Similar products that use augmented reality to enhance user experience – Television and Smart Phones Sportsvision has been a big proponent of augmented reality in sports telecasting Smart Phones have started utilizing it as a tool for consumers and businesses alikeAugmented Reality in theBlink of an Eye
  4. 4. Examples of augmented reality as an advertising tool in sports/televisionAugmented Reality in theBlink of an Eye
  5. 5. Examples of augmented reality in sports/television that enhance “viewability”Augmented Reality in theBlink of an Eye
  6. 6. Example of how smart phones use augmented reality to enhance consumers and businessesAugmented Reality in theBlink of an Eye
  7. 7. Sports Change the way spectators view events by giving them the information they get at home while at the game Player stats Real time in game information Advertisers take advantage Individuals and amateurs Golf both amateur and Professional eventsPotential Business Opportunities forGoogle Glasses
  8. 8. Tourism Restaurants and bars Could include user reviews Hotel Search Could locate hotels then show you room availability and amenities Site seeing/NavigationPotential Business Opportunities forGoogle Glasses
  9. 9. Shopping Utilize it with current deal finding apps such as Groupon Car lotsSocial Media Wallit Post comments at events and other placesPotential Business Opportunities forGoogle Glasses
  10. 10. Find People Jerry Sandusky See people’s profiles using facial recognition** CHILD MOLESTER ALLEGEDLYPotential Business Opportunities forGoogle Glasses
  11. 11.  The Future of Google Glasses They are going to take off Style may be an issue Operation may have a learning curve Going to change the way businesses market to consumers and consumers find businesses May help reduce advertising “noise” in high traffic areas Going to change the way we intermingle as a society Social media on a new level Going to change the way we look at the world around us Information is readily availableThe FutureIs in your face