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Nyakoi School Water Pump and Solar Project


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Nyakoi School Water Pump and Solar Project

  1. 1. Our Latest ProjectNyakoi Upper Basic and Senior Secondary SchoolMadina Koto Village, Wuli West Division, The Gambia• Water Pump Replacement Project BackgroundThe Nyakoi Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School is located in Madina Koto Village,Wuli West District of The Gambias Upper River Region. The schools population consists of449 students which includes 258 boys and 191 girls. There are also 14 teachers and 5 ancillarystaff for a total campus community of 468 individuals. Since 2010 there has been no runningwater at the school. The purpose of this project is to make repairs to an existing, non-functional solar-powered water pumping system at the school.A school with 468 staff and students requires a substantial amount of water in order to satisfydrinking water, sanitation, and the per student requirements of the school kitchen.Additionally, as a result of the lack of an on-campus water supply, the school garden andbanana orchard had to be discontinued due to the gardens high water demand.
  2. 2. The School’s PhilosophyThe flow of water will free up the administration, caretakers, and teachers so they can focus on the schoolsvision and mission.
  3. 3. Outdated Panels, Inoperable PumpThe project will replace the existing inoperative LawrencePS200 water pump with a new pump. The project will alsoadd six new solar panels for increased solar collectioncapacity, resulting in increased pumping capability.
  4. 4. Dried up and Dirty FacilitiesThis project will accomplish the following: The defective pump will be removed fromthe bore hole, a new pump, 6 new solar panels, a circuit breaker and new wiring will beinstalled. As a result, the school will have sufficient water to meet its daily needs, andto supply water to bathrooms, and sinks. There will also be enough water for the fruittrees to be replanted in the school garden.
  5. 5. The Current Remedy for the WaterProblemWater for the school has to be carried by the caretakers on bikes up to 20 times per day using largecontainers filled from taps located 200 meters (Madina Village) and 325 meters (Taibatu Village) from theschool. Everyone in the school who needs water comes and collects it from the containers.
  6. 6. • The equipment will restore water which is a basic need of any educational center of this size.• Water will pump to all faucets, bathrooms, drinking fountains, classrooms, and administrativebuildings.• The fruit trees in the garden will be replanted and enjoyed by all.• Students will not have to interrupt class to get water.• Hand washing and good hygiene will increase with flowing water.• The use of a renewable resource is a great learning opportunity for the students• This project will impact the local community by eliminating the daily need to transport water to theschool from an outside source.What are the Benefits of this Project?
  7. 7. Putting the Plan Into ActionCommunity InvolvementThe school administration is driving the project. The school staff have madearrangements with the contractor for completing the work within one week and they haveobtained cost estimates for the labor, parts, and materials needed to complete the project.ImplementationCompletion of the project will be accomplished in the following stages: First, thedefective pump will be removed from the bore hole and the new pump will be installed withnew electrical cable. Second, the inverter circuit breaker will be removed and replaced witha new one. Third, six new solar panels will be installed and wired into the existing circuitry.Fourth, new electrical cable will be run to the water tanks water flow cut-off mechanism tostop the pump when the desired tank capacity is reached.SustainabilityDesignated school personnel will be trained on basic system theory, function of majorcomponents and operation of the system. These individuals will also learn the basicmaintenance requirements for daily upkeep, ensuring sustained operation based on themanufacturers recommendations. The Principal plans to establish a maintenance fund toplan for any future costs associated with the pump and panels.
  8. 8. Equipment Information
  9. 9. Project CostsThe school has promised to contribute 20,000 dalasi and the regional education office has promised 25,000 dalasi. The community is working on theircontribution as well. Right now approximately 163,000 dalasi is needed to carry out this project that converts to about $4527 or 3480€.
  10. 10. Contact Information in The GambiaUS Peace Corps Community VolunteerLacy SzuwalskiEmail: lacyszuwalski@gmail.comTel: 220 794 7054School AddressNyakoi Upper Basic and Senior Secondary SchoolMadina Koto VillageWuli West DistrictUpper River RegionThe Gambia, West AfricaNyakoi Senior Secondary SchoolPump Replacement ProjectIndividuals Involved in the ProjectContactNumberHeadmaster 6712721Ansu Kinteh 7712724School Member in Charge of the ProjectAnsumana Camara (Chairman) 9234077Mechanic / ElectricanEssa Fatty 6653136
  11. 11. How to Get InvolvedPlease send questions to our international project coordinator, Justin Spees via email: justinspees@yahoo.comtelephone: +34 693545004To make a charitable donations to our charity in the United States, which is supporting this project, please make checkspayable to Incline Skateboard Park Foundation. This is a charity founded July 11, 1997 and it is a US 501 (c) 3 thatsupports various community facilities around the world. The charity’s US tax identification number is EIN 86-0882426,and this is a public charity. Please make a reference to Nyakoi School Water Pump Replacement Project when donating.An invoice and photo book from the project will be sent to your return address or email as soon as possible.Send Donations to:Incline Skateboard Park FoundationP.O. Box 3464Incline Village, NV 89451