The Top MLM Companies - Why Joining The Right One Matters


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The Top MLM Companies - Why Joining The Right One Matters

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/jayso /blo g/to p-mlm-co mpanies/The Top MLM Companies – And Why Joining the RightCompany mattersHave you been hearing all the buzz lately about working f rom home, or network marketing? Want to Knowmore about the top mlm companies and if this is f or you? Read Below:The Top MLM Companies – About MLMNetwork marketing, or MLM, is a f orm of marketing in which people are “hired” to sell a product, opportunity,or service. T he term Multi-Level-Marketing comes f rom the idea that you will make commissions based onmultiple levels of associates in a particular down line. MLMcompanies usually use a pyramid or matrix type ofcompensation plan. T he basic idea is that you recruitpeople into the business, thus placing them in your downline, and then they f ollow suit, which also adds thosepeople into your down line. Some of the top mlmcompanies allow you to have multiple levels in yourbusiness to earn money f rom people that you didn’t recruityourself . Now that you have the basic idea of MLM we willdiscuss the top mlm companies in the business.The Top MLM Companies According t o MLMRankings5. Scentsy: Founded in 2003, Scentsy is a party plan company headquartered in Meridian, Idaho offering a variety of home and personal fragrance products, including a popular line of scented wickless candles and decorative ceramic warmers. Scentsy Independent Consultants sell Scentsy products through home parties, fairs and shows, and online.4. T hirty-One: Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 by a wife and mom who felt there was a market for other women like herself who didn’t have time to visit gift shops and boutiques. The company’s mission statement is to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners.3. Mary Kay Cosmetics: In 1963, Mary Kay Ash left a successful career in direct sales to create Beauty by Mary Kay, the first company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. Today, with more than 2 million Independent Beauty Consultants in 30 countries throughout the world, Mary Kay Inc. carries on
  2. 2. Independent Beauty Consultants in 30 countries throughout the world, Mary Kay Inc. carries on the legacy of Mary Kay Ash by giving women the opportunity to achieve their potential in a company with global sales of $2.5 billion.2. Pampered Chef : The Pampered Chef, founded in 1980, is a direct seller of high quality kitchen tools. At in-home Cooking Shows, The Pampered Chef’s Independent Consultants help guests try products, prepare and sample recipes, and learn quick and easy food preparation techniques and entertaining tips.1. Avon: Avon is one of the worlds largest direct sellers with more than $11 billion in annual revenue and over 6 million representatives in over 100 countries. Avon products include beauty, fashion and home products and feature their brand names Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques, Avon Naturals and mark.T hese are some of the top mlm companies of all time, with Avon earning more than $11 billion in revenue.According to however, which ranks a company based on online traf f ic today, the top mlmcompanies look a little dif f erent.As you can see on this list of the top mlm companies, Empower Network is ranked as the 479th mostpopular website in the world, 246th in the United States,and has rapid growth. When deciding whether Networkmarketing is f or you, or which of the top mlm companiesyou want to join, being a part of a system that has a high
  3. 3. reputation and ranks highly is very important. Even moreimportant to your success is joining in with a Goodsponsor and a good team to help guide you in yourbusiness. If network marketing and joining one of the topmlm companies is inf act of interest to you, then i invite youto learn more here. It can be very simple f or you:1. Click T he Button Below2. Enter Your Email3. Watch T he VideoAbout The Aut hor: Just in SosaI am a recent Stony Brook University Graduate. Im an Entrepreneur & Internet Marketerlooking to f ind success and f inancial Freedom. I currently live in New York City. I specialize inunderstanding Blog Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Syndication, Online leadgeneration, and more. CLICK HERE To Join My Team and learn how you can start making anincome on the internet.