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Residual income: Passive Income That Will Set You Financially Free


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Detailed Article About Residual Income

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Residual income: Passive Income That Will Set You Financially Free

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/jayso /blo g/residual-inco me/?id=jaysoResidual Income: Passive Income To Set You Financially FreeResidual Income is the goal and f ocus of working f rom home. T his is what creates stability and f inancialf reedom in your lif e. Read Below f or a More In-depth look at residual income:How would your lif e and the lif e of your f amily be dif f erent if you were able to receive an extra $6000 inresidual income every month?Income that you make every month is also passive income. You do not have to trade any extra time to earnit.T he work and time has already been put in (past tense) and you are now enjoying all of the benef its(present tense). You have secured both time and f inancial f reedom.To many people, earning a signif icant residual income may seem like an unattainable proposition The reality is there are tens of thousands of people who took advantage of a residual income opportunity, worked hard for a brief period of time… and are now living a lifestyle most people only dream of.You can too! It just takes a little bit of ef f ort on your part. Lets discuss some options to attaining arespectable residual income:What is Residual Income? …residual income is any income generated through indirect involvement with something. This is more properly called passive income. Rental income, royalties, website revenues and portfolio dividends are all means of generating this kind of income.T here are dif f erent angles, styles, and even completelydif f erent residual income opportunities, but the one thing theyALL have in common is the f act they worked once to build thebusiness… and now they earn a nice, steady incomeindependent of any f urther time and ef f ort.Truth is,T here is probably less than a one-in-a-million chance f or mostof us to create the next iPod, write a best-selling novel, write ahit song or invent the next technological blockbuster.How about f inancial amenities such as investments? Stocks,bonds, real estate? NEW YORK (CNN Money) — The average American family’s net worth dropped almost 40%
  2. 2. between 2007 and 2010, according to a triennial study released Monday by the Federal Reserve. The stunning drop in median net worth — from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010 — indicates that the recession wiped away 18 years of savings and investment by families.T his is the sad reality we f ace. Most people are struggling just to get by, living check to check, so saving f orinvestment is not a serious possibility. Just keeping a steady job has become short of a stretch in thiseconomy.Despite our current economic hardships, the dream to do better, be better, and have more is very muchattainable.T he proof is in the pudding, Internet marketing has allowed thousands of people to achieve more f orthemselves.Building a Residual Income BusinessOver the last couple of years, entrepreneurs have built six-f igure, even seven-f igure incomes online, muchof that a residual income.Marketers sell their own products, sell other people’s product to earn a commission, or join teams of otheraspiring entrepreneurs.Regardless of the approach, they use a 3 step passive income model that works. Here is a simple f ormulathat has worked f or many people online: Pick a target market Discover what this target market wants Create content to show them how and where to get what they want Promote the content so it can be easily f ound Rinse and repeatT his is the f ormula that allows people to successf ully build multiple streams of residual income online whileenjoying time with their f amily f rom the comf ort of their homes. It’s a process. A step-by-step provensuccess system.Three Great Residual IncomeOpportunitiesAffiliate Marketing – What is af f iliatemarketing? Perhaps the simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. …in most cases this involves you as a publisher earning a commission when someone follows a link on your blog to another site where they then buy
  3. 3. something.In other words, you get paid a percentage, or commission, when you sell other people’s products.T his is usually done by getting your own web site or blog (like this one) and you learn how to promotevarious products and services.Many “shopping sites” are run by af f iliate marketers. Websites where a reviewer takes the time to provideinf ormation about a certain product or products typically puts the product in which they earn the mostcommissions f rom in the most f avor, to get more sales.Af f iliate marketing is a great way to get started in building a residual income because the cost of entry istypically low. You need a computer, a website or blog, and a f ew marketing tools. T hat’s it.Network Marketing – MLM marketing is “af f iliate marketing on growth hormones,” not only do you earn acommission when you personally sell a product or service, you also earn a tiny commission on all theproducts and services sold by the entire team you have put together.Imagine getting paid a commission on the sales produced by a team of over 10,000 active distributors. T hatwill really change some lives!Network marketing is a wonderf ul model but it can of ten take a lot longer to establish a signif icant residualincome than most are willing to wait, which is typically around 3-5 years.Internet Marketing – is a method of marketing a business. In this context what we call “internet marketing”is when you are selling your own product or service online and maybe even set up your own af f iliateprogram.T his is where most of the multiple six-f igure even 7-f igure income earners dwell. It is the dif f erence betweenearning a tiny commission and earning 100% commissions.Best Residual Income Opport unit yIf you are serious about wanting to create a signif icant residual income working f rom the comf ort of yourhome either part time or f ull time… the key is to put the odds of success in your f avor right f rom thebeginning.T he easiest way to do this is to combine all three marketing models in a way that virtually guarantees yoursuccess.Let me explain…Imagine being able to join an af f iliate marketing business that pays you 100% commissions f or selling theirproducts and services. This immediately puts you in the realm of the six-figure and 7-figure income earners because, since you are earning 100% commissions, it is exactly like having your own products.Now imagine this same business has a built in “network marketing” component that allows you to earn 100%commissions on 20% of the sales your team produces, independent of your own sales.Are you starting to see the the kind of income you could possibly create here?
  4. 4. If something Like this really gets you f ired up then Click on the Button below to receive more inf ormation onhow you too can create an extra $6000 passive residual income and allow yourself more f reedom to f ranklydo whatever you want.