Photosynthesis, Plant Respiration


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Photosynthesis, Plant Respiration

  1. 1. Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis By- Justin Ehrenpreis
  2. 2. What do leaves provide for plants? Light Energy
  3. 3. Roots are structures for Anchorage, Nutrient storage and…. Absorption of water.
  4. 4. Root absorbs… water and salts for the conduction of… minerals
  5. 5. The outer layer of the leaf is… Epidermis
  6. 6. What is a Cuticle? -It is a waxy covering of the epidermis. -It protects the internal tissues of the… -Leaf from… -water loss, invading… -fungi, and… -physical injury
  7. 7. Photosynthesis in leaves take place in the… Palisade layer Its placed in the… Upper epidermis
  8. 8. The exchange and circulation of gasses occurs in the… Spongy layer , which… has many… Air spaces that… Carries on… Photosynthesis
  9. 9. Most leaves, chloroplasts are presented in the… Palisade layer which is the… Spongy layer And is in the __________ cells. Guard cells
  10. 10. Opening in the cuticle is the… Stomates
  11. 11. Stomates are regulated by… Guard cells
  12. 12. Stomates allow the exchange of…. O2, CO2, and H2O Between…. The external environment and the… Internal air spaces.
  13. 13. Most photosynthesis occurs in the… leaf
  14. 14. There are 2… Guard cells per each.. stoma
  15. 15. Veins carries water and minerals to cells are called… The Xylem
  16. 16. What distributes food to other plant organs is called… Phloem
  17. 17. Phylum = Food
  18. 18. Photosynthesis is… The ability of most green plants and certain Monerans and Protests to… Manufacture organic compounds from… Inorganic raw materials Is called… Autotrophic Nutrition
  19. 19. The principle of autotraphic process is called… Photosynthesis
  20. 20. What is organisms that get their own food and cannot make there own food is… Hydrotropic also known as… consumers
  21. 21. Photosynthesis is… A process where light is converted into.. Chemical energy of organic… Molecules
  22. 22. Heterotrophic Nutrition … Can’t make there own food and… Get there own food is called… consumers
  23. 23. Photosynthesis is.. A process that releases oxygen in our air.
  24. 24. What carries on photosynthesis? Chloroplasts
  25. 25. What is in chloroplasts, absorbs light, and is the green pigment for plants are… Chlorophyll
  26. 26. Reactants Products
  27. 27. What are the two major reactants occur in photosynthesis? Light and Dark
  28. 28. Light reactions occur within the… Layered membranes in… chloroplasts
  29. 29. Stacks of chloroplast membranes are called? grana
  30. 30. What is outside of the grana? stroma
  31. 31. Split water molecules are called photolysis
  32. 32. ATP produced in the… Chloroplasts during what reaction… Light reaction
  33. 33. ATP stands for… Adenosine Triphosphate
  34. 34. Carbon-Fixation means… Dark reactions
  35. 35. What is within the chloroplasts? stroma
  36. 36. Dark reactions are? stroma
  37. 37. Hydrogen atoms from light and carbon dioxide from a 3-carbon sugar called… PGAL