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NBA: Power Forward + Center Selection


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Saahil Sud, formerly Maxdalury, talks about best practices for selecting power forwards and centers in daily fantasy sports (DFS).

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NBA: Power Forward + Center Selection

  1. 1. Course 5: NBA Strategy Power Forward and Center Selection 1
  2. 2. Lesson Overview 2 I. PF and C selection fundamentals II. Advanced PF and C research tips
  3. 3. I. PF and C Fundamentals
  4. 4. Key Elements 4 Stat Notes Minutes Recent minutes will tell how much opportunity is available Usage Rate Some bigs can score without taking over possessions 3-Point Rate Stretch 4 has become prominent at PF position Total Rebound Rate % of rebounds grabbed on the floor, helps with double doubles Block Rate % blocks made while in the game, Hassan Whiteside Defense vs. Position All-in-one matchup indicator, featured in RotoQL app Def. Personal Fouls Is the defender prone to giving up free points? Value When players are injured, use projected minutes to find value
  5. 5. Fantasy Production 5 Position Average FD Points* Point Guard 39.5 Shooting Guard 35.3 Small Forward 36.3 Power Forward 41.74 Center 42.93 * Data from 2015-2016 NBA season from Rotogrinders
  6. 6. Scoring System 6 Stat DK Points FD Points 2-point FG +2.0 PT +2.0 PT 3-point FG +3.5 PT +3.0 PT Free throw +1.0 PT +1.0 PT Rebound +1.25 PT +1.2 PT Assist +1.5 PT +1.5 PT Steal +2.0 PT +2.0 PT Block +2.0 PT +2.0 PT Turnover -0.5 PT -1.0 PT Double-double +1.5 PT N/A Triple-double +3.0 PT N/A Lineup 8 players (PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, Util) 9 players (PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C) ● Take account of rebound rate. Many great rebounders at these positions ● Blocks are more prevalent with bigs ● Double-double players who rack up points and rebounds can be very useful on DraftKings
  7. 7. Avg stats put up by PF against every NBA team* 7 * Data from 2015-2016 NBA season from Rotowire
  8. 8. Avg stats put up by C against every NBA team* 8 * Data from 2015-2016 NBA season from Rotowire
  9. 9. True DvP vs Defensive Rating & Pace 9 * Data from 2015-2016 NBA season from Fantasy Labs DR - opponent team’s defensive rating or points allowed per 100 possessions Pace - possessions per game
  10. 10. II. Advanced PF / C Research Tips
  11. 11. PF-Usage 11 Source: Rotoworld Note: data is from FanDuel’s 2014-15 NBA Season 9-cat-z-scores Usage (%)
  12. 12. C-Usage 12 Source: Rotoworld Note: data is from FanDuel’s 2014-15 NBA Season 9-cat-z-scores Usage (%)
  13. 13. Top 25 Z-Scores for Power Forwards 13 Source: numberFire
  14. 14. Top 25 Z-Scores for Centers 14 Source: numberFire
  15. 15. NBA Lineup Example 15* Data Provided from DraftKings
  16. 16. More Resources Visit our Support Center to watch video tutorials on how to use RotoQL • Monitor daily fantasy news, strategy and advice articles at the QL Wire • If you are new to DFS or just need a refresher on the fundamentals, visit RotoU • 16