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Social Feed Manager presentation at Archives Unleashed 3.0


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Justin Littman's presentation on Social Feed Manager (SFM) from Archives Unleashed 3.0 at the Internet Archive, Feb. 23, 2017.

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Social Feed Manager presentation at Archives Unleashed 3.0

  1. 1. Social Media Collecting with Social Feed Manager (in 10 minutes)
  2. 2. Collecting social media from API vs. website Advantages of API: ● Structured data (typically JSON). ● Tend to be stable. ● Some provide more metadata than available from website. ● Data can be collected efficiently. Disadvantages of API: ● Not all social media platforms have complete, public APIs. ● Data not readily human-viewable. ● Each API is different. ● Some platforms (notably Twitter) limit data sharing. ● May be greater limitations on the data available from API, especially historical data.
  3. 3. A tweet
  4. 4. Social Feed Manager (SFM) ● Open-source software. ● Developed by GW Libraries with grant from National Historical Publications & Records Commission. ● Collects social media from APIs of Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr & Sina Webo. Also collects web resources. ● Supports requirements of researchers and archivists/librarians. ○ Collect to answer specific research questions. ○ Proactively collect to support future research. ● Intended to be provided as a service to the members of a community (as opposed to individual use).
  5. 5. Example collections ● 2016 U.S. election ○ 280 million tweets ○ Separate collections for candidates, debates, conventions ○ Published to Harvard Dataverse ● End of Term (EOT) collection ○ 3000 Twitter accounts ○ 70 Tumblr blogs ○ Continuing as 2017-2020 Federal Term collection ● Women’s March ● Trump Administration officials ● 115th U.S. Congress ● News outlets ● Chinese anti-corruption ○ Sina Weibo and Twitter ● ISIS-related Twitter users ● Latin American political leaders ● George Washington University ○ Official accounts and student groups
  6. 6. Social Feed Manager @SocialFeedMgr Justin Littman @justin_littman