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Talk delivered at CIR Series

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  1   Big  Data  and  Data  Privacy   Gavin  Jones   Business  Development  Director     6th  Smart  Grids  &  Cleanpower  Conference     3-­‐4  June  2014,  Cambridge,  UK   www.hvm-­‐  (link  enabled)      
  2. 2. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  2   The  Need   •  Total  UK  energy  produc1on  in  the  second  quarter  of   2013  was  9.5%  lower  than  over  the  same  period  last   year.  Oil  experienced  a  steep  fall  in  produc1on,  at   14%  and  coal  produc1on  fell  by  24%.  (out-­‐   •  Two  years  ago  the  UK  had  a  buffer  between  energy   supply  and  demand  of  16%,  but  this  winter  that  will   fall  to  5%  and  it  could  hit  2%  by  2015,  according  to   the  NaBonal  Grid.(BBC)   •  SSE  boss  Ian  Marchant  warns  of  risk  of  'lights  going   out‘  (BBC)   •  Mr  Buchanan  feared  we  will  be  dangerously  close  to   not  having  enough  power  in  the  grid  to  keep  Britain's   lights  on.  (Telegraph)    
  3. 3. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  3   Use  of  Industry  Data  –  Where  is  the  Balance?         Constraints   •  Data  Protec1on     •  Privacy       •  Commercial  Concerns   Advantages     •  Improve  industry  processes   •  Reduce  cost  to  consumer   •  Iden1fy  and  remove  bo_lenecks         Who  applies  the  rules?   What  is  the  oversight    
  4. 4. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  4   Balance  For  the  Company         Risks   •  My  compe1tors  might  use  the   informa1on  be_er  than  me   •  Someone  might  use  the  informa1on   against  me   •  Change  is  risky   •  Would  my  customers  like  me  using   this  data   Advantages     •  I  can  reduce  costs   •  I  can  reduce  risks   •  I  can  be_er  serve  my  customers         Who  owns  what  data?  
  5. 5. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  5   Balance  For  the  Consumer         Risks   •  Someone  might  use  the   informa1on  against  me   •  I  don’t  trust  who  is  gecng  the   informa1on   •  I  don’t  understand  how  the   informa1on  is  going  to  be  used   Advantages     •  My  costs  will  be  lower   •  I  will  have  a  be_er  service        
  6. 6. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  6   Other  Data  Sources   Government   Se_lement   Network   Informa1on   Football   Forecasts  Economic   Forecasts   Weather   Forecasts   Email   Twi_er   Smart  Meters   Google   Streetview   Process   Messages   Poli1cal   Forecasts   Registra1on   Systems   Demographic   Data   Ordnance   Survey   Facebook  
  7. 7. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  7   Some  Examples  
  8. 8. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  8  
  9. 9. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  9   Some  ElectraLink  Examples  
  10. 10. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  10   Some  ElectraLink  Examples  
  11. 11. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  11   Some  ElectraLink  Examples  
  12. 12. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  12   Latest:   •  ElectraLink  and  Energy  Savings  Trust  are   launching  a  service  to  support  the  smart   meter  rollout   •  Merging  data  to  provide  property  and   regional  predic1ons  on  the  difficulty  of   installing  smart  meters   •  Allow  be_er  planning  and  more  efficient   installa1ons  
  13. 13. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014   Energy  Savings  Trust  
  14. 14. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014   ElectraLink  data   MPAN   Meter   Age   Address   Postcode   UPRN   Meter   LocaBon   AcBvity   Feedback   DistribuBon   Asset  Issues   Meter   Technical   Details   Site   Technical   Details   DTS  data  items  cover…   Meter   loca1on   Installa1on   issues   Meter  /   Connec1on   details   Which  might  require   insight  into…   Site   accessibility   HAN   availability   WAN   penetra1on   Rollout  issues   might  include…  
  15. 15. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014   Modelling  process  
  16. 16. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014   Property  Type   Bungalow   Customer  Score   3   Installa1on  Diff   1   WAN  Penetra1on   2   HAN  Connec1vity   1   Meter  Loca1on   Outside   Mul1-­‐dwelling   No   A  ‘Typical’  Street   Property  Type   Semi-­‐detached   Customer  Score   1   Installa1on  Diff   2   WAN  Penetra1on   2   HAN  Connec1vity   2   Meter  Loca1on   Inside   Mul1-­‐dwelling   No   Property  Type   High-­‐rise  Flat   Customer  Score   3   Installa1on  Diff   1   WAN  Penetra1on   3   HAN  Connec1vity   3   Meter  Loca1on   Inside,  Difficult   Mul1-­‐dwelling   Yes   Property  Type   Terraced  House   Customer  Score   2   Installa1on  Diff   1   WAN  Penetra1on   1   HAN  Connec1vity   1   Meter  Loca1on   Outside   Mul1-­‐dwelling   No   Property  Type   Detached  House   Customer  Score   1   Installa1on  Diff   1   WAN  Penetra1on   2   HAN  Connec1vity   3   Meter  Loca1on   Outside   Mul1-­‐dwelling   No   Property  Type   Terraced  Flat   Customer  Score   2   Installa1on  Diff   3   WAN  Penetra1on   1   HAN  Connec1vity   2   Meter  Loca1on   Inside,  Difficult   Mul1-­‐dwelling   Yes   The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have
  17. 17. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  17   Summary   •  We  have  to  make  be_er  use  of  data   •  We  have  to  share  informa1on  and  learn   as  an  industry   •  We  have  to  share  informa1on  at  the   same  1me  protec1ng  individual  and   commercial  interests   •  Finding  the  right  approach  is  vital   •  Gecng  affordable  reliable  energy  is  vital   to  the  country  
  18. 18. ElectraLink  Confiden1al   ©ElectraLink  2014  Page  18   Thank  You   Gavin  Jones