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  1. 1. 5th  Annual  Smart  Grids  &  CleanPower  2013  Conference  Unlocking  Intelligence  in  the  Grid  of  Things;  Drivers  for  the  3rd  industrial  RevoluFon  Sam  Bose  CEO  /  Founder,  5  June  2013  Cambridge  www.cir-­‐  
  2. 2. Title & SummaryUnlocking Intelligence in the Grid of Things;Drivers for the 3rd Industrial RevolutionMy theme meshes three buzz words that you might have come across a lotrecently: Internet of things, big data and the 3rd industrial revolution.IoT  3rd  Ind  RevoluFon  Big  Data  
  3. 3. Background – Sam Bose & IntelliSense.ioWe started our life 2.5 years back as an infrastructure monitoring company. Wesaw the upcoming trend of sensors, connectivity and focussed on the real worldtraditional industries like assembly plants, water treatment plants among others.  
  4. 4. What is the 3rd Industrial Revolution?“Internet technology and renewable energies are beginning to merge to createa new infrastructure for a Third Industrial Revolution (TIR) that will change theway power is distributed in the 21st century.”Source: Jeremy Ruffkin, The 3rd Industrial Revolution, NYT Best Selller
  5. 5. What is driving the 3rd Industrial Revolution?There are many different factors driving the 3rd Industrial Revolution: we haveidentified two below that we believe are having a material impact on countries andindustriesResource Shortage Relentless Rise in Technology
  6. 6. The 3rd Industrial Revolution – Basic PrinciplesRenewable  Energy  Energy  Buildings  Hydrogen  Storage  Intelligent  Grid  Fuel  Cell  Vehicles  
  7. 7. The 3rd Industrial Revolution – How and When?The EU is expected to draw one-thirdof its electricity from green sourcesby 2020The projections are that we willarrive to a sustainable postcarbon era by mid century.*Source – EU Commission &
  8. 8. Current Situation – Industrial FactsIndustrial Processes are highlyenergy intensive and currentlyaccount for one-third of globalenergy use. Around 70% of thisenergy is supplied by fossilfuels, and CO2 emissions fromindustry make up 40% of totalCO2 emissions worldwide  *Source – Imperial College London
  9. 9. Current Situation – Common Business Problems•  Lack of system view•  Optimisation is preferred to Capexupgrade for Energy Efficiencyprojects  •  Prediction of future events stillinvolves manual input andjudgement•  Lead time for taking correctiveactions is longCapital Intensive Asset Owners & EnergyIntensive Industries suffer from similarbusiness problems;  
  10. 10. How do we Unlock Intelligence?Asset  Intelligence  Energy  Intelligence  Brains Assets /EnergyEnergy HarvestedWireless MeshNetworkRetrofitIntelligent SensorsCombination of Intelligent Sensors, Wireless Sensor Network and Cloud Applications Software
  11. 11. Current Situation – Country leading the way?“The transition to the Third Industrial Revolution will require a wholesalereconfiguration of the entire economic infrastructure of each country, creatingmillions of jobs and countless new goods and services.”  Germany is highlighted to be leading the way into the new economic era - JohnFreeland, leading commentators on this subject.*Source – John FreelandSolarsiedlung (Solar settlement), Freiburg, Germany  
  12. 12. Optimisingenergy cost tomove waterGeneraFon   DistribuFon   ConsumpFon  SystemLevelAnalysisAligning returntemp to Case Study – German Semiconductor Fabrication Plant
  13. 13. Brains  Applica,ons  Assets   Buildings  Demand  Response  Solar  Energy  Performance  Contracts our platform
  14. 14. – Unlocking IntelligenceSemiconductor  Fabs,  Food  Factories,  Assembly  Plants  &  Steel  Plants:  representaFve  deployments  
  15. 15. Takeaways•  Rip and Replace Technologies will have a tough time in convincing customers.•  Vertical Solutions leveraging these technologies will be a preferred choice forbuyers.•  Customers looking for new business models
  16. 16. Find Out More!Ideaspace, Entrepreneurship Centre3, Charles Babbage RoadCambridgeCB3