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Sgcp12 robinson-sunfish


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Sgcp12 robinson-sunfish

  1. 1. Sunfish Solar EnergyDelivering on the Earths solar potential Chris Poulton Chairman! Smart Grids & Cleanpower 2012! Cambridge 14 June!
  2. 2. What we doHigh performance solar PV technologyUtility scale solar power plants
  3. 3. Cost of PV electricity
  4. 4. Cost of silicon panel technology 1
  5. 5. Cost of silicon panel technology 2
  6. 6. Performance of today s solartechnologies
  7. 7. How to increase performance? 1
  8. 8. How to increase performance? 2
  9. 9. Concentrating the Sun s energyLow cost mirror field developed for CSPUp to 1000 times concentrationDual axis trackingComputer controlled
  10. 10. Capturing the Sun s energyDense array of 40% efficient triple junction cellsFixed on a water-cooled cold plateCapture heat energy as water at 90C +Available for: Air conditioning Industrial processes Desalination
  11. 11. How we achieve the lowest cost / Watt?Use the most efficient cellsChoose location with high solar intensityConcentrate Sun s energyCapture the energy now lost as heat
  12. 12. Benefits of Sunfish technologyLowest installed costEasily upgradeable as new cell technology becomesavailableScalable – suitable for large power plants and off-gridlocationsCaptures waste heatUp to 70% overall efficiencyWill be grid competitive
  13. 13. Sunfish statusUK-based limited company with EIS approvalFunded by team, angel investors and grantsExtensive intellectual property portfolioDemonstrator in MadridBuilding pilot plant in PortugalLooking for partners
  14. 14. Sunfish Solar EnergyDelivering on the Earths solar potential Chris Poulton Chairman