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Betsol Introduction Pack - 2016


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BETSOL: Software Engineering and Managed IT Services. Delivered with award-winning innovation and 2x industry-average customer satisfaction.

BETSOL's services span Application Development, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Help Desk, and Infrastructure Management. Our innovative tools and processes enable customers to reduce costs and time-to-market while improving quality.

Based in Denver, Colorado, BETSOL delivers excellence at every step of the way.

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Betsol Introduction Pack - 2016

  1. 1. INDUSTRY AVERAGE END- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION2x LOWER EMPLOYEE TURNOVER THAN INDUSTRY AVERAGE 75% 36,000+CONTACT CENTER AGENTS SUPPORTED Product Engineering and Managed IT Services enable our customers to reduce costs and time- to-market while improving quality. Health Care | Telecom | Aviation | Financial ®
  2. 2. 1. BETSOL Capability Overview 2. Why Companies Choose BETSOL 3. Customer Results and Transformations 4. Next Steps Agenda Software Engineering Application Development Quality Assurance BI & Analytics Managed IT Services Help Desk Infrastructure Management Contact Center
  3. 3. Who We Are…. 2 Locations in the US Average project size $5-10 Million 2 Locations in India Worldwide Enterprise Clients 200+ Employees Multiple Industry Awards
  4. 4. BETSOL Enabling our customers to excel in their core business. BETSOL was built from the ground up to deliver highly proactive engagements, making us unique in our field and the value we bring. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems Health Care | Telecom | Aviation | Financial
  5. 5. We adopt ISO standards and Agile methodologies to provide Software Engineering solutions tailored to your needs. BETSOL Software Engineering, BI, & QA Models Staff Augmentation Time & Material Fixed Price Deliverables Priced per Headcount Our team acts as a virtual extension of your in-house development team. Advantages of this model include knowledge retention and the flexibility of utilizing the team for multiple projects and ad hoc business needs. Ideal for teams like BI teams. Monthly bills are based on the number of dedicated resources every month. Priced per Hour For work where the workload is not constant. This could be teams such as automation teams. When there are niche requirements that are not long term. This could be Human factors engineering and UI design. Billing is based on the actual time spent by the team on the project. Priced per Deliverable BETSOL takes end-to-end responsibility for deliverables. This is ideal for software engineering where the requirements are mature. Budgets are mostly fixed for the entire piece of work, making it more like a fixed price managed services engagement. Application lifecycle management could be done through this model. Billing is at a fixed monthly cost plus unit cost for each additional unit delivered.
  6. 6. We implement industry best practices, 24x7x365 support operations, ITIL standards, while giving you the ability to flex and deliver best in class customer satisfaction KPIs. BETSOL Help Desk & Infrastructure Management Overview MANAGE HOST + MANAGE Priced per Hour BETSOL help desk and infrastructure support experts handle your uptime and availability with exceptional levels of service. Quickly scale your organization with staffing from BETSOL. Cover key times of day and skill sets. Simple, predictable pricing. Priced per Employee Full outsourcing of your help desk and infrastructure support. Ensures your business systems are operating with optimal availability for your users. Includes both staffing and the technology platform. • 24x7x365 Support or Custom • Staff Augmentation and Niche Roles Tiers 1-3 • Unlimited Desktop Support • Server Administration & Support • Security Assessments • Mobile Device Management • Inventory, Asset and Configuration Management • Proactive Monitoring • Operations Manager • Custom Reporting • MANAGE Features + • Help Desk Platform • Remote Access • Session Recording • Security Audits • Support Portal • Phone, Chat, and Email Support Tool Sets • Knowledge Base • Notifications • Quality Audits
  7. 7. à La Carte Services BETSOL Help Desk & Infrastructure Management Overview Additional Services Offered Onsite Support Advanced Security & Threat Protection Services Back-up & Business Continuity Services Cloud Monitoring and Management Virtualization Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring
  8. 8. Our clients have access to industry leading processes, technologies and skills. Deploy your world-class contact center with BETSOL. BETSOL Contact Center Overview MANAGE HOST + MANAGE Priced per Hour BETSOL contact center experts handle your customers with exceptional levels of service. Quickly scale your organization with staffing from BETSOL. Cover key times of day and skill sets. Priced per Interaction Outsourced customer and technical support with an expertly run contact center including phone, chat, and email. Includes both the staffing and technology platform. • Customer Support • Service Desk • Phone, Chat, and/or Email Queue Staffing • 24x7x365 Support or Custom • Ability to meet Seasonal Spikes • Ability to fill niche roles • Language Translation services • MANAGE features + • Cloud Based Contact Center • Phone, Chat, and Email Support Enablement • Hosted IVR • Support Portal & Ticketing • CRM and Computer-Telephony Integration • Knowledge Base • Payment Processing • Management & Monitoring Tools • Quality Assessments • Custom Business Intelligence Reports
  9. 9. Why Companies Choose BETSOL
  10. 10. BETSOL brings price and quality differentiators, driving deliverable and customer results. Why Companies Choose BETSOL • Solutions delivered to large enterprises, including logistics companies. • Delivered productivity gains and reduced costs for customers by 50%. Quality Cost Results • BETSOL beats initial vendor quality targets by an average of 2.5x. • Quality of support for our solutions is 2x industry average (Net Promoter Score basis). • BETSOL consistently wins bids based on cost, while still out- performing on quality. • Through automation, we reduce solution and maintenance costs on average by 7% year-over- year.
  11. 11. Total Customer Focus We beat industry benchmarks and client targets with consistency and quality. -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 6227 10 61 Auto dealers Grocery chains Hotel chains -3 48 Software firms Retailers Appliance makers Insurance carriers 9 49 -7 56 8 39 -2 70 - Source: Temkin Group Q3 2015 - Base: 36,000 US end customers supported BETSOL Net Promoter Score • 75 as of Sep 2016 • More than double industry average • Improving every quarter Quality
  12. 12. “Our engagements lead to transformations.” Customer Satisfaction Real-world results across organizational levels. DecisionMakers 99% Decision maker satisfaction with BETSOL EndCustomers 3X Improvement in end-customer satisfaction Quality
  13. 13. BETSOL Value Approach We grow our business through results and referral. Our continued growth comes from successful, mutually beneficial engagements. COST Staff Augmentation Firm Consulting Firm Staff Augmentation Firm Consulting Firm Gartner Evaluation of BETSOL Offering. Deeper capabilities at better cost. BETSOL BETSOL SERVICECAPABILITIES Cost
  14. 14. Real customer operational actions and results Following are details from real customer engagements. We respect our customers’ privacy, thus, in this marketing material, the clients are referred to as “Client A” and “Client B.” Both customers will act as reference customers. Results
  15. 15. Challenges in Software Development and Technical Support As companies work to keep their portfolio relevant to the market needs, managing development and support costs to deliver on target profit margins becomes a key aspect of the business . Common challenges include: Implementing 24x7x365 support operations Controlling cost, quality, and customer sat Focusing on core deliverables Flexing staff quickly to meet demand and cost Time to market Filling niche roles
  16. 16. • Serves many Fortune 150 and multiple industries • Industry pioneer for 15 years • 25,000+ staff base Client Profile • Declining customer satisfaction • Delays and cost overruns in onboarding new clients • Declining margins Growth Challenges • High turnover • Lack of depth in contact center and telecom expertise • Quality of deliverables, especially over time Vendor Concerns Arise Virtual Solutions Improvement in IT systems, processes, and support needed to ensure: Customer Sat Profitability Scalability Distracted by IT challenges not in core competency Industry-leader contact center provider’s effective growth was hindered by non-scalable IT systems, processes, and support.
  17. 17. Arise Virtual Solutions 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 QUARTER 1 QUARTER 2 QUARTER 3 QUARTER 4 QUARTER 5 QUARTER 6 QUARTER 7 CURRENT Client’s customer satisfaction and cost targets are exceeded. BETSOL continues to proactively raise the bar by using domain expertise to drive additional initiatives. 50%+ reduction in technical support costs 98%+ retention rate of staff 62 point increase in end- customer satisfaction Development and QA resources deployed Technical support and NOC staff deployed SWAT team determines process and technical changes, creating metric- focused execution plan Business Intelligence plan proposed and initiated, now facilitating millions of transaction per month Defect reduction through automation Ongoing proactive cost and satisfaction improvement recommendations and initiatives Net Promoter Score 40%+ improvement in first time resolution
  18. 18. Arise Virtual Solutions Chat Performance Dashboard with KPIs for 2016 Second Half 2015 actual performance for customer satisfaction, work quality, and volumes. Net Promoter Score is measured by surveys sent to the end-customer after every interaction. BETSOL scores 8.7% higher than in-house team. Quality is a measurement of process adherence to client-defined parameters. BETSOL has strongly increased First Call Resolution, managing nearly 17K interactions per month. Agents achieve this while utilizing 3 chats-per- session for improved productivity. 50 60 70 80 90 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Net Promoter Score NPS Target 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Quality Quality Target 50% 60% 70% 80% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep First Call Resolution First Call Resolution
  19. 19. Arise Virtual Solutions Third Quarter 2016 actual vendor scorecard performance. 9.18 9.43 9.18 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jul Aug Sep Overall Vendor Score Overall 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Schedule Adherence Deliverable Quality Empathy Assurance Responsiveness Reliability Account Management Sep Aug Jul
  20. 20. Arise Virtual Solutions Best-practices to drive high availability, around-the-clock support, and cost reduction. 85% reduction in average ticket age 600+ applications, 150+ network devices, 450+ servers, 10,000 simultaneous users supported by 3 headcount per shift 50% reduction in personnel costs, even with 24x7 coverage 67% reduction in aged-case resolution time 48% reduction in average ticket time-to-resolution, despite growing infrastructure, 32% more tickets, and 139% increase in changes made Availability raised from 99.75% to 99.96% (including application availability) against increased load, with 99.99% targeted in 2016 98% staff retention
  21. 21. Arise Virtual Solutions The Infrastructure, or NOC (Network Operations Center), Support Organization is one of the most valuable and important organizations within a company. If a business is running smoothly, there is an effective Infrastructure Support Services team behind the scenes, often completely transparent to others within the business. Client went from ~22 hours of downtime to ~1.75 hours of downtime resulting in savings of ~$2.2M annually with an investment of ~250K in people, process and technology. $110,000 Average hourly cost to Enterprise of infrastructure outage. 24.5x How many more hours laggards spend in outages vs best-in-class.
  22. 22. Cost of Performance - Gartner Study: Benchmarks for Business Outages Metric Best in Class Industry Average Laggards Business interruption events per year .9 3 3.5 Time per interruption (hours) 1.3 4.7 8.4 Total disruption (hours) 1.2 14.1 29.4 Average cost per hour of disruption $60,000 $110,000 $98,000 Total cost of business interruption events $72,000 $1,550,000 $2,880,000 Arise Virtual Solutions BETSOL
  23. 23. Client Profile •Global provider of telecom product and solutions •Industry leader in their magic quadrant •Serves many Fortune 500 customers Business Challenges •Finding and retaining top development talent •Quality of deliverables and solution uptime •Cost containment Vendor Challenges •High turnover •Specific domain expertise •Quality and continuity of deliverables Avaya Client B desires architecture partner with ability to proactively solve problems to drive: Lower Cost Faster Cycles Better Quality Poor experiences with prior vendors caused Client B to seek a mid-sized company with a tailored approach. Leader in enterprise telecom product development searching for more cost-effective and faster-to-market software development and test solutions.
  24. 24. Avaya BETSOL developed a Remote Access solution using open source technologies to deliver five 9 remote support infrastructure RA Client Technician Enterprise Application UI Enterprise Application Remote Access Node RA Web Service RA Backend RA Networking Service Enterprise DB Secure Tunnel Broker (STB) Gateway Remote Access Agent Enterprise Application Agent Policy Server Device Remote Connection Remote Connection Connection Info Remote Connection Polling Remote Connection Polling Interrogate Policy Server Access Granted? Remote Connection Establish Tunnel Establish Tunnel
  25. 25. Avaya QUARTER 1 QUARTER 2 QUARTER 3 QUARTER 4 QUARTER 5 QUARTER 6 BETSOL enhanced development quality, improved key solution metrics, introduced testing automation, and reduced costs across the board. 93% improvement in key product uptime 30% improvement in Business Intelligence performance 94% reduction in test time for specific complex data scenarios Open solutions evaluated and deployed to reduce licensing costs and increase development speed. Implementation of end-to-end high availability clusters on key product infrastructure. Execution of proprietary market- value driven development model, ensuring all activities are efficient and financially effective. 98%+ retention rate of staff6 figure annual savings from licensing changes Test and process automation created to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy. Overhauled and centralized databases, decommissioned old systems and reports. Beat defect and quality targets by 2.5x+ High Severity Defect Occurrence
  26. 26. Avaya BETSOL Software Engineering Services Real Client Results Value Adds by BETSOL to improve Time to Market and reduce cost • Thought leadership – Implemented and standardized exit criteria with checklists for hand offs across multiple teams resulting in improved quality measured using Quality Index • Developed test automation frameworks for multiple programs reducing the testing costs by 12% year over year • Developed system and network monitoring tools for measuring and optimizing Oracle Real Application Clusters performance which helped reduce year over year costs Productivity Improvement Year over Year Total Cost to Client Year over Year
  27. 27. Based on results, BETSOL continues to grow in technical support, network operations, custom development, testing, and business intelligence. Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5 Quarter 6 Quarter 7 ENGAGEMENT GROWTH Client A BETSOL has helped enable our growth and re-affirm our market dominance – CIO, Client A Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5 Quarter 6 ENGAGEMENT GROWTH Client B Client expectations and requirements exceeded 98%+ annual employee retention rates No wasted cycles on re-hiring and re-training Proactive business plan recommendations
  28. 28. BETSOL Capabilities Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Business Intelligence
  29. 29. BETSOL Capabilities: Software Development Application Development and Mobile Solutions Continued on Next Page Organization Functional Area Domain Subset Description Software Engineering, Development Services, and Lifecycle Management Software Engineering, Development Services, and Lifecycle Management Real-Time Programming Languages C Application & Product Development Languages, Scripting, Databases, Protocols, Source Control, Dev/Process Methodology C++ Real-Time Java Operating System Windows Embedded Linux, RHEL, CentOS HP-UX Solaris Microsoft .NET C# MVC MS Dynamics (CRM) BizTalk Server WPF WCF Open Source Technologies, Frameworks & Webservers Core Java, J2EE, JMS, EJB, Jquery, Javascript, Eclipse, IntelliJ Spring, Hibernate, Netty, JSF, Struts, Swing JBOSS, Apache, Tomcat, Weblogic, IIS Scripting Perl, Python Shell Database Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, EBS, SQL, PL-SQL MS SQL Server 2012, 2014 Cassandra, Mongodb, MySQL, SQLite Protocols SIP, H.323, SMTP, HTTP/S, HL7 Build, Configuration and Process Tools & Methodlogy RPM, Packaging(Ant/Maven), AIF Installer TFS, Jira, Confluence, SVN, VSS, Bamboo, Subversion, Ant, Cradle Waterfall, RUP, Agile-Scrum UX Design and Presentation Wire Frames Human Factors Engineering HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Javascript, JSON, Bootstrap Webservices RESTful, SOAP
  30. 30. BETSOL Capabilities: Software Development Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Cloud Integration Functional Area Domain Subset Description Quality Assurance & Testing Manual Testing Proprietary software management processes, measures, and templates Manual, automated, and performance testing of Enterprise or web-based software applications Test Automation Ruby on Rails, Selenium, HP QTP, Junit Performance & Security Hailstorm, Scripting, Load Runner BI & Analytics Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Microstrategy SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, ETL, T-SQL, MDX, PL/SQL, Business Objects, TFS, Idera, Redgate, Hadoop, Cognos, Teradata ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Mart, Database, Reports design and implementation, DB administration, Business Intelligence Cloud Integration & Services Website and Portal Bootstrap, AngularJS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Wordpress, PHP Marketing, Lead Management, Onboarding, Payment Management, Profile Management, Ticket Management, Interaction Management Business and Data Layers Core Java, Web API, Restful Web Services, Spring, Hibernate, Microservices CRM SalesForce Payment Gateway Stripe, Paypal Ticket Management, Servicenow, Remedy CTI and Contact Center Ringcentral, InContact, Five9 Remote Access LogmeIn Proactive Monitoring Nano Heal Chat BOLD Chat
  31. 31. CTI and CRM Integration Overview Unified Components Call Control Single Sign On Data Source CRM Integration (ImageRight, Guidewire, Billing) Knowledge Base Ticketing Chat Email Reporting Applications Contact Center Agents manage entire process out of a single portal Workflow 360 degree view of customer First Call Resolution Survey Integration Optimization Error Handling Automation Integrated CTI Screen Pops Customer Data Transfers with Call Real-Time Data Typically improves productivity by 20-40%
  32. 32. BETSOL Areas of Expertise BETSOL Micro Services Overview Micro Service Component Purpose Cloud Foundry Cloud Architecture Java Core Development Spring Boot Application Build Rest Web Services Web Services MongoDB Database Appdynamics End-to-end monitoring Agile Environment Methodology BETSOL’s approach allows us to think in terms of not just availability, but performance and outcomes. We separate the concerns of a large system with clear data ownership (discrete data sources) and true loose coupling. BETSOL Micro Services Approach 1. Design and build micro services 2. Continuous delivery and support 3. Cross cutting management 4. Real-time monitoring of architecture and KPIs
  33. 33. BETSOL Micro Services vs Traditional SOA Traditional SOA Microservices Messaging type Smart, but dependency-laden ESB Dumb, fast messaging (as with Apache Kafka) Programming style Imperative model Reactive actor programming model Lines of code per service Hundreds or thousands of lines of code 100 or fewer lines of code State Stateful Stateless Messaging type Synchronous: wait to connect Asynchronous: publish and subscribe Databases Large relational databases NoSQL or micro-SQL databases blended with conventional databases Code type Procedural Functional Means of evolution Each big service evolves Each small service is immutable and can be abandoned or ignored Means of systemic change Modify the monolith Create a new service Means of scaling Optimize the monolith Add more powerful services and cluster by activity System-level awareness Less aware and event driven More aware and event driven
  34. 34. BETSOL Micro Services Best Practices  Create a Separate Data Store for each Micro Service  Create a new Micro Service for the new or changed code, leaving the existing Micro Service in place (the immutable infrastructure principle). Once the new Micro Service is as stable as the original, merge them back together if they perform a single function, or if there are other efficiencies from combining.  Do a separate build for each Micro Service  Deploy Micro Services in containers, which allows you to use one tool to deploy everything.  As individual services require more capacity, independently scale them without having to allocate resources to the entire cluster.  Treat servers as stateless.
  35. 35. BETSOL Capabilities Help Desk, Infrastructure Management Support, and Contact Center
  36. 36. BETSOL Managed IT Services Capabilities Breakdown 24x7x365 ITIL ITSM aligned solution offering and capabilities Help Desk Incident Management Problem Management Event Management Configuration Management SLA Management Change Management Solution Portal Organization Functional Area Domain Subset Description Infrastructure Services Infrastructure and Network Operations Cisco Stack Routing Implement, support, manage, and administer enterprise server and network systems in a multi-site/multi-tenant environment. Maintain high volume, high availability worldwide servers, network equipment, and data center environments. Switching Firewall Avaya Stack Unified Communications Contact Center Networking Virtualization VMWare Citrix-Xen Protocols DHCP, SIP, H.323, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, HTTP/S, Telnet, SSH, NTP, Cisco Monitoring Solarwinds Zabbix Support Services Technical Support Microsoft Stack Windows Server ITIL aligned, chat and voice support to international clients, manage to SLAs and escalation processes Windows Active Directory Office 365 SharePoint Lync Outlook Application/Desktop Support Citrix Stack Support and Maintenance Customer Support Chat Billing, Invoicing, Scheduling, Waivers, Certifications, Windows, Mac ITIL aligned, chat and voice support to international clients, manage to SLAs and escalation processes Email Voice
  37. 37. We offer much more than just staffing. Our services are comprehensive and will drive your organization to best-in-class solutions, processes, and results. BETSOL Infrastructure Support Services Overview  24x7 support with automation, monitoring, and proactive operations  Top technology solutions including Solarwinds, Zabbix, and VeeamOne to identify issues before they impact business processes or end users  Architectural thought leadership, with expertise in end-to-end virtualization, Cisco UCS, removal of single-points-of- failure, all while reducing cost Standard Enhanced Premium Staffing    Operations Manager    Best Practice Analysis and Recommendations    Managed Infrastructure   Managed Knowledge Base   Quality Assessments   Best-in-Class Processes and Tools   Developed and Managed Training   Developed and Managed KPIs  US Based Resources O Custom SLAs O Dedicated Account Manager O
  38. 38. BETSOL Infrastructure Support Services BETSOL infrastructure support services provide personnel, technologies, best practices, and automation to support your employees and systems. Your systems, infrastructure, and cloud services.Your employees and users Reduce infrastructure support costs while increasing efficiency, automation, and uptime.
  39. 39. BETSOL Technical and Customer Support Services BETSOL provides personnel, technologies, best practices, and automation to support your customers. You Reduce customer support costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Support request for your processes, products, and services. Your valuable customers BETSOL white label services
  40. 40. Contact Justin Gesso Director Product Marketing & Strategy (720) 244-7906 Ashok Reddy Vice President Business Development (720) 452-6577