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Consultancy Presentation


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Following an operational restructure, no processes were defined or mapped for a newly created department. Presenting the current challenges to consultancy firm Ernst & Young to help inform where to go.

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Consultancy Presentation

  1. 1. Inspiring young lives
  2. 2. Er nst & Young Confidence W ith T he Client Wor kshop
  3. 3. The Young People First Model Supporting the Right Young Person onto the Right Programme to achieve the Right Outcome Outreach Enabling Functions Delivery Outcomes
  4. 4. 2
  5. 5. East Midlands West Midlands East Anglia 3,121 total clients supported 4,500 total clients supported 3,614 total clients supported 404 business start-ups 1,224 on the Team programme 195 who have set up community projects
  6. 6. Summary Challenges ➔ Shared Understanding Between Staff Teams ➔ The Young Persons Journey ➔ Assessment ➔ Securing Outcomes ➔ Mapping Outcomes And Supporting Young People
  7. 7. ➔ Prospective Solutions ➔ Defining the Young Persons Journey Visually ➔ Further Research ➔ Change Process?
  8. 8. * Thank You!