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Propellant Media Overview MASTER


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Propellant Media Overview MASTER

  1. 1. 1 Propellant Media Overview January 2016
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Propellant Media Overview •  Programmatic Overview •  Propellant Media Services •  Questions/Next Steps
  3. 3. Propellant Media Overview
  4. 4. Propellant Media, LLC is a modern (digital centered) media consultancy. We help our client maximize engagement with their Clients and prospects. What We Do: We specialize in understanding and maximizing interactions across digital channels. How: Starting with “data-led” insights we integrate online display advertising, paid search marketing, mobile and social media platforms to transform client - customer and prospect interactions. WHO IS PROPELLANT MEDIA?
  5. 5. We exist to DEMOCRATIZE the digital (programmatic) advertising market- place. The tactics we offer in the past have only been available to firms who can spend $20,000 per month or more on digital display advertising. We NOW enable emerging (and local) businesses to access the benefits of integrated digital media plans, including - programmatic display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile and social media marketing. PROPELLANT MEDIA VALUE PROP
  6. 6. Programmatic Benefits In Plain Talk
  7. 7. PROGRAMMATIC: NEW POSSIBILITIES, BETTER RESULTS We leverage targeted programmatic digital advertising on behalf of Clients to… • Reach users who have visited your website • Reach users in a defined geography • Target those interested in your product • Reach users reading content relevant to your products & services • Target customized audiences with customized creative
  8. 8. PROGRAMMATIC can provide superior value in all three key areas of marketing: raising awareness, driving sales and customer engagement. PROGRAMMATIC: NEW POSSIBILITIES, BETTER RESULTS
  11. 11. PROPELLANT MEDIA SEARCH AND PROGRAMMATIC - STANDARD OFFERINGS 1.  SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – We make sure clients and prospects can find you when conducting searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 2. SITE RETARGETING – We re-market to clients and prospects who have visited your main website: 3. SEARCH RETARGETING – Leverage your keyword history and data to extend the successes and learnings from your paid search campaigns. 4. KEYWORD/CONTEXTUAL TARGETING - Target prospects who have interacted with content and topics related to the products and/or services your firm sells.
  12. 12. PROPELLANT MEDIA PROGRAMMATIC – PREMIUM SERVICES AND OFFERINGS 1.  FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN EXTENSION – We can extend your campaigns onto Facebook. This dramatically increases reach and frequency for most campaigns. 2.  CRM Targeting - Show your current clients and/or prospects your advertising as they surf the web. We create a digital target list by leveraging your email and/or physical mail address databases and lists. Note: 50% is the typical off-line to on-line match rate. 3.  COMPETITIVE AND CONTEXTUALLY RELEVANT DOMAIN/URL RETARGETING - Serve advertising to prospects who have visited your competitors websites. 4.  VIDEO TARGETING – Extend the reach of your TV advertising (and get greater ROI on production assets) by serving video ads to the same target audience online. 5.  GEO-FENCING – Target consumers based on your location and/or your competitor’s locations. This tactic can be used for customer engagement and conquest marketing. 6.  LEVERAGING 3RD PARTY SEGMENTS (BETA) – Leverage existing databases of consumers who have been identified to be in your target audience. This can potentially give campaigns a faster start.
  13. 13. D. Benny Bennafield Managing Partner 404.226.9589