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  1. 1. DESIGN WORKSHEET Tell us about your application and what you will be using the workstation for: How much weight will be placed on workstation? Standard Heavy-Duty Storage Motorized Instrument Select Workstation Base: Select Worksurface Material: Plastic ESD Chemical Resistant Phenolic Epoxy Maple (Butcher Block) Stainless Cold-Rolled Select Color (for metal components): Tan Chateau Blue Silver Gray Black Wrinkle Mercury Blue White Navy Blue Burgundy Oyster Black (Semi-Gloss) Laminate: Resin: Wood: Steel: Accessories: Undertable Computer Overtable Shelf Drawers Footrest Locker Shelves Light System Bin Rail/Panel Cork/Pegboard Whiteboard Fixed Riser Shelf Monitor Arm CPU Caddy Keyboard Tray Laptop Tray Paper Holder Tool Trolley Airline Document Holder Articulating Tray Power - 15 Amp Power - 20 Amp Wirespool Holder Required Contact Information: Name: Company: Address: City, State, Zip: Email: Phone: Please fill out and return this form and any additional drawings, photos or documents to: Mobile Mobile Dimensions: “Deep x “Long x “High Quantity: Mobile Mobile Mobile