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dBOOTCAMP - Intro to Data Journalism

Setting the Scene: understanding why data driven journalism is important for newsrooms that want to leapfrog the coming disruption of media revenue models in Africa. Presentation includes live demo links for rolemodel sites.

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dBOOTCAMP - Intro to Data Journalism

  1. 1. Data JournalismDigital Journalism Tools forAiming Higher & Digging Deeper
  2. 2. Social Media #dbootcamp
  3. 3. Not New
  4. 4. Not Even Novel
  5. 5. Media Meltdown
  6. 6. Age of Search
  7. 7. Age of Conversation
  8. 8. Age of Context
  9. 9. Hyperlocal + Hyperpersonal
  10. 10. Immersive Media
  11. 11. Some Links Data Explorer:
  12. 12. Further Readinghttp://google-africa.blogspot.com!/googleafrica This presentation was developed by: Justin Arenstein on behalf of Google AfricaThis presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license.You can use it, change it, copy it, show it to other people. Just always give credit to