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CfAfrica - OGP Follow the Money

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CfAfrica - OGP Follow the Money

  1. 1. #FollowTheMoney How Investigative Journalists Use Data To Create Impact
  2. 2. Using Data to Tell Stories: Using data to expose hidden webs.
  3. 3. Citizen Tools: Data needs to be action-orientated, to be meaningful. It should help citizens decipher & navigate the complex forces shaping their worlds. It should support evidence-based public discourse & decisionmaking .
  4. 4. Forensic Tools / Research Desks: Tracking money, deciphering contracts, and pinning down company ownership is difficult. ID creates a centralized research team to help newsrooms / transparency activists.
  5. 5. sourceAFRICA - turning parliamentary, newsroom & university archives into machine readable data Liberating Data: By digitizing documents and knowledge within media, academia, the justice system, and civil society, we're turning 'deadwood' archives into new digital 'structured data' resources, with open APIs to allow for 3rd party re-use.
  6. 6. Hacks/Hackers Building Community We're creating a diverse community of watchdog journalists, civic hackers, data activists and data narrators through a pan-African network of investigative newsrooms, ANCIR, and a mirror network of Hacks/Hackers chapters, cwho collaborate during Data Liberation events. Code4Democracy
  7. 7. MediaParty data summits d|Clinic project planning #EditorsLab hackathons
  8. 8. Citizen Tech Labs: Core teams of coders in jAccelerators, with additional mentorships + workspace for journalistic data teams, media start-ups and citizen-driven projects in Media Factory incubators across Africa + Latin America.
  9. 9. Image © Citizen focused: We empower mass mobilisation agents, such as citizen movements and the media, to give ordinary citizens access to data, tools, and skills for real civic engagement.
  10. 10. Image © Demand driven: Open data needs to be more than just rhetoric. It needs to answer the real-world challenges facing citizens.
  11. 11. Image © Outcomes based: We aim for 'outcomes' not just 'outputs'. Our metric for success is meaningful impact, that creates lasting change through citizen agency. We also aim for scalability and/or replication in all our initiatives.
  12. 12. Want to Collaborate? Speak to Us @Code4Africa
  13. 13. Thank You @JustinArenstein

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