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How AMI is helping African Newsrooms to Innovate

An overview of the reasons why African newsrooms need to embrace digital innovation, and how AMI is helping to build the skills, networks, and resources to help newsrooms leapfrog into a data-driven digital future.

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How AMI is helping African Newsrooms to Innovate

  2. 2. Age of Search | Age of Conversation
  3. 3. Age of Context
  4. 4. HyperPersonal Media
  5. 5. Immersive Media
  6. 6.
  7. 7. CATEGORIES News Gathering | Story Telling Audience Engagement | Business of News TRENDS Security | Data Journalism | Mobile Engagement Visualisation Tools | Integrated Workflow
  8. 8. 120 pioneers, from 40 ANIC finalist projects + 10 WAN-IFRA mobile news projects + 10 civic technology initiatives
  9. 9. Ecosystems & Pipelines COMMUNITY HacksHackers AHJA + ADJA ANCIR IMAGE IMPACT SKILLS jAccelerator d|BootcampsOpenAfrica Summit MBA Seminars SourceCode BOOSTER Code4Democracy TechCamp Scraperthons Social Venture Fund CATALYSTS CAPACITY News Challenge Code4Africa Prototype Grants CivicSource jLab Hack-the-Media Pilot Projects
  10. 10. @JustinArenstein