Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Statistics and Top Developer Frameworks


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Talk given on 11/16/2011 at the San-Francisco .net bay usergroup by Justin Angel. Download available @

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Statistics and Top Developer Frameworks

  1. 1. WP7 Statistics & FrameworksBy @JustinAngel,
  2. 2. What is this talk about? Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Stats Prerequisites: WP7 & Silverlight Research Methodology Interesting Statistics Quick Overview Top frameworks Based on @
  3. 3. Research Methodology Downloaded WP7 Marketplace on 8/15 Marketplace APIs described publicly Unzipped the downloaded XAPs Asked some questions Got answers
  4. 4. Stat #0: How many apps? Found 24,505 apps
  5. 5. Stat #1: Obfuscation 14.5% of apps are obfuscated
  6. 6. Stat #2: Silverlight, XNA
  7. 7. Stat #3: C#, VB.Net or F#
  8. 8. Stat #4: Cloned apps
  9. 9. Stat #4: Cloned apps
  10. 10. Stat #4: Cloned Apps Common issue in all application stores There are reasons to ship cloned apps Lite / Full / Trial / Free versions Books / Magazines DIY Apps etc
  11. 11. Stat #5: All Publishers percentage
  12. 12. Stat #5: Top Publishers percentage
  13. 13. Stat #6: Privileges
  14. 14. Stat #7: Frameworks What are real devs using in real apps? Adoption is a good indicator of quality, applicability & usability. Cut the FUD on frameworks. 25 Lightening overviews. +30 bullet points.
  15. 15. Fx #1: WP7 Controls SDK Microsoft.Phone.Controls.dll is used 14,848 apps. Contains Pivot and Panorama controls.
  16. 16. Fx #2: Silverlight Toolkit  Microsoft’s Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 is used by 11,169 apps. AutoCompleteBox  ListPicker  Transitions ContextMenu  LockablePivot  TiltEffect DatePicker  LoopingSelector  TimePicker ExpanderView  LongListSelector  ToggleSwitch GestureService  MultiselectList  WrapPanel HubTile  PhoneTextBox  Performance- ProgressBar
  17. 17. Fx #2: Silverlight Toolkit
  18. 18. Fx #3: Blend Behaviours Microsoft Expression Blend Behaviours, Triggers & Actions are used by 6,010 apps. Great for designers working with XAML. “XAML Extensions methods”. Added on other UI elements.
  19. 19. Fx #4: Microsoft Ads Microsoft’s Advertising ADK for Windows Phone is used by 5,760 apps. Monetize on apps using pubCenter. Best of breed Ads WP7 UX, API, support and documentation.
  20. 20. Fx #5: Bing Maps WP7 Microsoft’s Bing Maps SDK for Windows Phone 7 is used by 2,235 apps. Great UX, great API, great docs. Requires Bing Maps key.
  21. 21. Fx #6: LazyListBoxItemTemplate LoadedItemTemplate Mirosoft’s Peter Torr LazyListbox is used by 1,364 apps. WP7 NoDo had terrible ListBox performance. LazyListBox shows ItemTemplate while LoadedItemTemplate is loading.
  22. 22. Fx #7: Html Agility Pack Simon Mourier’s HTML Agility Pack is used by 1,331 apps. Allows to scrape, scan and fix HTML pages with XPath and Linq queries. Handles malformed HTML. Generates HTML from DOM tree.
  23. 23. Fx #8: MVVM Light Toolkit Laurent Bugnion’s MVVM Light Toolkit is used by 1,320 apps. Very basic toolkit supporting MVVM. Messenger – Loosely coupled event bus. EventToCommand – Blend Behaviour that fires ICommands on events. RelayCommand – Simple ICommand.
  24. 24. Fx #9: Flurry Analytics Flurry Analytics for Windows Phone 7 is used by 1,283 apps. Requires Flurry account. Really big with Android and iPhone apps analytics. Organizations with existing mobile apps love Flurry.
  25. 25. Fx #10: James Newton is used by 1,082 apps. Linq to JSON. JSON Serializer and JSON Deserializer. WCF JSON serializer is incredibly slow and is considered a worst practice.
  26. 26. Fx #11: Coding 4fun tools Microsoft’s Clint Rutkass Coding4Fun Tools is used by 800 apps. About Prompt  Progress Overlay Color Hexagon  Round Button Color Picker  Round Toggle Color Slider  Super Slider Input Prompt  TimeSpan Picker Message Prompt  Toast Prompt Memory Counter  Value Converters Password Prompt  Binding Helpers
  27. 27. Fx #11: Coding 4fun tools
  28. 28. Fx #12: Hammock Daniel Crenna’s Hammock is used by 741 apps. REST Requests framework supporting: Async, Retry, Caching, Authentication, Tracing, Serialization and Validation.
  29. 29. Fx #13: Phone Perf Helpers David Anson’s Phone Performance Helpers are used by 705 apps. WP7 NoDo had terrible Listbox Perf. DeferredLoadListBox and LowProfileImageLoader are great for ListBoxes with Images.
  30. 30. Fx #14: WCF RSS System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll is being used by 670 apps. Parses (or generates) RSS and ATOM into strongly-typed classes and support LINQ querying.
  31. 31. Fx #15: SSME Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming Media Element is used by 604 apps. Using SSME with IIS Smooth Streaming provides video adaptive streaming over HTTP. Contains heuristics to change bitrates based on network conditions and client properties.
  32. 32. Fx #16: Facebook C# SDK Jim Zimmerman and Microsoft’s Nathan Totten’s Facebook C# SDK is used by 603 apps. Fully featured framework to access Facebook data, OAuth and actions.
  33. 33. Fx #17: Telerik WP7 SDK  Telerik Windows Phone 7 SDK is used by 557 apps.  Commercial controls SDK. Animations  DockPanel  TimePicker ApplicationFrame  Gauge  TimeSelector BusyIndicator  JumpList  TransitionControl BulletGraph  LayoutTransform Calendar  ListPicker  UniformGrid Chart  LoopingList  Window DataBoundListBox  MessageBox  WrapPanel DatePicker  NumericUpDown DateSelector  PickerBox
  34. 34. Fx #17: Telerik WP7 SDK
  35. 35. Fx #18: Google AdMob Google AdMob ADK for Windows Phone 7 is used by 542 apps.
  36. 36. Fx #19: ImageTools Sebastian Stehle’s ImageTools is used by 490 apps. Loads and saves PNG, JPEG, BMP & GIF. Applies Effects (Rotate, Flip) and filters (Sepia, Invert, GreyScale, Contrast, Brightness and Blur). Supports reading Barcodes.
  37. 37. Fx #20: Silverlight Toolkit Microsoft’s Silverlight Toolkit for Desktop is used by 484 apps. Not supported on WP7.
  38. 38. Fx #21: #ziplib SharpDevelop’s #ziplib is used by 432 apps. Supports ZIP, FastZip, TAR and GZip file extraction and creation.
  39. 39. FX #22: MEF Microsoft’s Managed Extensibility Frameworks is used by 398 apps. An IoC framework that doesn’t like to be called an IoC framework.
  40. 40. Fx #23: Analytics Framework Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework by Michael Scherotter is used by 373 apps. Supports Google Analytics, WebTrends and 5 additional analytics providers. Supported by UI controls and Blend.
  41. 41. Fx #24: Tombstone Helper Matt Lacey’s Tombstone Helper Stores state for TextBox, PasswordBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, Slider, ListBox, and ScrollViewer with a x:Name property .
  42. 42. Fx #25: Sterling OODB Jeremy Likness’s Sterling Object Oriented Database is used by 294 apps. Client-side OODB storing in IsoStore. Fast and compact.
  43. 43. Fx #26 – Fx #29 Microsoft’s XML Serialization. Alan Mendelevich’s AdDuplex SDK: WP7-only Ads library Noah Hart’s C#-SQLite on WP7. Davide Zordan, Laurent Bugnion and David Kelley’s WP7 MultiTouch Blend behaviours.
  44. 44. Fx #30 – Fx #34 José Ángel’s Widget Library for WP7: Enables WP7 HTML apps. Microsoft’s Media Platform Player Framework for WP7: Fully-featured Video player. Daniel Crenna’s TweetSharp: Twitter framework for WP7. Microsoft’s WCF Data Services: Consume OData services.
  45. 45. FX #35 – Fx #39 John Sheehan’s RestSharp: REST API. René Schulte’s WriteableBitmapEx: GDI+ drawing functionality. Microsoft’s Rx (Reactive eXtensions): Linq to Events state machine. Manfred Dalmeijer’s aldarIT SuperAds: Multiple Ad-Network Silverlight Control for Windows Phone 7.
  46. 46. Fx #40 – Fx #45: Sergey Barskiy’s Windows Phone 7 Database: RDBMS in WP7 IsoStore. Rob Eisenberg’s Calburn.Micro: Fully featured WP7 MVVM Framework. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Shake Gestures Library. Rgelb’s adMob for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft P&P’s Prism.
  47. 47. Fx #46 – Fx #49 Karl Seguin’s Mogade Windows Phone: Server-side game services. Simon McKenzie’s ExifLib: Reads Camera EXIF Data. Jeff Brand’s SlickThought WP7 Trial Manager: Enhanced Trial Logic. amCharts Quick Charts for Windows Phone 7.
  48. 48. Fx #50 – Fx #54 Shawn Wildermuth’s PhoneyTools: WP7 Helper classes. Romeo Dumitrescu’s Windows Phone 7 Isolated Storage Explorer. Jeff Weber and Ian Qvist’s Farseer Physics Engine. MobFox Windows Phone 7 Ads SDK. Damian Karzon’s DropNet DropBox C# API.
  49. 49. Fx #55 Pawel Idzikowski’s sharpSerializer: open source XML and binary serializer.
  50. 50. Thank You! Slides available @JustinAngel Q&A