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2012 public right_to_information_regarding_public_education_discrimination_&_due_process_&_idea_&_fape


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Public Right to Information regarding Public Education involving Disability Discrimination, Due Process, and Denial of Free and Fair Appropriate Public Education, IDEA Individuals with Disability Education Act, and a discriminative disregard to Justice For ALL, Public release of names of public officials and public figures employeed as public servants working within a public school, representing the public school and working through the local state's Department of Education - each public employee is and has been paid by tax-payer money. These names are made public for the best interest of the public and public education including the public education of students with disabilities who are being unjustly suspended, excluded and discriminated against because of their disability and overusage and misapplication of disciplinary policies violating due process including constitutional due process rights and civil rights and liberties afforded to under the United States Constitution and local state constitutions and other federal and state laws, including Minnesota Fair Pupil Dismissal Act.

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2012 public right_to_information_regarding_public_education_discrimination_&_due_process_&_idea_&_fape

  1. 1. Public Information regarding Disability Discrimination in Education, and protecting the Constitutional rights of Justice for All – including right to Due Process, Individuals with Disability Education Act, Fair Appropriate Public Education, and to be from discrimination because of a disabilityIn the Administrative Hearing documents accompanying this, full names are censored down to initials – Someinitials will now be released publicly, while others will remain private as it concerns LG-B and contains somepersonal details and private service(s) and health providers.The Administrative Hearing documents expose current issues (that occurred during the years, 2010, 2011, and 2012)happening in the educational system within the school districts and the Department of Education – surroundingdiscrimination happening in the area of public education.The Administrative Hearing documents also shine light unto the manner of how discrimination is being treated whenfamilies pursue the formal venues informed to address issues of discrimination and issues associated with theIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other applicable related laws pertaining to special educationand disability discrimination.Decided by the fact and concerns, the accountable and responsible parties and individuals, are public employeeswho are public servants / public officials, paid through tax-payer money of Minnesota and the United States ofAmerica.Posting and releasing the following names for the public is for the best interest of public knowledge. Especially incase anyone else has encountered anything of a same or similar nature, from the main perpetrators of suchdiscriminative injustice to youth and the education of youth or the blatant obvious disregard to justice.S.P.P.S = St. Paul Public SchoolsS.U = Steve UnowskyB.T = Brant ThomsenM.M = Mary MorganK.S = Kathy SekorskiM.G = Mary GarrisonS.F = Sharon FreemanALJ RCL = Administrative Law Judge Richard C. LuisThe school district lawyer L.B = Laura Tubs Booth~∞~Truly,~ NMG ~~∞~