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The One Reason Why You Get Unfollowed On Twitter


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Wonder why people unfollow you on Twitter? We asked the unfollowers why they unfollow and curated their answers for you in this presentation titled - The One Reason Why You Get Unfollowed On Twitter.

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The One Reason Why You Get Unfollowed On Twitter

  1. 1. Urooj Kazi Content Wiz @JustUnfollow
  2. 2. In our weekly #JUQOW campaign earlier this month, we asked our Twitter followers, all 700k+ of them, one question: The Question And the information you’ve sought has arrived…
  3. 3. What Is The ‘One’ Reason Why You Unfollow People Most Often?
  4. 4. They Are Annoying And All They Do Is Complain! A lot of people seem to have issues with complainers. Do you do a lot of complaining on twitter?
  5. 5. They Tweet Too Much Psst…you too? Better tone it down.
  6. 6. They Are Inactive
  7. 7. . Lack Of Engagement / Interaction
  8. 8. They “Only” Retweet
  9. 9. Inappropriate, Gross, Rude Tweets
  10. 10. People tend to unfollow users who:  Annoy/complain  Tweet too much  Tweet too little  Don’t Engage  Only Retweet  Tweet inappropriate, gross, rude stuff In Summary
  11. 11. Please use the comment box below and share your pet peeves Questions, Comments?
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