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Social Media Use for WCNY


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Presentation given by John Tonello, VP of Communications and Marketing for WCNY.

Session 8 of Social Media Breakfast Syracuse, held on 26 September 2013 and focusing on social media for non-profits.

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Social Media Use for WCNY

  1. 1. WCNY Social Media Social Media Breakfast Syracuse Sept. 26, 2013 I. Nuts and Bolts II. Maintaining a strong social media presence III. Using social media as social media, not something else IV. Launch of the “Won’t You Help a Neighbor” campaign V. Early successes VI. Unintended consequences
  2. 2. Nuts and Bolts What we use • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest Staffing structure • Marketing team strategizes posts for the week • One person does most posting • Occasional other posters for special events • Did away with volunteers Why these platforms work • We want viewers and listeners to know what’s coming • We want immediacy • We want interaction • We want warm and fuzzy to translate to membership
  3. 3. Maintaining a strong social media presence We use HootSuite to do timed releases • Follows our weekly workflow • Works very well with a small staff Regularly promote programming and events • Regular TV and radio programming • Special programming (mayoral forum, Obama visit) • Other Thank re-Tweeters • We want to appear ‘human’ • Reward followers (hitting the 2,000 and 3,000 marks) • We want warm and fuzzy to translate to membership
  4. 4. Using social media as social media (not something else) Early efforts did not grasp the uniqueness of social media • Team Raiser • Selfies • Volunteer updates were inconsistent • Posts were spotty We overhauled our social media presence • Identified who are audience was • Wanted a far more natural approach • Think FlashMob
  5. 5. Launch of “Won’t You Help a Neighbor?” • Free service of WCNY • Promote worthy causes • Many are small without budgets • Some are large, but have broad reach • Objectively determine targets • Share the value of the cause via social media, web, TV and radio
  6. 6. Early successes • Humane Association’s Drop-a-Thon • Friends in Service Here (FISH) • Salvation Army volunteering • Check Out Hunger • Baldwin Cancer Research • CNY Reads One Book • Rescue Mission Walk
  7. 7. Early successes – Rescue Mission
  8. 8. Early successes – CNY Reads
  9. 9. Unintended consequences Good • Strong, recurring media coverage • New connections with regional organizations Bad • Ad agencies calling on behalf of clients looking for free advertising • Some confusion with underwriting efforts