Your charity’s guide to JustGiving In Memory
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Your charity's guide to JustGiving In Memory


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Your charity's guide to JustGiving In Memory

  1. 1. Your charity’s guide to JustGiving In Memory
  2. 2. What is JustGivingIn Memory? 54%In Memory pages provide a P Supportivesimple and sensitive way for Our friendly team is specially trained in supporting In Memoryyour supporters to fundraise fundraisers and donors. If youronline to remember a loved supporters have any questions,one. And when someone they can contact us seven daysmakes an In Memory page, a a week.Collection page is automatically P Trustedcreated. It brings together all You don’t have to spend yourthe fundraising happening in charity’s time and moneymemory of one person, and creating your own solution. It’s already here, on a site thatacts as a lasting legacy. your supporters find easy to use and trust. P Insightful Whether your supporters are collecting funeral donations or running a marathon, it’s easy to identify and connect all their People taking part fundraising activity. in an event to fundraise in memory of a loved one raise up to 54% more than fundraisers who aren’t raising money in memory.
  3. 3. In Memory pages 1 3“It’s really important 1 In Memory pages are to Marie Curie Cancer automatically given 2 4 a sensitive theme Care that our In Memory fundraisers are offered 2 This is where your fundraiser can share their story and pay sensitive, first-class tribute to their loved one supporter care. It’s great to know that JustGiving’s The name of the person being 3 remembered links through to supporter care team the Collection page is available seven days a week.” Your charity features 4 prominently on the page Dan Carter Individual giving manager Marie Curie Cancer Care
  4. 4. Collection pages 1 2“We are excited by the 1 These details make it easy for anyone visiting the page to Collection page. We see who is being remembered know that most of our fundraisers are supported 2 Friends and family can see by a network of friends all the fundraising activity 3 4 happening in memory of and family. To be able their loved one to pull all of their activity together in one place, as Your charity’s details are 3 shown, along with those an ongoing tribute to the of any other causes being person they loved, makes supported such a difference to the Fundraising events people whole donor experience.” 4 are taking part in are shown, Katie Simmons inspiring others to get involved Senior fundraising manager Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity
  5. 5. Want to find out more?Email findoutmore@justgiving.comCall 0845 078 2064