Making every step count: How to maximise participation and fundraising at your event


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JustGiving & ACTIVE Network share insights to help charities and event organisers maxmise participation and fundraising using their integrated tool

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  • Welcome
  • Making every step count: How to maximise participation and fundraising at your event

    1. 1. Making every step countHow to maximise participation andfundraising at your event
    2. 2. Objectives of today’s session Who are ACTIVE Network and JustGiving Trends and insights in the events market Why JustGiving and ACTIVE Network are partnering How we can help you maximise participation and fundraising at your events Success stories Opportunities to network
    3. 3. Introduction to JustGiving and ACTIVE Network JustGiving  UK’s largest fundraising platform and most viewed website in the charity giving sector  21 million donors  1.4 million fundraisers  Raised over £1 billion online  £4 million donated each week  Over 9,000 charity partners  300 corporate partners  Last year 3450 events on JustGiving
    4. 4. Introduction to JustGiving and ACTIVE Network
    5. 5. ACTIVE Network services Technology: Media: 1 Service the specific needs of every type of activity organiser. 2 Distribution and demand generationActivity and Participant Management People looking for things to do• Registration •• Payment• Database• Marketing
    6. 6. What’s your Active VIDEO
    7. 7. What’s the most incredible fundraising story you’ve ever heard of?Claire Squires at the Eddie Izzard’s Sport Relief Charlie Simpson, aged 7,London Marathon 2012 challenge raising more than £210,000 for Haiti
    8. 8. Your event goals Charities Event organisers  Increase participation – and build  Maximise participation – ensure that long-term relationships with your you sell out your event. Acquire new participants. participants and retain your current consumers.  Maximise online fundraising for your event – make it quick and easy  Build partnerships charities – charity for your participants to start supporters are a key source of highly fundraising. motivated participants.  Save time and money – with limited  Sponsorship activation – attract resources you need to use cost- commercial sponsors and build good effective tools to maximise relations with local authorities. participation and fundraising.  Brand recognition
    9. 9. The event and fundraising landscape Many events still have no New event types raise more fundraising element  In 2011 there were 16,486  In 2012 the average raised on a organised charity and non- marathon / running charity events in the UK fundraising page is £354  There were 3,450 organised UK  Treks (£970), Triathlons (£744) charity events on JustGiving and cycling events (£463) all raise more per page  Only one in five events incorporate fundraising  The amount raised per page has grown by 9% from 2011 to 2012
    10. 10. The network effect of fundraising Your participants are great brand ambassadors for your event...especially when they’re running for a cause One active fundraiser 14.2 sponsors 160 unique visits to their fundraising page 562 friends view posts on Facebook ...and that doesn’t include all the other ways fundraisers share their story
    11. 11. Grow participation by encouraging fundraisingOne in four fundraisers will choose either to take part in the same event forcharity the next year or will inspire a friend or family member to take partinstead. One active fundraiser 12.6% fundraise on JustGiving for the same eventOf over 400 fundraisers next year for every 100who answered a recent fundraisers this year, 11 of theirJustGiving survey, 99% sponsors willsaid they would fundraise for the same event nextrecommend the event they yearfundraised for to a friend orfamily member.
    12. 12. The new event fundraiser ? ? ? ?
    13. 13. The new event fundraiser Social media savvy
    14. 14. Facebook as a key driver for fundraising revenues In 2011 Facebook drove over a million donors to JustGiving These donors gave £22 million (with just under £1 million raised alone from mobile Facebook)Future gazing: By 2015 we estimate 50% of donations on JustGiving will comefrom Facebook
    15. 15. We see the same trend in event registration300% higher ROI from Facebook conversion than email invitation (5%conversion)
    16. 16. The new event fundraiser Social media savvy Mobile user
    17. 17. By mid 2013 mobile will overtake desktop traffic 42m 3G mobile subscriptions in the UK 24% of all visitors to currently come from mobile, 32% on JustGiving Half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices We expect another jump this Christmas as consumers get their new smartphones and tablets
    18. 18. Mobile optimisation is really importantWhen the participant registers for an event
    19. 19. Mobile optimisation is really important...and when people fundraise and donate
    20. 20. The new event fundraiser Social media savvy Mobile user In Memory motivated
    21. 21. In memory fundraising is a key motivation for participation Health and medical charities estimate that between 50-80% of all their event pages are in memory motivated People raising money in memory of a loved one through an event have been seen to raise 53% more (up to £700) In memory fundraisers are highly motivated and need special tools and support
    22. 22. The new event fundraiser Social media savvy Mobile user In Memory motivated Employee
    23. 23. Companies represent a new opportunity area for event organisers Over 300 domestic and multi-national companies fundraising on JustGiving Over £25m raised by company employees on JustGiving in 2011 Companies looking for ways to engage their employees in activities and give back to the community
    24. 24. The new event fundraiser Social media savvy Mobile user In Memory motivated Employee
    25. 25. Key insights Event participation and fundraising is still growing Charities supporters are highly engaged participants The network effect of fundraising enables event organisers to acquire and retain new participants at no cost UK citizens are rapidly switching to mobile and tablets...are you ready? People motivated by in memory are the most committed event fundraisers Companies represent a new opportunity area for event organisers and charities
    26. 26. VIDEO
    27. 27. Event perspectives onmaking every step count
    28. 28. Events v’s participation Running Cycling Triathlonstability 52% up 17% up Events Participation • Participation in sports increased by 1% (comparison of 2011-2012 data with 2005-2006 data) Source: Sport England Active People Survey
    29. 29. Competitive landscape Consumer  Venue  Concept  Date £
    30. 30. Event concept - Getting it right Consumer  Venue  Concept  Date
    31. 31. Putting the PERSON at the center of activities and lifestyle Personal Account Offers Activities Newsletters Fundraising Training Community Plans Teams Results Public Profile
    32. 32. Provide the participant the platform across multiple devices Tablet Phone Desktop
    33. 33. Participants event lifestyle Activity Talk about the activity Sharing goals Compare experiences Sharing activities Activity Registration & Participation Pick the next challenge Preparing to participate Find & Register Prepare Participate Reflect Repeat
    34. 34. ACTIVE Network services Technology: Media: 1 Service the specific needs of every type of activity organiser. 2 and JustGiving Brand Event Promotion Data Capture Early Bird User Logic Pricing Tiers Team and Group Entry Sponsors Multiple Purchase Social B2C and C2C E-Commerce Corporates Discount Management Charities Fundraising Referral Program
    35. 35. Best practices and ideas – Tiered pricingRight Event Concept – Hitting Capacity  Sold 43% more entries in first Hour  29% more entries in first Week  18% increase on entry fee revenue  From a 2% increase in participation
    36. 36. The ACTIVE Network & JustGiving event cycle Open registration Early bird/ Special price Fundraising Surveys Social media Training Emails Event QR codes Price 2 Event mobile app Price 3
    37. 37. The role of the event organisation Organiser  Profiling  Family & friends  Concept  Location  Partnerships, Sponsors  Marketing (Social, Video, Mobile,…)  Multi-Purchase  Reward  Technology
    38. 38. Questions to ask yourself Organiser  Who are your Customers? ?  Why should people enter? ?  What is your Brand/Identity?  How will you fill your next event?
    39. 39. Questions to ask yourself Organiser Do we spend equal amount of time on  Getting Participants ?  Managing Event ?  Building Communities  Vision
    40. 40. Charity case studyMaggie’s Cancer Caring CentresMaggie’s Monster Bike & Hike 2012Joanna Dyson, Head of EventsGraham Tyrrell, Head of Online
    41. 41. NETWORKING BREAKScan the QR Code to access our 3 question survey from the event Mobile App Comment this event on Twitter: #activejustgiving
    42. 42. Event Organisercase studyRun For AllMike Tomlinson, Founder
    43. 43. Demo Online registration and fundraising – The consumer perspective
    44. 44. Event registration
    45. 45. Event registration
    46. 46. Event registration
    47. 47. Event registration
    48. 48. Event registration
    49. 49. Finalise your charity selection
    50. 50. Customise your JustGiving fundraising page
    51. 51. Start fundraising!
    52. 52. Fundraising reminder email
    53. 53. Q&A Panel
    54. 54. Thank you for Attending!