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Gaming for Good - how the games industry is disrupting the fundraising landscape


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In this preso we lift the lid on gaming for good and demystify liverstream fundraising.

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Gaming for Good - how the games industry is disrupting the fundraising landscape

  1. 1. Head of Emerging Markets & Gaming for Social Good JustGiving Natasha Stone @natashakstone
  2. 2. Agenda 1. What is livestream fundraising? 2. Why should I care about gaming for good? 3. Current market 4. Who are the gamers 5. Who are the early adopters 6. How can I get involved
  3. 3. 2.3 billion (gamers worldwide) 666million+ Worldwide gaming video content viewers (2017)
  4. 4. Livestream fundraising? to ask for donations while transmitting live video ​ of a person or event over the Internet.​
  5. 5. What is gaming for good? Gaming is an individual or a team playing video games, livestreaming is where you broadcast that activity live to an online audience via a streaming platform such as ‘Twitch’. Broadcasters (the people livestreaming) can receive donations in exchange for their livestreaming on Twitch, so to ask for charitable donations in exchange for a stream is quite a natural progression! Twitch receives more unique views each month than Netflix
  6. 6. 75,000,000 (and counting!) The total amount raised through Twitch for good causes since 2012 2.2million broadcasters to Twitch each month 100+million unique users to Twitch each month The global games market is set to reach over $137bn in 2018
  7. 7. Baking & Cooking Arts & Crafts Video Games Alternative livestreams
  8. 8. Example stream
  9. 9. Average female video game player: 37 <18 years old: 11% 18-35 years old: 10% 36-49 years old: 8% 50+ years old: 13% Average male video game player: 33 <18 years old: 18% 18-35 years old: 17% 36-49 years old: 11% 50+ years old: 13% The average gamer is 37 years old Who are the gamers?
  10. 10. £1,169,062 (and counting!) The total amount raised through JustGiving for gaming related pages 12K+ pages created £280 average page value
  11. 11. Who are the gamers? Men have created more pages than women Most pages were created by individuals aged between 18-25 Age 31-35 raised more than any other age bracket and had the highest average page value (almost 6 times higher than the 18- 25’s) 61-65 was the second highest average page value for Gaming pages 61-65 holds the second highest average page value
  12. 12. £163K raised for MNDA & Macmillan by top gamer’s Syndicate & Castro1021
  13. 13. Early Adopters? Who are the trend setters paving the way in Gaming for Good?
  14. 14. Developing Trends Who are the charities challenging perceptions at the core of gaming?
  15. 15. What’s the product?
  16. 16. JustGiving Gaming • Overlays that connect your JustGiving page to streaming sites • JustGiving Gaming Hub • Advice on strategy + comms
  17. 17. Overlay Examples
  18. 18. Overlay Examples
  19. 19. Gaming hub example BTGamer Bespoke gaming hub • Gaming badges • Bespoke fundraising pages • Twitch integrations • Leaderboards
  20. 20. How do I get started?
  21. 21. Get started • Always on campaign • Choose a date • Reach out to audience • Target influencers/corporates • Support through comms
  22. 22. Reach new audiences and challenge stereotypes You don’t have to be a gaming charity or have huge influencers on board to make gaming work for you. We’re going to look through some of my top gaming activation tips to ensure we maximise your gaming offering. But our audience are older and prefer direct mail…
  23. 23. Engage corporate partners • Pay-to-Play in house games day • Pay-to-Play tournament • Gaming theme bake sale • Gaming theme fancy dress
  24. 24. Engage Influencers • Marathon gaming streams • Merchandise give away's • Team battles • Challenges
  25. 25. Community gaming • Charity gaming days to bring community together • Charity gaming tournaments for individuals to compete in
  26. 26. Key take away's Huge market big growth opportunity Google search your brand + gaming to find key audience Add an always-on gaming campaign to your portfolio of events Engaging corporates is a great way to start You don’t have to be a gaming expert Ready, Player One?
  27. 27. Get in touch Natasha Stone Head of Emerging Markets & Gaming for Social Good